Gates Says Genocide Bill a ‘Mistake’

WASHINGTON (Today’s Zaman)–US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has expressed regret over a US House committee’s vote to approve a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide, warning of  probable “damaging” impacts of vote on Turkey-US relations.  

During an interview with the Al Arabiya television channel broadcast on Friday, Gates was asked about whether he was worried, given that Turkey withdrew its ambassador to the US in reaction to the March 4 vote and that Turkey may have threatened to withhold military assistance to the United States.

“I am worried about it. I will say that it was just one committee of the House of Representatives that voted on this resolution,” Gates responded, according to the transcript of the interview posted on the Defense Department’s Web site.

“We very strongly feel that the resolution is a mistake. Turkey and Armenia are making progress toward a reconciliation. Protocols have been drafted along those lines. That’s the process that we think ought to be used. A resolution of this kind could be very damaging to US-Turkish relations, and we certainly hope that the Congress and the House of Representatives take this measure no further,” Gates added.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — who had urged the House Foreign Affairs Committee not to hold the vote on March 4 — said on March 5: “We are against this decision. Now we believe that the US Congress will not take any decision on this subject.”  


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  1. FrankM said:

    I dont know what they are thinking but the military base in in Incilrlik is in Adana and that is Armenian soil.
    Adana is as Armenian as
    Statue of liberty is as American.
    Great wall of China is as Chinesse.
    The Effiel tower is as French.
    Niagara Falls is as Canadian.
    This is the truth and nobody can stand in the way of truth

  2. karine said:

    Sec’y Gates is getting old because his senility must be kicking in. Turkey has not once but twice not given access to US troops to get to Iraq via Incerlik. The only “damages” that would be sustained would be on the Turkish side. I invite Sec’y Gates to set up camp in Armenia, where the 99% Christian population is waiting to against the war on Terror and muslim extremism.

  3. Lusik said:

    I understand from Erdogan’s last saying about a decision to expel 100,000 Armenian illegals, that both Israel and US understood, that message is for them (remember the joke about Jews taking care of Armenians because after Armenians the “jatagan” will swing over them).

    Israel immediately sent his Defense Minister to butter Turkey’s Defense Minister. Sounds, like Mr. Gates might want to do the same thing.

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  5. katia k said:

    Gates says the resolution was a mistake… so was invading Iraq on the account that it possessed weapons of mass destruction… which were never found. Had the US not invaded Iraq, it would not be at the mercy of Turkey now. Even Gates is wimpering in front of Turkey’s treats! This is what happens when a great country like the US loses its moral compass. Of course, it could regain some of its dignity back by acknowledging the Armenian Genocide, a historical fact that has nothing to do with Iraq, Gates, Turkey, Clinton or Obama.
    Frank I loved your commentary.
    I think the US should pay us for using Armenian land (with possible deeds still laying around) for its Incirlik base. Can someone bring this to Mrs. I am all powerful, Clinton’s attention?