Hillary Clinton Calls Genocide Resolution ‘Inappropriate’

WASHINGTON (ArmRadio)–The Obama administration believes the passage of the Armenian Genocide resolution on Thursday was inappropriate, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, reported ArmRadio, citing Turkish sources.

“We have made that clear to all parties involved,” she said, while responding to a question about the resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs.

A journalist asked: “Before entering the administration, both you and President Obama supported the campaign to label 1915 incidents as ‘genocide.’ In recent days, both you and he have made direct appeals to Howard Berman, the chairman of the House’s Foreign Affairs Committee, against the draft resolution. Could you explain why you and the president have reversed course on this issue?”

Clinton responded: “Well, I think circumstances have changed in very significant ways. When President Obama took office and I became secretary of state, we determined that the process undertaken by Switzerland in bringing the Turkish and Armenian governments together was a very worthy one that we intended to support, and we have done so. I was personally in Zurich at the time when the protocols for the normalization of the relationship between the two countries were signed. We think that is the appropriate way to manage the problems that have stood in the way of normalization between the two countries.”

“I do not think it is for any other country to determine how two countries resolve matters between them, to the extent that actions that the United States might take could disrupt this process,” she said.

“Therefore, President Obama and I have made clear, both last year and again this year, that we do not believe any action by the Congress is appropriate, and we oppose it. We do not believe that the full Congress will or should act upon that resolution, and we have made that clear to all the parties involved,” the Hurriyet Daily News cited Clinton as saying.


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  1. Kris said:

    So when Bush was President it was appropriate to have a genocide resolution, but now that Obama is President and its suddenly not the right time. The hypocrisy of the Obama administration is like no other. The President, Vice-President, Secretary of State and even some advisers (Samantha Power), are all on the record supporting a genocide resolution. Now they are working in tandem with the Turks and can be labeled Genocide deniers.

    At least Bush barely knew who we were when he turned his back on us. Obama and company know exactly who we are, what our cause is, why its important and they’re still turning their backs on us. All with a smile on their faces pretending to be our friend while they do it.

    Yes we can… deny the genocide. Yes we can… be hypocrites. Yes we can… be a one term failure of a president.

  2. Norin Radd said:

    Now ask her to say all that about the Holocaust. My history is hazy but if I remember correctly, Berlin was quartered and subjugated economically for nearly 40 years and US pressure was involved in proper recognition and reparation for Holocaust victims. Again, ask Ms. Clinton to simply repeat all that with regards to the Holocaust or Israel, lets see if she can put her money where her mouth is on her stances with every group instead of this selective window dressing she is spewing.

    PS: Obama never = “Hope” , Obama = “HYPE” .

  3. Alex Postallian said:

    clinton was an embarrassment when appointed,and continues to display it in her tourism.Asked why she changed her opinion from support to denial of the Armenian Genocide,and obama, that in plain language is called two-faced.

  4. Raffi Gabriel said:

    It is very ironic and double-standard to see how the US government is “spinning” a genocide that occurred 95 years ago as “circumstances have changed.” Genocide is genocide! Circumstances have not changed. The only “circumstances” are politics of the day and US policy to shun responsibility to deal with a genocide by pointing out to the Protocols (which no one believes in) as the new avenue to address genocide “through a joint committee. If such an issue (like genocide) can be resolved between 2 nations, then why hasn’t the world let Bosnia sort out its issues internally and now is bringing Karadic and his cohorts to court for “genocide”; or has issued warrant for arrests to president Bashir of Sudan for “crimes against humanity but let the Sudanese deal with their differences through a committee; or let Israel and Germany after WWII (or Iran now) hash out “their differences over the holocaust” through a historical panel? Furthermore, the US recognition of the genocide has nothing to do with the infamous protocols. The 20 countries or so who have recognized the genocide are not saying “we no longer do because now there are protocols to address the issue.” All such maneuvers (as US shunning to address such topics and pushing others to do the same) do is give denialists to literally get away with murder, the credibility of the US as the bastion of human rights in question, and Turkey’s consciousness to remain shrouded in this guilt. This is a lose-lose situation for all. It is not doing anyone a favor: not to the Armenians, nor to US credibility, nor to Turkey, nor to the world. Which US administration will be brave enough to simply stand by the genocide rather than play political ping pong “hoping” that the issue will one day somehow get resolved?

  5. Ishkhan Babajanian MD said:

    Secretary of State Madam Hillary Clinton

    By Faltering of your Armenian Genocide Pledge
    You stated “Circumstances have change in very significant ways”

    Dear Madam Secretary Genocide is a Crime against Humanity Never any Pressure, Politics or Circumstances can change it………. Only You have been changed TO RETREAT FROM ARMENIAN GENOCIDE PLEDGE…. AND THIS IS A SHAME ? HOW YOU PEOPLE EXPECT ARMENIANS AND THEIR MILLION FRIENDS TO CAMPAIGN OR VOTE FOR YOU ON NEXT ELECTION AGAIN?

    Jews, Armenians and Darfur and all other Genocides must be confronted unconditionally and equally at the level of American Values and our common humanity. As Americans, we should never let the recognition of this unforgivable crime to be reduced to a political issue that can be traded away, retreated from under pressure or used to advance a political agenda of any kind”

    As presidential Candidate, Senator Obama , Senator Biden and You (Senator Clinton) During presidential campaign pledged repeatedly to recognize Armenian Genocide Candidate Obama once stated ‘America deserves a Leader who speaks truthfully about Armenian Genocide and responds forcefully to all genocides. I intend to be that President.”? Mr Obama You are PRESIDENT NOW ?

