Sarkisian Should Avoid Falling in a US Trap, Says Bureau Member Hovsepian

LOS ANGELES—By inviting President Serzh Sarkisian to Washington, the Obama Administration is aiming, once again, to make Armenia an accomplice in the White House’s efforts against the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, said Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau member Dr. Viken Hovsepian, who called on Sarkisian to postpone his Washington visit to after April.

“President Barack Obama is visibly under intense pressure by the Turkish government to thwart—at all cost—the passage of the Armenian Genocide resolution in Congress. Certainly, these pressures have increased since the vote by the House Foreign Affairs Committee,” explained Hovsepian, who was contacted by Asbarez’s Armenian Section upon receiving the news of Sarkisian’s invitation to Washington.

“Our concern is that by inviting President Sarkisian to Washington, President Obama and his advisers will, for the second time, try to make Armenia’s leadership an accomplice to their efforts against the recognition of the Armenian Genocide,” warned Hovsepian.

“Let’s not forget the sad developments of last April 22, when the inappropriately timed ‘roadmap’ was announced, which allowed President Obama to justify his failure to use the word ‘Genocide’ in his annual statement,” added Hovsepian.

“By coming to Washington now, President Sarkisian will be taken advantage of the same way as last year. Of course, this trap could become an incredible opportunity for Armenia’s highest leader to directly remind President Obama of his campaign promise and to say that it is high time for him to honor that pledge,” said Hovsepian, adding that if President Sarkisian is not willing to take such a step, then he should postpone his Washington visit to after April.

In discussing H. Res. 252, Hovsepian addressed the unprecedented conjecture and disinformation suggesting that after approval in the House Committee, the resolution will not advance and that the House leadership wants to stifle the resolution at all costs.

“These types of predictions are absurd and untrue, and only serve the shady interests of those who aim to shatter the Armenian community’s momentum,” explained Hovsepian.

“As a nation, we must stop at nothing to see justice prevail in Congress, just like the victory Thursday in Sweden’s parliament. I’d like to mention, that all those who predicted the defeat of the resolution in the [House] Committee were wrong. The same people will also be wrong at this current juncture, because our struggle is just and our strategy is right. Justice will win,” concluded Hovsepian.


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  1. MihranK said:

    Knowing Serzh and Nalbandian,dont be surprised at all, if they fall into Obama’s trap as they fell last April 22 thinking that they are such good politicians, in reality they are the worst we had to date.

  2. Armanen said:

    It’s politics, and so far Serj and Co have played it well on the international scene. The popularity of obama is continuing to fade and will do so, because he is a one trick pony, and a crappy one at that!

    • Osik said:

      Well….. we don’t know yet if he is doing well or not, Traveling yes he does well but the rest is not done until it’s done.

  3. Osik said:

    This time we are dealing with a totally different beast, at that time their Rusky Dady was with them, everyone was in Geneva because just week or so before; Obama scrapped the Bush’s missile project therefore the American/Russian relationship wasn’t this Cold, but after Obama announced his own missile project even closer to Russians then the temperature fell below zero and Serzh got loose, so to me we have a fresh deck of cards on the table and we have to wait and see what the outcome is.

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