Clinton Says Karabakh Peace Important For Human Rights

WASHINGTON (RFE/RL)–The resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict would reflect positively on the situation with human rights in both Armenia and Azerbaijan, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday.

Clinton made the remark at a meeting with international journalists and bloggers visiting the U.S. State Department. Responding to a question from an RFE/RL reporter, she dismissed claims that Washington is turning a blind eye to human rights violations in Azerbaijan because of its economic and geopolitical interests in the oil-rich country.

“We are aware of the issues both in Azerbaijan and Armenia,” she said, singling out the case of two Azerbaijani bloggers who were jailed “over views expressed.”

Clinton insisted that the U.S. administration is doing its best to broker a solution to the Karabakh conflict. “We think that if the conflict is resolved a lot of the human rights issues will be solved too,” she said.

In its annual report on human rights around the world released last Friday, the State Department criticized the governments of both South Caucasus states. It said in particular that the authorities in Yerevan have continued to stifle dissent, manipulate elections, tolerate police brutality and restrict judicial independence over the past year.


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  1. Lusik said:

    Madame Clinton. There is no conflict, unless you create one. No conflict, do you comprehend it?

    1. Azeris post everywhere about the economics of the country growing fast amidst other countries – including US, economics free-falling. So, Azeris actually prosper from Artsakh independence.

    2. Azeris try to speak out about their readiness to accept Artsakh independence. Their voice becomes more and more discernible. Why do you and others put brakes, silence these voices?

    3. Now despite international pressure and impedement, Armenia – blockaded by international community, will stay committed to becoming a model country with best developed expressions of human rights. No other nation knows better the value of human rights. Today we are far behind many countries – especially the USA. But who acknowledges that less than 20 years have passed since soviet regime faded away. Since then Armenia, no other country, immediately got blockaded. Where have you been all these years with your banners of human rights?

    4. The day will come when Armenia and Artsakh will invite international conferences for human rights activists. I refer to the fame of Armenia for being a great host of conferences and workshops on what makes a good family, a human being with a warm heart.

  2. Vacheh said:

    What our people expect to see is the voluntary withdraw of Armenian forces from 6 (out of 7) regions in short run, followed by the advancement of Azeri forces, thus placing the territories of both Karabagh and Republic of Armenia under the Azeri artillery fire, which translates into going back to pre-1993 era. This means that the sacrifices that our civilians and young men endured to secure the safety of Karabagh will be thrown out of the window. Karabagh will never be recognized as an independent country or allowed to rejoin Armenia. The referendum is an empty promise with no substance.

    Unless there is an ARF led administration, our nation will continue to suffer concessions and sacrifices. Armenians of Diaspora will continuously be marginalized and discouraged away, and the progress of the country will remain at snail pace, while the oligarchs will continue filling up their pockets.

  3. brkv36 said:

    Mrs.Clinton it is realy surprise by defending Human right on Karabagh,
    how about Armenian Genocide when you gona to Reconize as a major
    Human right,All Armenian waiting for that moment.

  4. Lusik said:

    Our (I mean Armenian) people do not expect to see what you described.

    Even most of non-Armenian people do not expect to let that happening.
    Even Azeris started expecting that Artsakh is free, Artsakh is good when it is free. Non-free Artsakh will be beginning of the end of Azerbaijan.

    Until now there were no concessions, no sacrifices on that front. Until now Armenia, Artsakh, Diaspora are united in these battle.

  5. Cristina said:

    can you explain what you said. please? i, for one, don’t understand…
    “Azeris try to speak out about their readiness to accept Artsakh independence.”
    “Even Azeris started expecting that Artsakh is free”.
    How is that..? I have never heard of such a position…

  6. Cristina said:

    another comment, if i may…
    “Until now Armenia, Artsakh, Diaspora are united” => if you mean the situation of Artsakh, i could not disagree more.
    in what concerns Armenia, several hayastantsis have told me ( so i heard this with my own ears!) that they have no problem with karabagh ( they don’t even use the real Armenian name for it!!!) going back and being taken back by the turks, i was told that ‘karabaghtsis screw goats’ and that ‘turks should come and take karabagh back. that is what those dirty karabaghtsis deserve. look what serjik and kocharyan, the two karabaghtsis did to our beautiful country they destroyed it. how beautiful it was before and now it is all destroyed!!” and i was also told that “who loves karabagh and karabaghtsis is my enemy. i really don’t like them!”. All of this by differents Armenians!!! Hayastancis!!!

    On the other hand, some Artsakhtsis prefer to leave and search for a greener pasture elsewhere, or prefer to sit and do nothing but received different kinds of humanitarian aid or social aid from the State…

    I myself am a Diasporan, i know how the majority of Diasporans feels and react when it comes to Artsakh.
    “Artsakh the Holy Land” , Artsakh, the land of heroes”, “we won’t surrender not even an inch of the liberated lands” and so on. this is the kinds of slogans you hear, and read.
    But how many of the 7millions Diasporan Armenians would actually move to these ‘liberated lands’ and start a new life there and contribute to making sure they won’t be lost to the enemy again..? How many…?
    In the south of Artsakh, there are hundreds of hectars of unoccupied, uninhabited lad. The same goes for farmland. How many of spyurkahays would move there and invest in the agriculture or practise it just for their families…?
    Where is the Miasnutyun here…??? :(

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