Sarkisian Says Karabakh Must Join Peace Talks

pg-26-armenia-pres-_248690sYEREVAN (Combined Sources)—The Nagorno-Karabakh peace process will be successful only with the participation of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic in the negotiations, said President Serzh Sarkisian Tuesday during a meeting with a visiting Karabakh parliamentary delegation.

“We must be well aware that the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process can be crowned with success provided that the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is immediately included in the negotiations. There is no other alternative,” Sarkisian told the visiting delegation.

“Everyone should know that the people of Nagorno-Karabakh defended their independence with their blood, fighting a war imposed on them,” added Sarkisian.

The Karabakh delegation head, parliament speaker Ashot Ghulian, said that while the peace negotiations were proceeding actively, the mechanisms of Karabakh’s participation in the talks remained unresolved.

“The complete participation of Nagorno-Karabakh in the negotiation process has not been clarified yet. It is a fundamental issue, because the guarantee for the implementation of final decisions rests on the people in Nagorno-Karabakh,” said Gulian.

Meanwhile, Official Baku blasted Sarkisian’s comments Wednesday saying that they were meant for internal/domestic consumption.

Azeri foreign ministry spokesman Elkhan Polukhov said Sarkisian made the remarks in order to gain public support for Armenia’s position in the negotiations.

“Such a statement by the occupier, Armenia, which holds 20 percent of Azeri lands, contradicts principles and norms of international law that prohibits the use of force and occupation of sovereign states,” added Polukhov.

The Azeri spokesperson added that the active negotiation process proves that Karabakh’s participation would not necessarily impact its success.


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  1. roni said:

    So the first thing to do is . Armenia Should accept the independence of karabakh and ask Greece and Cyprus to follow as a reaction for Turkey’s acceptance Of Turkish Cypriots  independence acceptance

    • Sarkis said:

      And also our President should make his position known by inviting foreign journalists and OSCE representatives to a press conference, and then respond to questions.

  2. katia K. said:

    Finally!  Now we’re talking!  Only the Karabagh people can and should decide their fate.  The picture would have been of course completely different if the Azeris’ original plan of ethnic cleansing of the Karabaghzis had succeeded instead of blowing up in their faces when a few thousand civilian fighters won the war and held on to their historical lands by spilling their blood.  The Azeri side is resorting to calling Karabagh, the enclave that THEY attacked in order to eliminate the native Armenians, the OCCUPIER!  Karabagh was always Armenian.  It was given by Stalin to the Azeris.  Karabagh has always been THE occupied Armenian land by Azerbaijan.  The Armenian side needs to push the history of Karabagh to the forefront, and push for the rights of the Karabaghzis for self determination and the keeping of lands historically Armenian for their vital security.

  3. Rich said:

    Why is this idiot still the President of Armenia?? He should have been impeached months ago. 

  4. Papken Hartunian said:

    Sarkisianmust call the liberated territories as such. Something officials of the government have refused to do. 

    This is a golden opportunity for Armenia, where all Big boys have common interest in peace and security in the region, however not in justice.

     Armenia must offer only peace in exchange of returning Western Armenia, Independence of
    karabagh, and recognition of Turkish genocide against Armenians.

    Without Western Armenia, as a land locked country, Armenia cannot sustain as a viable state in long run, which is the natural right of Armenian nation.

    Thus, the Big boys must come to their senses and solve the Armenian question fairly and justly for the sake of peace, noting more.


    • KRIKOR said:

      papken jan, can u be a little bit realistic, yeah western Armenia, this and that, sounds great on papaers, and talk is cheap, lets say just for the sake of saying it, lets say turkey gave us some lands, who will go and live in those lands? will you go and live there? do we have people to cettle in those lands, we can’t even do that in Armenia?  please lets not  ask and demand such unrealistc redquests like that,  its too late!! we missed that golden opportunity in 1918.

      • papKen hartunian said:

        Dear KRIKOR:
        You have raised several valid issues. I will address the most frequent one. “who will go and live in those lands?” The short and the most expected answer is no one. Now, do we have right to relinquish the legal right of the future Armenians’ generations for the Western Armenia? Do we have such authority? When I say “we” I mean all Armenians now living around the world who call themselves Armenians. Of course, the answer is no. Because, the homeland belongs no one and belongs to every Armenian who physically passed away, who are living and those who will be born and will call themselves Armenians. It is our national duty to hand in a better Armenian in all dimensions to the future Armenians. Our fathers and mothers were able to hand in free and independent Armenia. We all have been eye witness of collapse of several empires even super powers. If there was no aspiration of free Armenia, we would not even have this dialogue.
        By the way, I am not requesting land form Tukey, I am demanding returning my homeland from Turkey and I will get it legally. One is blessed, if he or she actively seeks justice, especially for the sake of his or her own nation.        

