Clinton Invites Sarkisian To Washington on Eve of Genocide Anniversary


WASHINGTON (Combined Sources)—Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday invited President Serzh Sarkisian to visit Washington next month, in a telephone conversation that appears to have centered on the stalled rapprochement talks between Turkey and Armenia, reported RFE/RL.

Sarkisian’s office said Clinton phoned the Armenian leader to invite him to an international summit on nuclear energy security that will take place in Washington in mid-April. It said she expressed hope that the two sides will use the occasion to “continue discussing issues on the bilateral, regional and international agenda.” It gave no further details, according to RFE/RL.

The phone call came the day after Sarkisian suggested that Turkey will not unconditionally normalize relations with Armenia anytime soon and again threatened to annul the U.S.-brokered protocols signed by the two nations in October.

The invitation to Sarkisian comes months after the conference had already been scheduled without an invitation being sent to Armenia. The summit will come ahead of April 24, the international day of commemoration for the Armenian Genocide.

The invitation to Sarkisian is seen by many as the administration’s latest attempt to give Obama an excuse once again not to recognize the Armenian Genocide in his April 24 address.


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  1. MihranK said:

    I strongly believe that its another ploy to trap Serzh in order to help Obama and his bunch of liars ahead of April 24 to avoid the responsibility of uttering the word “genocide”.Remember April 22 last year.

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  3. Lusik said:

    Our generation has witnessed several colossal ecologically disastrous projects – like turning by hundred eighty degrees the flow of river Enisey. The sole goal of such projects was to call for huge resources and moves, under which the individual multimillion profits will pass invisible. No overseeing, no responsibility. Similar strategy is adopted by governments of “great” powers seeking a political-economical cash, even via destruction of nations. Especially “insignificant” (Ph. Gordon) ones, like us – Armenians. The world economics is in great motion, and many processes are similar to the Enisey project – carrying seeds of financial and economical catastrophes.
    It is not accidental that the formation of the European Union and the demolition of the USSR happen almost simultaneously. By the same token, it is not accidental that Europe for very long remained undecided about strong bonding of the energy economics of Europe with Russia. Whoever’s idea it was, the US-advised Georgia triggered war of 2008 to demonstrate the iron fist of Russia. Shaken Europe made his mind, and the Nabucco project came forward, as an alternative to Russian pipeline projects. Turkey quickly found itself on a familiar ground. Under the Nabucco umbrella, the expansionistic plans and elimination of last obstacles in coalescence with Azerbaijan and the Caucasian Muslim brothers might happen within our lifetime, they thought. US, presumably, favored anything to diminish the Russian power. Foreign diplomacy of the new arrived US administration has put Turkey in the center. One after another, the “frozen conflicts” were called out and put urgently in a “microwaves” of international “impartial” mediators.

    The fame of Turkic diplomacy comes from a special skills for making a Pan-Turkic agenda the agenda of the west, from a well crafted toolkit of diverse tricks for hiding the agenda beneath and inside others agenda, and, finally, gaining several figures in a single move (including “zero unhappy neighbors” paradigm). Great and old art of playing chess.

    Today Artsakhian independence became a crossroad. I do not name it a problem, because it is not. Azerbaijan successfully progresses its economics, grace a the oil industry and despite their “expenses” on blockading Armenia. Azerbaijan affords military expenses of astronomical scale. There is no reason to suggest, that Azerbaijan is weakened by the Artsakhian independence. As to the “national pride”, Gorbachev – architect of Prestroika, acknowledged that it was Stalin’s evil mind creature – the 70-years long lasting tragedy of Artsakhian Armenians staying under Azeris rule. Gorbachev said that the return of Artsakh to Azerbaijan is impossible, and it was a big mistake not to grant the independence right then, in 1988. Recently, the approach to the Artsakhian independence, adopted by the OSCE was expressed by Goran Lennmarker – find what pleases each side and make it happen. Today this approach found its cynical demonstration. Although it is perfectly true, that Armenians contributed the largest proportion of marshals and admirals (mostly Artsakhians) to the WWII, when this point of earned pride is put in the same section with a declaration that Artsakhian independence is a myth, it becomes an insult. Mr. Fassier thinks to “please” Armenians, and to give at the same instant a chance to Azeris for talking of “partiality” of the OSCE group. The “anger” of Azeris, masks the intention of the group to enforce “what pleases” Azerbaijan. I suspect that the 23:22 passing score in the US congress is of the same kind. Obama’s administration took care that the bill passes with a minimal score – Armenians are pleased, Turkey is given a chance to be unhappy and to seek for a tougher actions-sanctions in other perspectives. Mr. Serj Sarksian is invited by Obama (in unison with Mr. Sarkozy) to be pressurized for an early a) ratification of Protocols (= Kars Treaty, Armenian Genocide), b) giving-up of Artsakh independence, through a prism of a fear of an early presidential election and such. Mr. Serj Sarksian is the president of not only Armenia, Mr. Obama (Mr. Sarkozy) don’t count that.
    Only a naïve infant today thinks that conflicts are defrosted for the pipelines to be built or the regions to gain stability. Or, Turkey(s) trying to become a EU-member. None cares about stability. None believes in security of a pipeline right on the border of Christian and Muslim world. Turkey wants the world. It starts with the region. The timeline is end of 2010.

  4. Karekin said:

    Aghvor badaskhan grnar dar serje: ge nerek payts menk 24 abrilin tseghaspanutyune ge hishenk yev yes iper hayasdani nakhakah anbayman bedke nerga ellam tsitsernagaberde. Digin clinton kezi u ku nakhakahin ge hravirem ays ore mez hed nshek hayasdani mech.. Apsos, hazar apsos.

  5. MihranK said:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    March 14, 2010 at 1:00 pmI would also like to point out that Hillary needs to speak to Nalbandian and not to Serzh, as this is against all diplomatic etiquette and an insult to the President,Serzh should point her towards Nalbandian,also this is an insult to Nalbandian as well as it means that she doesn’t think much of him, what a comedy of affairs.

    It should be Obama talking to Serzh and inviting him over to Washington,this is the correct way,and not Hillary who’s rank is much lower.

  6. Chris said:

    Why April 23rd???
    I guess we need a president who can powerfully say “ NO” once and for all… we need a president who can mightily say “ I cannot be there on the eve of the Armenian Genocide commemoration, No away…If you really want me to be there. I can be there either before the 23rd or after 24th of April … But on the 23rd I must in Dsidsernagapert”