UN General Assembly Reaffirms Self Determination Principle

BAKU (News.am)–The United Nations General Assembly on Friday passed a resolution reaffirming peoples’ rights to self determination and calling on countries to address violations of the universal right, Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry reported on Monday.

The resolution, adopted during the General Assembly’s 64th session, was co-sponsored by more than 50 UN member states, including Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The right to self determination is among the founding principles of the United Nations, with many of its country’s having been founded on that principle.

Azeri Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Elkhan Polukhov, sought to reassure reporters at a press conference in Baku Monday that the resolution was in Azerbaijan’s interests. He said the resolution, adopted without a vote, “does not say anything about the right of peoples to self-determination at the cost of the territory of an independent state.”

“On the contrary, it declares firm opposition to acts of foreign military intervention, aggression and occupation, since these have resulted in the suppression of the right of peoples to self-determination and other human rights,” Polukhov said, adding that the document also “deplores the plight of millions of refugees and displaced persons and reaffirms their right to return to their homes voluntarily in safety and honor.”

“Azerbaijan recognizes people’s right to self-determination. But it must be realized within the framework of the territorial integrity of the states,” he stated.


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  1. areg mansuryan said:

    These turks simply do not get it in their empty heads! Artsakh is a free and independent territory and will never return to azeri rule. The sooner the azeris get over their la-la dreams the better it is for them. Long live independent and free Artsakh.

  2. Hovsep (Osik) Movsessian said:

    Wishful thinking……
    So that means all those Armenian refugees can return to Baku and Sumgait; Right? Right….
    But what about those Armenians who got slaughtered by you savage Azeries in that Pogrom?
    Does Aliev’s magic going to return those too; You Uzoon Akhmakh Bastard….  Unplug your ears and listen:

  3. Haro said:

    Diaspora Armenians should also push the rights of indigenous people of a given land into UN for Artsakh, Nakhichevan, Javakhk and the whole Western Armenia. The Indigenous people right cases will popup soon all over Europe. A good example is the minaret issue in Switzerland. At the end the so called majority rule is made for overpopulation strategic invaders, such as the Turks. It must be countered by self-determination of people coined with the indigenous peoples’ right to their land.

  4. rony said:

    It is the right time for karabakh to declare its independence with the present borders . The international law gives them the right  . The same goes for Southern Sudan Dar four , Northern Iraq , kosovo , Palestine . i think time has come where people should live freely on their own lands

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