Traditional Political Parties Issue Announcement About April 24

YEREVAN—The governing bodies of the three traditional Armenian political parties issued an announcement Wednesday regarding the imperative to unite around the commemoration of the 95th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and the critical issues of justice that still confront the Armenian nation as it looks ahead to the crimes’ centennial.

Below is the translated text of the announcement by the Central Executive of the Social Democratic Hunchakian Party, the Bureau of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and the Central Executive of the Armenian Democratic League (the Ramkavar-Azadagan party):


April 24, 2010 marks the 95th anniversary of the Armenia Genocide.

The crime perpetrated against the Armenian people and humankind by Turkey continues to have its ramifications. Justice has not yet persevered.

For 95 years, the Armenian people, which have been deprived of their homeland and been subjected to Genocide in their own historic country, has been pursuing justice. On the long road of this struggle, our people have been able to transform into an organized force by staying true to national ideals, the homeland, its language and culture. The opening of every school, church or center in an Armenian community became a step toward our aspirations.

In the last decades, the Diaspora was able to come together around the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide, reparations for losses and the ideal of a homeland, and garnering many successes.

For the Armenians living in Armenia, the years of Soviet domination also became a time for recognizing the importance of returning to the homeland, self-determination and generational rights. For the Armenians in Armenia this conviction was grounded in a road to victory paved after Armenia’s declaration of independence.

After efforts to recognize the Armenian Genocide, which began in 1965, came the Karabakh liberation movement, which, once and for all, proved the unwavering strength of a unified Armenia and the imperative of the Armenian Cause. The independent Republic of Armenia was created as a result of a victorious liberation war and the appreciation of our pan-national capabilities. The unprecedented victories of our nation are a result of the collective efforts of the Armenian state and the Armenian Diaspora.

Today, once again, our people are confronted with huge challenges. The developments in the normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations and a quick resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict are unprecedented. Once again, efforts are underway to satisfy foreign interests at the expense of our people’s unwavering aspirations and the rights of future generations. Fortunately, the Armenian people understand the veiled and apparent threats that are inherent in the protocols signed by Armenia and Turkey. The freedom and independence won with the blood of the heroic people of Artsakh is still being threatened. At the same time, the Armenians of Javakhk are denied basic human rights.

We, the three pan-Armenian political parties, are convinced that only through collective efforts, and calculated and decisive actions, can we shape world opinion to take into consideration Armenian national interests and respect for our rights. We are convinced that only through collective efforts and everyday actions can we resolve our pan-national issues—rights of the Armenians in Javakhk, independence of Artsakh, the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the strengthening of the Republic of Armenia. The true inclusion of the Diaspora in Armenia’s state and political life can become a critical conduit in fortifying our national unity.

This year is the 95th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. We are soon approaching the centennial of one of humanities biggest tragedies. The struggle for international recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the pursuit of reparations not only has ramifications for civilized human values but also for the security of the independent Armenian homeland. The fact that the crime was unpunished is what allowed for future repetitions of such crimes.

We are decisive and are confident that our just struggle is in the stages of final victory. We call on the government of Armenia, all political forces, all Diaspora organizations and all entities that are concerned about the future of our people to come together and rally around our pan-national concerns, to presented a strong united front for the entire world, to take concrete steps for resolving the issues facing Armenia, the Diaspora and the Armenian nation, to express our collective political will, on the road to establishing our distinct and dignified place in the world.

At this important crossroads in the Armenian reality, we condemn all efforts that serve to diminish the will of the Armenian nation.

Today, many governments already have recognized the Armenian Genocide. There is no other alternative. Only through the cooperation of all facets of the Armenian nation and the strengthening of our independent state will we achieve the world’s—and even Turkey’s—recognition of our just cause.

This is the guarantee for a complete and secure future for the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian nation.

Social Democratic Hunchakian Party Central Executive
Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau
Armenian Democratic League (the Ramkavar-Azadagan Central Executive


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  1. Nairian said:

    Ever since the issues of the protocols; I am so glad that the three parties in the Diaspora have come together for this matter and the protocols. When several string of ropes are separated they will soon come apart and will be ripped; but when they are all put-together they can withstand to great many pressures. Thus together we stand, apart we shall dwindle and waste away. “Zorutyune mioutyune Hay joghovurt”!!!!

  2. John G said:

    Since when is the Armenian Revolutionary Federation a “traditional” party? Others may identify our nation’s most valuable force in that way to undermine its worth, but please don’t buy in to that yourselves.

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