Key Armenian Committee to Begin Protocols Discussion

YEREVAN (Yerkir)—The chairman of the Armenian parliament’s foreign relations committee Armen Rustamian announced Thursday that his committee will begin discussions on the Armenia-Turkey protocols, which were submitted for ratification last week.

Rustamian, who is also the chairman of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Supreme Council of Armenia, said that the committee will appeal to Parliament Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan to deliberate on the protocols taking into consideration the report of the foreign relations parliamentary committee.

Speaking at a press briefing, Rustamian criticized statements made by Sarkisian last week in London, where the president said that he, as the leader of the majority party, would guarantee the ratification of the protocols.

“This does not bode well for our country’s reputation. What does it mean to guaranteeing processes within the legislative branch?” said Rustamian, who emphasized that there was separation of powers within Armenia.

Rustamian said the ARF bloc will present its objections, which should be used to amend the protocols, since in their current state they pose dangers to Armenia’s future.

“We will support the ratification of the protocols with the necessary amendments based on our objections, which will correspond to the conclusions of the Constitutional Court,” said Rustamian, referencing Armenia’s high court conclusion that the protocols cannot be linked to the Karabakh conflict resolution nor will they impact Armenia’s continued pursuit of the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

“In the event that the objections are not included, the ARF will propose to return the protocols and resubmit them to parliament with the objections,” explained Rustamian.


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  2. Grigor Markaryan said:

    The Armenian Constitutional Court has said it all! Turkey has committed a Genocide in the Western Armenia,
    Artsakh is an Independent and free Nation and Turkey will be put on trial for its crimes against mankind.
    No to Turkey… No to ratification of protocols in the present form….Do not trust Turks.

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  4. Lusik said:

    Armenian Parliament is aware what the struggle is for.

    Here is some perspective: today, all involved countries came to point of acknowledging that the Armenia-Turkey “reconciliation-to-estrangement” Protocol serves nothing but a spring in a pad for launching a “solution” of Artsakh independence. Of course, this is the least of their concern. Both Russia and the USA want it, because they envision their “peacekeeping” troops right on the border with Iran. Dream of Israel (i tut ya vikhozu w belom smokinge s chernoy babochkoy).

  5. craig markarian said:

    That’s fine about making sure both Arstakh AND Genocide issues are NOT linked to Protocols, but, isn’t there an issue that’s missing here that should ALSO be added?
    No one’s mentioning the issue of reparations/border recognition stand here? Are we forgetting that this issue cannot be linked to Protocols either????

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