Turkish State Wages War Against Kurdish Civilian Political Movement

North Kurdistan People’s Initiative calls for “total revolt”

(Special report from Istanbul by Armenian Weekly columnist Ayse Gunaysu)

ISTANBUL (A.W.)–The Turkish state started a new war against the civilian Kurdish political movement in 11 provinces, from Diyarbakir and neighboring cities to Istanbul and Izmir. Homes of prominent DTP (the Kurdish party recently closed down by the Constitutional Court) leaders were broken into at 5 a.m. and around 60 people, including mayors of Kurdish provinces and districts and the human rights association chairperson in Diyarbakir were arrested. Their rights to see their lawyers are suspended for the first 24 hours.

The Human Rights Association (HRA) Diyarbakir branch was among the places where searches were made. Raids and searches by security forces in HRA branches was something that did not happen even during the most difficult times of the emergency rule in the region in the 1990’s.

The news came as a shock as the former DTP leaders had declared that they gave up on their plans to leave the parliament and decided to continue their parliamentary struggle. Earlier, all hope had disappeared because of the closure of DTP just after the launching of the governments alleged peace initiative, the violent street protests that followed, and a suspicious ambush on a military unit in Tokat by a group of guerillas killing 7 soldiers triggering hateful protests in the west by nationalists.

Diyarbakir Mayor Osman Baydemir gave a press conference in front of the Diyarbakır DTP organization offices protesting the arrests. He was surrounded by DTP MPs and party leaders.

Baydemir, regarded as a most polite and refined Kurdish leader, used very harsh language, even resorting to the F-word (which is, in Turkish, much stronger than its equivalents in western languages), shocking everybody. He added, “We are now violating and will continue to violate whatever law our arrested party leaders and mayors have violated.” He also said, addressing the government, that they will not find any hand to hold when they themselves reach out tomorrow to the Kurdish people.

North Kurdistan People’s Initiative, a section of PKK, called for a “total revolt” in cities, on the streets and on the mountains.


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  1. rony said:

     “total revolt” war nobody ecpects Turkey to give any rights to the Kurds without a fight where’s Apo

  2. Araxi said:

    Total dictatorship. What do the EU and the USA have to say about this. Cat ate their tongues, eh?

  3. Suren Mkrtchian said:

    And yet these barbarian turks pretend to have European values and enter the European Union.
    The turks will always remain turk, the same sick man of Asia. Turkey is a threat to the security of the world community.

  4. manooshag said:

    Hye, and the truths will out…  Genocides are the M.O. of Turks, whenever… even today!
    For all the years the Kurds have borne the Turkish leaderships wrath, an ongoing Genocide of the Kurds has been perpetrated… Actually the SECOND GENOCIDE PERPETRATED BY THE
    TURKS… First the Ottoman Turks slaughtered, raped, killed and more the Christian Armenian nation in order that the Turks shall have the ‘ready-made’ culture and the lands of Armenia! 
    The guilt and reparations of Turkey to the Armenians is due and owing.
    Today, and for years, Kurds have been the recipents of the Turkish governments ‘venom’ – Genocide… as this is the method for the Turks obtaining what a Turkey wants… Bullying…
    Showing their true colors, the current Turkish leadership pursues  Genocide – for the Turk must have what the Turks want… Turkey for the Turks.  Yet, the truth be known, Turks scatter around the world, into the civilized nations,  pursue their Muslim religion in all these nations, minerets, and all.   
    Howsomever, not in  Turkey.  Other ethnics, other religions in Turkey land is a NO NO!  And yet,  for some reason, Turkey gets what Turkey wants – Turks think they are ‘deserving’ of it all. And civilized nations have tolerated this convoluted behavior of a Turk, BUT, for how long…? 
    How long before the Morality issue stares at us –  full into  our faces – and Morality says: ENOUGH GENOCIDES – Whenever, Wherever and by WHOMEVER!!

  5. Reed Richards said:

    Before the US begins pointing fingers at Iran for “human rights violations”, it should start cleaning up its own NATO front yard trash, namely, Turkey. And the EU wants to let these animals into their union? Obama, Sarkozy, Brown and the rest of the circus troop does not have much to say now does it? For the next few month while these “democratic” events are being committed by these ham fisted Turks, you won’t hear much from US/EU clowns about “Turkey has made great strides toward democracy”, then once the dust settles and all the violations have occurred, the press will again shine the spotlight on “Turkey’s democratic progress”. And of course we know who controls the media these days . . . this same group also happens to be in a position to gain the most from Turkey not being seen “in a bad light”.