Deukmejian Endorses Danny Tarkanian for Senate

LAS VEGAS–Danny Tarkanian’s campaign for United States Senate Monday announced the endorsement of former California Governor George Deukmejian.

“I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Danny Tarkanian for the United States Senate,” said Governor Deukmejian. “Danny is both an entrepreneur and a leading voice in non-profit educational work in his community. Most importantly Danny Tarkanian is a committed to building a better future for his state and to helping to shape the policies critical to America’s future, while remaining true to our core conservative values and fundamental principles of the Constitution.”

“Danny Tarkanian is poised to become the first Armenian-American member of the United States Senate, and I am confident that he will work tirelessly as an advocate for the issues important to all Americans.”

“I am deeply grateful for Governor Deukmejian’s support,” Tarkanian said. “I have always said that I want to be a public servant, rather than a politician, and Governor Deukmejian’s strong leadership as Governor of California is an example I would be proud to follow.”

“Gov. Deukemejian’s endorsement is a powerful and warmly welcomed addition to the growing support for Danny Tarkanian’s bid for the Senate,” said Armenians for Tarkanian activist Aram Gaboudian. “Danny will bring the Armenian American community’s concerns directly to the Senate, standing up to the politics-as-usual approach to the Armenian Genocide and the full range of Armenian American issues.”


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  1. Kiazer Souze said:

    Deukemejian should have taken Bush senior’s invitation to run as his VP instead of that brain dead Quayl.

    • Kiazer Souze said:

      Had Deukemejian been elected as Vice President with Bush senior, he would have broken the tie in the Senate for recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

      He was a disappointment and has gone into the scrap heap of governors.

  2. Armen said:

    Harry Reid has been a strong ally of the Armenian Genocide Recognition resolution and it is not a smart thing for any Armenian to support Tarkanian against Harry Reid.

    • Alexander said:

      are you crazy? I rather have an Armenian-American in senate then tired and old Reid. Look at this guys smile and youth. GO Danny Tarkanian! I’m with you my brother!

    • ermeni said:

      you are falling into the liberals message of “we will recognize the genocide.”
      please, be smarter than that.  they will take down the country as well as the recognition of the genocide.

      • Kiazer Souze said:

        Oh please, stop it with the politics. They are all prostitutes. For example, McCain, Lieberman and Byrd all opposed the resolution in the 90s. Now, since their jobs are at risk, they want to flip flop and say they will support it. Which is a lie, what we need are a lot more sir names ending in IAN in the US congress.

        McCain is a prostitute. Lieberman has dual citizenship and is the proxy for the ADL and the Turkish lobby. Byrd, ironically, was a KKK member who voted against the civil rights bill and the American’s With Disabilities Act. For that reason, I think they should tear down the wheelchair ramp in congress to keep him out.

        We need to remain independants and vote on the close elections to severly punish….in other words to send a message. Enough is enough. I am going to donate $50.00 today to Danny’s campaign.

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  4. George said:

    Danny is a great Armenian and family man who will represent us proudly in the US Senate.

  5. RayMan said:

    Yes I like to see  an Armenian in the senate but Harry Reid was a pro Armenian all his life, do not forget this!

    • ermeni said:

      yeah, a lot of people are pro armenian….it’s all a show.
      but Tarkanian, he’s about as pro armenian as you can get; because he is one!

  6. nerag said:

    ANC needs to support Danny.  Heck, ALL armenians need to support him.  Can you imagine?  An Armenian in the U.S. Senate!  Isn’t this what the ANC has always wanted?  If we let the Assembly support him, we are doomed.  Don’t let this opportunity pass!  I want to see this newspaper have a link to his website so we can donate to his campaign!  I’m sure Asbarez can monitor the traffic and see how many “conservatives” there are out there in the Armenian population!

      • John K. said:

        You could.  All you have to do is to rent an apartment there and establish residancy and move back after the election.  Actually more Armenians, specially retired people with no business conections should move there.  Specially with the real estate market being in dumps, it is much cheaper to live there.

  7. Kiazer Souze said:

    To illustrate how much McCain is a prostitute, it is rumored that he is going to do an advertisement for the Hilton hotels, Vietnam Tourism and Viagra.

    The commercial is going to have McCain heavily sunscreaned with SPF 10000 on a Vietnamese Hilton beach shack with young Vietnamese girls fanning him and saying: “Jonny, me so hony…” The camera then pans to Cindy swinging on a hammock where he says “Cindy likes to swing….some times both ways.” 

    The commercial ends with “Viva Viagra” lyrics. 

    Moral of the story, these guys will do anything for money and their egos. You just have to treat them like the prostitutes they are.