Turkish Prosecutors Begin Assault on New Kurdish Party

ANKARA (Hurriyet)–The chief public prosecutor’s office in Ankara has started an investigation into the First Extraordinary General Congress of the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP). The BDP was formed in early 2008, a few months after an indictment against the now-closed Democratic Society Party was announced.

In the congress on Sunday, delegates elected Selahattin Demirtaş as the new leader.

The investigation was launched on alleged crimes of “turning people against the military,” “contradicting the Political Parties Act” and “praising crime and criminals,” according to the Anatolia news agency. Persecutors alleged the congress committed the crimes because the meeting didn’t open with the singing of the Turkish national anthem. They also point to the reading out of  names of killed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) members during the meeting as a major violation.

The prosecutor will request records of the congress from security forces, the agency said.

But according to a daily Milliyet story on Tuesday, this request might fizzle out. The newspaper said the police department in Ankara wanted to record voice and visuals during the congress, but could not get the necessary permission from the courts.

In the past, events at congresses of successive pro-Kurdish political parties were all recorded by police forces and the tapes were handed over to prosecutors to be used in cases opened against the parties.

Last week’s police request was turned down by the courts, but the police department appealed, Milliyet said. The upper court upheld the decision. Thus, police officers were not able to have records of the congress hall, although slogans and “illegal banners” outside the congress venue were recorded, according to the police.


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  1. manooshag said:

    Hye, the turks are pursuing another Genocide –  in varying forms – of the Kurds. 
    Labeling the Kurds as ‘terrorists’ the turk pursues that at which they excel – Genocides.
    In so many ways, the Kurd is subservient to the Turks… laws, etc. are supposedly not being adhered to, and more.  Latest, is the Turkish judge who obscenely jailed a young Kurdish
    child to the vilest jails known to mankind – the Turkish jails… The child, a 15 year old
    girl, in the wrong place at the wrong time – on the way to visit family – supposedly tossed pebbles at the police.  The judge, brave Turk that he must be, sentenced her to jail – because
    she was a Kurd.  Tossing pebbles in Turkey must be just about the worst offense a 15 year old
    child shall pursue – hense the sentence in jail for several years.  What a learned and intelligent
    judge this shall  have been – a direct descendant from the hordes who came down from the Asian mountains seeking lands and peoples to eliminate in order to gain the lands.  And the Turks today, after centuries amongs the civilized nations of the world, are still of the hordes who came
    down from the Asian mountains – using Genocides as the method to gain their goals – and still,  today against a 15 year old Kurdish girl child.  (Shades of the movie: MIDNIGHT EXPRESS).

    • Jacque said:

      Manooshag what did you expect from a race that has no CIVILISED Gene in their body. No matter how long the Turks live among Civilised nations they will never be civilised and they will continue commeting GENOCIDE to reach their goals.
      Shame on the so called CIVILISED world to just watch and do nothing.

  2. grigor markaryan said:

    I have said and will always say that a turk is a always a turk and will remain a Genocidal Turk for ever.. Put Turkey on trial for crimes against mankind.