Armenian President Meets British Queen, Prince

LNDON (RFE/RL)–President Serzh Sarkisian met Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles late Wednesday on the second day of what his office described as a “working” visit to London.

The Armenian presidential press service said Sarkisian and the 83-year-old monarch discussed at the Buckingham Palace British-Armenian relations, Armenia’s integration in European structures and its efforts to normalize ties with Turkey. “Regarding all these issues the President of Armenia presented to Her Majesty the official position of Yerevan,” it said in a statement.

Sarkisian met Charles later in the day at a fundraising dinner organized in Windsor Palace by the Prince of Wales and Armen Sarkisian, a London-based former prime minister of Armenia. The latter (no relation to the Armenian president) plans to use proceeds from the event for restoring four old buildings in Yerevan.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband was the only senior British government official to hold talks with Sarkisian. According to Sarkisian’s press service, the two men discussed the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process and the Turkish-Armenian rapprochement. “David Miliband welcomed efforts of the Armenian President aimed at the normalization of relations with Turkey and noted that Great Britain supports the process,” read its statement.

It is not clear why British Prime Minister Gordon Brown did not meet Sarkisian despite an official status attributed to the visit by the Armenian presidential administration. The British ambassador to Armenia, Charles Lonsdale, was reported to say in Yerevan last week that Sarkisian’s trip to London will be “private.”


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  1. Hey4Life said:

    Did Aliyev meet with Gordon Brown, whe he visited UK? not sure why Brown didn’t meet with Serje Sarkissian.
    If anywone has any info on Aliyev’s visit please reply.
    thank you.

  2. Ishkhan said:


    • Grish Begian said:

      Queen was interested in historical Artsakh horses, and Aliev did not have any opinion or clue about Garabagh horses, therefore sarkisian went to meet Royals, and Aliev will present some oil samples to Gordon..

  3. Prince Vartan said:

    Պրն. Նախագահ Ս Սարգիսեան,
    Նախ թող ինք խոնարհի մեր միլիոնաւոր նահատակներու յուշակոթողին առաջ, յետոյ դուն քու հարգանքդ մատուցէ իրեն առանց գլուխ-ծուռ խոնարհելու:

    • Sirvart Garabedian said:

      To my guess our Mr. President Serje Sargsian didn’t mind to bow the Queen on his knees. If he has that respect to the Queen of England Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, he should have requested from her to Recognize our 1915 Armenian Genocide and secondly what happened to our last King Levon VI’s wealth. I don’t understand why they are not handed to our Armenian Government for custody after 20 years Independent, third request why they don’t colaborate with Her Highness Caroline Cox to recognize Nagorno Karabagh as to Armenians “ARTSAKH”‘ belongs to Armenia. It might be not appropriate requests that I put down but our President forgot once upon a time that we had GREAT ARMENIA on the world’s map before Britishers had

  4. Zareh said:

    President who stole came to power on the bodies of 10 Armenian citizens should bow in front of his nation before “showing” such respect to the queen of England, who’s government opposes Armenia on every political and historical angle. “Bowing” for the Queen of England is a protocol that is passé, Even Prime Ministers of Canada do not bow for the Queen who is the head of all Commonwealth States, including Canada.

  5. Masis Misserlian said:

    This looks so bad on us. An Armenian president bowing to England. The UK has no interest with Armenia we have nothing to offer them. British people are very conniving. The UK government has back stabbed Armenians many times in the past. Armenians will never learn, this is sad.

  6. Robert H. Ajamian said:

    My grandmother Repika Hacheryan Kurkjian’s father Kevork Kurkjian was the decendant of King Tigrantes and any government that denies this armenian genocide should realize that the Ottoman Empire brought down the Armenian Empire.Christianity had made us a target of hate by Turkish muslims and Jews.How armenians allowed themselves to be dominated by these Ottoman Turks is my biggist misunderstanding why could the armenians not stop the Ottoman Empire before it choked us and took over our lands.I think Christianity had made us dumb and not willing to fight the invaders.Look at the suffering we endured for 800 years of Ottoman domination we should have joined with the Byzantines,the Assyrians,the Russians,the Bulgarians,etc to overthrow these Ottoman vampires so we never had to go through 800 years of suffering and humiliation.Armenians need to be more aggressive so they can bully their enimies before they choke them out of their existance like these Ottoman vampires did for 800 years.The governments of the world only recognize strong nations because they benefit from them.The Turks are a bunch of thugs always looking to benefit from the weak and Christianity has made us weak and King Tigrantes was a strong pagan armenian who gave us armenians vast amounts of land and great respect and fear from other empires of that time period 2000 years ago.We must unit to fight against the forces of evil for our own survival because nobody cares for weak christian people.People respect strong powerful people like King Tigrantes who conquered the world.The bankers of this world are the ones who try to destroy the strong but learn how to destroy the banker before they destroy you.Don’t let the bankers exploit you join your brothers to help each other for your financial needs don’t let the corrupt banker charge you interest to exploit your needs.We must overthrow the banker who works to create wars for their profit and who finances our enemy.Turkey must return this land back to Armenia,Greece,and Assyria we must ask for our damages we are rightfully entitled to them for 800 years of suffering.There is no reason why the Armenians today should not number over 1 billion in population we are the oldest nation in the world.Same for the Greeks and Assyrians they too should number 1 billion.Christianity should be put asside and we should once again be the strong powerful Armenian Empire we were 2000 years ago.We need to be aggressive against the vampires of this earth.

  7. Jay said:

    I don’t give a rat’s ass if Aliev met Brown, But chances are UK is more interested in Baku’s oil fields than Armenia’s concerens.

  8. Mino Bahadrian said:

    Sorry people out there..! Armenia does not have “OIL reserves”; therefore Prime Minister Gordon Brown is not intrested of meeting Armenian President. Maybe Gordon is waiting for the Azerbaijani President to arrive to give him his dedicated British support against Armenia in all issues !
    Am i right or am i …right?

  9. Mego said:

    Gordon Brown was not at the signing of the protocols,that might have something to do with why he did’nt meet the president . I have watched the meeting with the Queen on T.V it was’nt as bad as Obama’s bow to the emperor of Japan .