US Says Armenian Court Ruling A ‘Positive Step’ in Protocols Process

ANKARA (Today’s Zaman)—US Ambassador to Turkey James Jeffrey Friday reiterated his administration’s position that Armenia’s Constitutional Court ruling on the Armenia-Turkey Protocols gave a green light to normalization efforts between Yerevan and Ankara.

“Certain statements in the Constitutional Court’s ruling have made Turkey uncomfortable; however, we consider that decision to be positive and see no restrictive clauses in that. We believe that both parties approach their obligations assumed under the Protocols seriously,” said Jeffrey.

Jeffrey made his remarks in an interview with the Turkish Sabah newspaper. The American diplomat spoke about the process of normalizing Armenia-Turkey relations, the Armenian court’s decision, issues relating to the recently banned Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP), and the Turkish occupation of Cyprus.

Asked whether the Protocols “are dead,” Jeffrey said, “No. Nothing’s dead. With its decision, the Armenian Constitutional Court gave a green light to ratifying the Protocols.”  He added that there are no restrictive clauses in the court’s ruling.

“We are working with Turkey every day,” he said, adding also that Washington is “attempting to make progress in the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.”

The main roadblock to the normalization of relations in recent months has, however, been Ankara’s insistence that Armenia must agree to settle the Karabakh conflict in Azerbaijan’s favor before Turkey’s parliament can ratify the fence-mending agreements.

“In truth, those are two separate processes,” Jeffrey said. “However, Turkey doesn’t see it that way. There are a number of conflicts that must be resolved in the Caucasus. They can move forward in different speeds, but they’re all important. They are parallel processes.”


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  1. Kiazer Souze said:

    These morons do not get it. The protocols are dead. Erdog the dog even agrees with that. Thank God. So, let us move on with our regular business of ensuring recognition of the Armenian genocide and not waste any more time. Our grandparents are reaching over 100 years old. And, I will not stop even if I reach 100 years. I will teach my children the Armenian way and who their enemies are. I will make sure they understand that they need to defend their Armenianess against the scum of the earth.

  2. Nairian said:

    Jeffrey, get the hell out of pursuing and arm twisting the Armenian officials to normalize the protocols that are deadly for our little Armenia.  Get your long ugly nose out of Armenia’s case!

  3. Lusik said:

    Republican’s overthrow of democrats in Massachusetts  – the most “democratic” state, drew all this change of wind.
    USA moves toward recognition of Armenian genocide.
    We better select the sails of right aspect and put it to the wind at the favorable angle.

  4. Armanen said:

    Let turkey solve it’s issues with the kurds and Greeks in Cyprus before they dictate to others, especially Armenians.

  5. Berge Jololian said:

    The US State Department primary objective is to have an open corridor to Central Asian gas & oil.  After the Russian war in Georgia in August 2008, Georgia was deemed unreliable and unstable option to run multiple gas & oil pipelines across its territory.
    Turkey is supposed to serve as corridor for gas & oil pipelines linking Europe with Central Asia energy reserves of Turkmenistan (gas) and Kazakhstan (oil) .  However, the only viable access route is via Armenia.  There is only one problem, Turkey rendered itself a dead-end corridor with its closed borders with Armenia.  Azerbaijan finds itself also blockaded from the West by its own border closure with Armenia.  Azerbaijan has no  viable option to pipeline gas & oil to the West.
    If the US State Department wants to achieve its objectives, it needs to put pressure on Turkey to accept its crimes of Genocide; accept terms of restitution, reparations, and discuss the fate of Western Armenian lands.
    Under no circumstance the Russian Federation will allow Georgia to either join NATO or the EU.  Why would the Russian Federation allow the US State Department access to the worlds largest gas & oil fields in Central Asia?  Should that happen, Russia would be wakened and loses its leverage and influence over Europe and the West.  Its very existence would be seriously threatened as the US State Department would move to dismember the Russian Federation into independent republics, such as Dagestan, Tatareestan, Chechnya, etc..
    So, The US State Department continues to apply pressure and arm twist Armenia into capitulation to accept the Protocols.  The Protocols will fail just like its predecessor TARC.

  6. raffi said:

    the more Sarkissian bares the pressure on the Karapakh  the more he will  profit  . Karapakh is the key solution to Armenia and the region’s  Economic prosperity .

  7. Grigor Markaryan said:

    We must not let the United States politicians put Armenia and Turkey in the same pocket. Do not mix us with the Genocidal Barbarian Turks.

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