UK Parliamentary Group on Karabakh Established

UK House of Lords

LONDON (—An “all party” parliamentary group on Nagorno-Karabakh has been established in the British House of Lords. This initiative is getting mixed reviews by other House of Lords members since on the one hand it reinforces the independence of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, but on the other hand it was initiated without consultation with other groups spearheading Armenian issues.

The group was founded by Lord Viscount John Desmond Waverley and Baroness Elizabeth Symons. Waverly, a former member of the Armenian All-Party Parliamentary Group, visited Karabakh in 1996 and was welcomed by the authorities in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

By initiating the British-Nagorno Karabakh All-Party Parliamentary Group , Lord Waverley and Baroness Symons have acknowledged the existence of the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, obviously aware of the fact that during a Referendum in 1991 the people of Nagorno-Karabakh declared their independence and have, since then, held five presidential and four parliamentary elections confirmed by International Observers to be in compliance with International Electoral Standards and with utmost transparency.

But the establishment of this group has also raised concerns among some House of Lords members who say that in founding the group, their two colleagues did not contact any elected official from Karabakh, the UK Armenian Embassy nor the Armenian All-Party Parliamentary Group, which has for years advocated Armenian issues in the House of Lords, including matters related to the self-determination of the people of Karabakh.

“Lord Waverley and Baroness Symons must bear full responsibility and face the consequences of the great danger that any inadequately informed statement by their Group might harm, delay or jeopardize the current process of peaceful settlement advocated by the International Organizations who are engaged in the possible resolution of this very complex conflict. Organizations to which Britain is an active and concerned Member,” expressed members of the Armenian Group

“The Armenian Group would welcome the cooperation of this newly formed Group with its Members, with the Members of the Parliament of Nagorno-Karabakh and the Diplomatic Corps of the Armenian Embassy and would encourage active correspondence, exchange of policy and information by facilitating a visit to Karabakh of British Parliamentarians (including Members of the Karabakh Group), where they will be able to obtain the true understanding of that country, its culture, history and aspirations,” added the Armenian Group.


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  1. KRIKOR said:

    can we trust them? the history is full of evidence about Brittan’s betrayal to the Armenians.

  2. B. Baronian said:

    Why don’t the Brits leave their dirty noses out of our business…they want to talk to us, they need to recognize the 1915 genocide…otherwise no deal Brits….!

  3. Bruce Tasker said:

    In order to get a true understanding of that country, its culture, history and aspirations, the group might want to contact one of UK’s most prominent politicians, Caroline Cox, also known as the ‘Baroness of Queensbury’, former Deputy Speaker of UK’s House of Lords, who has visited Karabakh more than 60+ times.

    On February 15, 2006 she was awarded Armenia’s Mkhitar Gosh Medal (awarded for notable state, public and political activities, as well as significant services in the areas of diplomacy, law and political science) by the former President of Karabakh, the then President of the Republic of Armenia Robert Kocharyan

  4. Benjamin Grimm said:

    Of course not, what kind of naive question is that? Have you not learned anything the last 100 years? 90+ years of refusal to official recognize Armenian Genocde by Brittain and you want to trust them? Every single Armenian needs to realize and carve into your thick skulls the fact that Armenians can trust NO ONE but THEMSELVES!

  5. MGL said:

    And who didn’t betrayedArmenians? Armenians in lots of cases betrayed themselves through out whole their existence. But it doesn’t mean that Armenians shouldn’t look forward with hope. Especially now during Christmas time.  :-)

  6. John K. said:

    “Armenian people, your only salvation is in your own united power” Yeghishe Charents.  Churchil once said ” We don’t have permenant friends nor we have permenant enemies,  we only have permenant  interests.”  Wake up Armenians! Odarneren chiga houys!  The only way the Odar politicians would help us is when we grab them by the balls and squeeze it so hard that they can only say yes it was GENOCIDE!  Jews do it all the time, let us learn from them.  No body would support us for our dark eyes.

  7. Harut Hakobyan said:

    Why Brits lie and giving false swear in Parliament? is that the only way to get away with it? is that the true faith in Christ Jesus? read the chapter below.
    false promises is a false swear. false swear is a curse by God All Mighty. Zechariah 5:14