    Mr President now you are the president and you have still a second chance. We look to president Obama to be a man of his word and honor his pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

  6. Guido said:

    Only 3000 Americans were killed ON THIER HOMELAND in 2001 – and look at the fuss! Between 1 000 000 and 2 500 000 Armenians were killed or removed from their homeland between 1915 and 1923 so rest assured that the descendants of these victims will make sure that this issue comes back to haunt the Turks and perhaps the US until it is resolved.

    It is clear that Obama and Clinton are puppets here.This script is being dictated to them by some unseen entity in the background, as it has been dictated to past presidents The President, the Secretary of State are now part of a power complex which requires that they subordinate or surrender their initial convictions. When a US President is elected on the basis of his convictions and his assurances to the Amerian electorate He or She needs to follow through. Congress does not operate at the discretion of the President. We have a system of checks and balances to ensure that will and the good of the US electorate is served. Wall Street, Industry and the Military be damned. Obama may find that those words which once came naturally out of his throat, get rammed back down by an enlightened and determined US Congress unwilling to let Turkey, arms dealers and the military block the way to recognition of the Armenian Genocide. The day will come when Armenia gets land and an appology from Turkey. And it may not be that far off. The times they are a changng. FAST.

  7. Varouj Asdourian said:

    All I want to say is to all those that were such adamant supporters of Obama, you wasted your votes. As long as the Turkish lobby keeps throwing millions towards their wishes and blackmailing the U.S. government, this resolution is DOA regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican is in office. Now are we not only stuck with a president that doesn’t keep his word to the Armenian people but deceives the whole nation.

  8. MGL said:

    She just shows herself as we all know her. Like husband like wife, same you know what.

  9. Arman said:

    Come on now, Hillary…..you have disappointed us voters with your betrayals yet again.

  10. Yervant said:

    I don’t ever want to see Hilary Clinton , her husband, her daughter or those related to this family of Turkish apologists anywhere near America’s decision making institutions. They are working in the interests of a foreign government; not Americas. A pox on their houses.

    The Dem’s have reached a new low in acquiescing to the deniers and it seems they need another Massachusetts lesson.

  11. Laurent Leylekian said:

    This is rather Mrs Clinton who is “inappropriate”.

  12. manooshag said:

    Hye, ‘inapproriate’ says Hilary, for the House Foreign Affairs committees’ vote for recognition of the Turkish
    Genocide of the Armenian nation. ‘INAPPROPRIATE’, sadly is ‘inappropriate’ when speaking of Genocides.

    Politicians have allowed the perpetration of Genocidesto continue since the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation – which was pursued since the 19th century. The nation the world looks to for moral
    strengths, the United States of America, as a leader has been politically de-Genocided, whether committed
    by foe or an ‘ally’. Genocides equate to humans in purusit of eliminating humans for their religion, race, and more – millions of innocents – continuing even into today 2010, in Darfur – appropriately by the Sudanese who
    appropriately, not attempt to deny there had been a Genocide.

    Of course, they have the extraordinary Turkish denials of Genocide as example! Perpetrate a Genocide – and then, as do the Turks, move on using all sorts of PLOYS to delay, distract and more… for only some lives destroyed, only some humans deciding to destory other humans! History, as in Turkey, can ‘erase’ such events from appearing in their history books – lying to their own Turkish citizens as well.

    Talk about lying – the United States of America – a govenrment which had offered unlimited aid to the survivors of the Turkish Genocide of the Armenians – with records from Ambassador Henry Morgenthau in the U.S. ARCHIVES

    Inappriopiate! Au contraire… Genocides are what are ‘inappropriate’ – to say the least! Humans slaughtering, raping, burning alive, bastindos – cruelest torture – dealth was welcomed.

    Civilized leaderships of nations who stand and watch as the Genocides are perpetrated by despots – these leaderships are ‘inappropiately’ allowing the Genocides to continue while, by now, millions of innocents have
    faced the terrors, deaths, survivals of the horrors despots ‘appropriately’ exert against their victims.

    Civilized leaderships of today, whom we consider to be from advanced societies – allow the despots to ‘get
    away with murders’ and more! Civilized leaderships
    Civilized leaderships of today, shall bear the bearden of guilt for allowing these Genociders to pursue their
    vile abuse of the humans – some will die, some will live a life of hell with the memories, families separated,
    whilst these ‘civilized leaders’ canno think beyond their own political lives.

    So, some people were slaughtered, killed before their family members;
    So, some women were raped, even in view of their families;
    So, some people were tortured – vilest forms deviated minds can devise;
    So, some people lierally lost their minds from all that they had to bear.

    So, some people prayed – dear God, why don’t the civilized nations gather together to come to our aid;
    So, some people, innocents, men, women, children/born and unborn, donot deserve a Genocide;

  13. Mihran Keheyian said:

    I have always believed that the Clintons are no friend of Armenia or the Armenian Nation, but above all she has no moral standing left when after for years she kept telling us a load of lies, the same goes for Obama who happens to be a bigger lier,all playing lip service to the American Armenians in order to get their votes.

    They all need to be treated with utter contempt.

  14. Barkev Asadourian said:

    Abris Manooshak,
    Ditto for all, specialy last paragraphs,
    mrs,SSA she don’t know accept talking like PARROTS.

  15. From the U.S. said:

    To Armenians and Armenia:

    I agree with you that this administration has peddled a load of lines on this issue. It is absolutely disgusting to see how Obama and his team (Clinton, Biden, etc) are so hypocritical on their position shift (not really change). This administration has made many missteps with favorable countries (including the U.K. and Japan). But hopefully this administration might start to (partially) wisen up to the changes taking place in Turkey which is pulling it away from the United States. Alas, to have someone of Woodrow Wilson’s caliber..

    Erodgan’s leadership is opening a rift within Turkey which will hopefully damage both his faction and the extremists within the military and just possibly, maybe there is a slim chance of more sensible people starting to gain power in Turkish politics.

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