Top Azeri Official Laments ‘International Support’ For Armenia

BAKU (RFE/RL)–The chief foreign policy aide to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on Tuesday accused Russia and the West of supporting Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and thereby delaying its peaceful resolution.

“I will be frank. I believe Armenia is backed by some powers which is why it is not willing to make any steps back in such a difficult situation while they realize their own situation,” the official, Novruz Mammadov, told Azad Azarbaycan TV in an interview monitored by the BCC.

“Some virtual powers support them, otherwise, knowing Armenians’ trait, they would immediately beg for mercy from Turkey and Azerbaijan and ask to rescue them. They are still being supported by that virtual power.”

When asked whether that power is Russia, Armenia’s traditional ally, Mammadov said, “I also mean the West. At this period of negotiations strong pressure needs to be put on Armenia by the USA, Russia, France and the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs. Each time Armenia tries to demonstrate that everything depends on it and that no one puts pressure on them.”

Mammadov, who heads the foreign relations department in Aliyev’s administration, has already made such claims in the past. In one televised interview reported in late 2006, for example, he complained that the mediating powers are “forgetting about” the need to restore Azerbaijan’s control over Karabakh and surrounding Armenian-controlled territories. “Unfortunately, we have never heard anything about Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity from them,” he said.

The Azerbaijani official’s latest remarks mirrored Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s strong criticism of the international mediators voiced on Sunday. Erdogan claimed that the Karabakh disputed would have already been resolved had the U.S., Russia and France “worked hard” enough. He faulted them for not putting sufficient pressure on Armenia to end “the occupation of Azerbaijani territory.”


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  1. Andranik said:

    “Some virtual powers support them, otherwise, knowing Armenians’ trait, they would immediately beg for mercy from Turkey and Azerbaijan and ask to rescue them…”
    I THINK THIS IDIOT IS ON DRUGS, you stupid begged for mercy years ago, we can finish the job, which was not finished years ago, this time no ceasfire, until baku is under Armenian control! 

    • Arman said:


  2. raffi said:

    No stability no progress what soever could be achived  with the right of Armenian people  of karabakh for self determination

  3. Kiazer Souze said:

    Turkey and Azerbadeljan forget that they hired the Taliban and El Queda to fight Armenians in 1993. They also have forgotten that they burned their bridges when they denied the US access to Iraq through Turkey in 2003. They certainly have a short memory span. Nevertheless, their propaganda is falling on deaf ears.

    Hillary better start on a serious a$$ kissing campaign with the Armenian diaspora starting with immediate recognition of the Genocide. Then, the US needs to demand the clean up of corruption in Armenia (whether they are done through assissinations of oligarchs, politicians or otherwise). They need to encourage free speech and free press. Then, we can talk about shutting the border with Iran. Untill then, there will be no resolution.

    • PapaJohns said:

      Dear Kiazer Souze do you know when Taliban or el Kaide was founded? In 1993, there was no trace of el kaida and Taliban, please make sensible comments.

      • Varuzh B said:

        Dear PapaJohns,
        I think Kaizer Souze has confused the Taliban & Al Quaida with the Mujahadeen.
        There is evidence that the Mujahadeen aided the aided Azeri forces during the Artzakh war.
        Papa Johns, now that we have cleared that little misunderstanding, go make make me pizza!!!!!

  4. Varuzh B said:

    I’ve heard Virtual Reality…but, VIRTUAL POWER!!!!!
    Of sorry, it’s the Azeri trait of making this shit up as you go along!!!!!

  5. Koko said:

    Novruz Mammadov and his mafia Boss “Aliev” must return more teritories to it’s rightful owners. Historically, Azerbeijan and Anatolia are Armenian teritories.

  6. Nairian said:

    Yes Andranik jan; we should have gone right into Baku in 1992, which by all means was part of Armenia to begin with.  Those azeri losers forget that it was just a hundred years ago they came and occupied those lands and which Stalin gave them our Nakhichevan and our Artsakh as a gift to them in 1921 to appease Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

  7. john said:

    Next time artsakh will  slap these morons  so hard their monkey skulls will be spinning like a top for  twenty years.

  8. Santen Magar said:

    Of course Russia and the USA should side with Armenia because they see reality and have to cope with it. Someone needs to put sufficient pressure in Mr. Norvus Mammadov’s head so that he can see that Karabagh will never be part of AZ because it never should have been in the past to begin with. Settelment of the Karabagh conflict will come when AZ realizes the same reality of today and agree to the historical injustice done to Karabagh in the past and ask for forgiveness.
    As for Mr. Erdogan, Russia and the USA should put sufficient pressure on Turkey so that they can get the hell out of Cyprus after 36 years of pretending to be negotiating.

  9. grigor markaryan said:

    Remember always that a turk is and always will remain a Genocidal Turk…Put Turkey on trial..

  10. Araxi said:

    This idiot thinks the powers of the world know nothing about Armenian History. Wake up azeris and stop crying because Nagorno Karabakh WAS, IS and WILL remain Armenian land no matter how much you cry, beg and lament. You still have more occupied Armenian land which we will get back!

  11. FEDAYI said:


  12. Armen Simonian said:

    We should not rely on other nations alone in protecing us against our enemies. We should at all cost keep our ties with Iran and keep the border. We can never trust the Georgian’s, Turks, and the Azeris. and any negotiations with them is waist of time.. For Petes’s sake they did not even keep their promises in the protocols that  the entire diaspora was against. and their borders can be closed off at any given time. and the west is only temporary aid to this conflict. Once the west puts their focus on other global problems. They would break every promise. So they can keep their freaking borders to themselves. Diaspora should focus on helping Armenia’s Military power and economy. And as far as the Genocide is concerned the diaspora along with Armenia should take it to the world supreme court once we win that we should demand Turkey to pay back financially and some lands back that was stolen from us by force.

  13. Armen_yan said:

    “.. .knowing Armenians’ trait, they would immediately beg for mercy from Turkey and Azerbaijan and ask to rescue them…”  Turks, or whatever name name Bolsheviks gave them in 1920 Azeries or Azerbadjanies are very hard learners.  They usually forget the lesson when they leave the classroom.  It’s no surprise they forgot the lesson of 16 years ago.  They also cant learn without a stick.  No peace with turks on both sides will improve security for Armenia even if they dont concede any territories.

  14. Vartanian said:

    I am so glad that USA and Russia support Armenia. Which country in their right mind would support terrorists who work with Alkaida against the christian west as a whole.