To the Editor: A Shameful Dispute

The dispute between Diasporan Armenians and the Republic of Armenia about the fate of our homeland and people is shameful and has reached a dangerous level of discourse.

All parties involved must understand that short-term and long-term goals must be implemented simultaneously and without compromise.  This is achievable if the “ruling elite” and the “guardians” of Armenia would step down from their illegitimately owned ivory towers, put aside their self-indulgences, extend friendly hands to the helpless masses, elevate their mental and physical state, and breathe worth into their exhausted existence.  Respect for life is the foundation for healthy society, togetherness, and success.  Equally, it is important to understand, to be made into law, and be enforced that national treasures and lands are not to be sold, given-away, embezzled, or become trading chips either internally nor externally.

Generally speaking, the Diaspora Armenians live in comfort and enjoy the freedoms of their host countries.  Some of them are self-serving and have detached themselves from being Armenian.  Yet, there are those who share the pain and suffering of their brothers and sisters in Armenia, who in turn are the physical anchors of our homeland, a fact that must not be underestimated.  The goodwill of the Diaspora is also not to be underestimated, nor their ability of being vigilant watchdogs and activists for the Armenian Question.  This, of course, must not be done for any personal gain, or be a contest between organizations and political parties for stacking points.

Those involved in building and protecting Armenia must be honest patriots, dedicated and selfless servants.  Their goal must be to help guide, nurture, stand guard, and defend Armenian without any expectations of rewards, positions, properties, and monies.  Genuine togetherness can lead us out of the existing chaos and humiliating, pathetic existence.

Nazik Kotcholosian Messerlian


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  2. john papazian said:

    Lets face the fact,two maybe three generations removed from the homeland makes diaspora very different.We are assimalated. Its been 20 years and yet another generation born out side the homeland. The only mission it seems is to tell the world about the genocide and remind Americans of little known Christian country called Armenia.