  5. Ninsky said:

    I totally agree Roni, and also demand that Russia also recognizes NKR bec. they recognized Ossetia and Abkhazia.  Or annex NKR, or let NKR wage a “war” vs. Armenia and win, so that they will be bigger and stronger, and united and then by default Armenia AND NKR will have to attend peace settlements, because Armenia lost its independence to NKR.  I have to laugh when reading the Azeris call Armenians aggressors.  Who are they kidding?

  6. Dave said:

    Frankly, I agree with Azeri foreign ministry spokesman Elkhan Polukhov; “Sarkisian made the remarks in order to gain public support for Armenia’s position in the negotiations.”
    If Sargsian were serious, he would present the entire panoply of legal and historical arguments for RNK’s independence and would bring along the RNK delegation the next time peace talks convene and freak out the OSCE chairman.
    But Sargsian is not serious, and that’s why he does none of those things.  When will we learn that Armenian politicians are like those all over the world: frauds.

  7. Alec Baghdasaryan said:

    “HALLELUJAH”… “IT IS ABOUT TIME”… is what I said last week when President Sarkisian finally threatened to walk away from the protocols if Turkey continues to make their implementation conditional on the resolution of the Karabakh conflict. Phone calls came from President Obama and Clinton following President Sarkisian’s comments (WE PLAYED THE GAME RIGHT).
    As to the comment regarding Karabakh joining the peace talks, on one hand I am very excited about the comment since there is no way that our brothers and sisters in Karabakh will agree to give up an inch of their land; however, on the other hand, I wonder if this is a way out of making a hard and ugly decision (or having others be a part of the decision).

    We should have never gotten into the protocols, it is insulting to the 1.5 million Armenians who were killed by Turks; there will be no benefits from open borders, no Turk will allow Armenian goods to pass through Turkey without charging astronomical fees; and it has put unnecessary pressure on Karabakh (day one Karabakh wasn’t part of the negotiations but over and over again, Turkey is trying to make it a de-facto part of the agreement). 

    I believe these are very important times in the lives of Armenians. We must look very carefully into why United States is so interested in open borders between Turkey and Armenia and resolution of Karabakh issue; (weren’t the foreign ministers of France and Russia watching world cup qualifying games when Clinton was going back and forth, making sure protocols are signed).  I believe instead of concerning ourselves with comments of Presidents of Turkey and Azerbaijan, we must study, very carefully, consult experts, Armenian and foreign, to learn about the forces in play, NOT TO GIVE UP ON ANYTHING, GENOCIDE, INCH OF LAND, and INSTEAD MAKE SURE THAT OUR POLICIES ARE ALIGNED WITH THESE FACTORES.  I am not a politician, or an expert on politics, but having followed the US foreign policy for the last 20 years, I am certain that contributions of big companies during elections play a big role in US foreign policy; and of course, it does not matter to these oil companies; whether the Armenian Genocide is recognized, the position of Armenia’s boarders, or who is in charge of our liberated territories in Karabakh (OF COURSE THIS IS VERY-VERY SAD, BUT AN ISSUE FOR ANOTHER TIME).

  8. AM said:

    As I always said and will always say I will not trust Sarkissain..
    Alec; I completely agree with your 3rd paragraph.

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  10. gharakhanian said:

    we have to let them know we are watching them and don’t trust them (Sarkissian) one more wrong move and he will be impeached. he should know that, and can’t try to pin any mistakes on the poor people of gharabagh or their leaders, its on him, he better try harder and shape up he has a job to do. we are not done, he has betrayed us and we are not done with the protocols till its abolished. our cries should have meant something to them we should not be shut out we are rightful Armenians just outside the country he was unjust to exclude us. i think both sides have been harsh to each other, i want us to understand and care for each other. the west wants to control the region and thinks Turkey is their guy for the job.they want the oil for Israel and the Europe so here we are, they need us for so many political reasons. Armenia’s commodity is its people! even though Turkey would have the world believe we are nothing worthwhile, well tables will turn on them. we will go back cause when you build they come when you build and make a nation they will come. it doesn’t matter who lives there as long as we are the landlords. we have to get use to the idea embrace it and the idea of being a landlord.  the value of asking is tremendous its our right to ask and demand see if we take a defeatist or think its not real then we are helping them shape the world the way they want we have to build the world we want to live in i mean envision, and take a stand and go for it. not just  go along with their plan see the people of gharabagh didn’t go with their plan they saw and built their world as they wanted it against all odds. there will be other things we will gain too that we haven’t thought about asking but,if we don’t they will laugh at us and say those cowards didn’t even ask for it back, ha ha ha ha. they are taunting us its their style hasn’t changed much, with all these issues cause they know what we are entitled to and they know we can get it too that’s why all this. but we will have to keep our heads very cool and eyes to the mountain tops.

    • Papken Hartunian said:

      Thank you for your comments. Your sentences must be called commandment of every Armenian. I would like to have your email, if you do not mind. Every one of us has potential to change the world.