Discussing Genocide Resolution, Glenn Beck Resorts to Mockery

BOSTON, Mass. (A.W.)—On March 5, on Premiere Radio Networks’ “The Glenn Beck Program,” conservative radio host Glenn Beck and his crew reverted to mockery and sarcasm when discussing the recent passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution by the U.S. House of Foreign Affairs Committee and Turkey’s reaction. Beck is also the host of “The Glenn Beck Show” on the Fox News Channel.

Below is an excerpt from the program transcript. To view the full segment, visit http://mediamatters.org/mmtv/201003050027.


“Now let me ask you this. Turkey warns of a breakdown in ties with the U.S. That’s gonna end well!”

“Any country named after Thanksgiving dinner—I always pay close attention to what they have to say!”

“We have Turkey and we have Greece in trouble!”

“What are we gonna do this Thanksgiving—if the cranberry islands go down, we are in trouble!”

“Turkey’s foreign minister is warning of a breakdown in ties with the U.S. after a congressional committee approved a resolution branding the World [War] I era killing of Armenians, ‘genocide.’”

“Oh good, so we finally got that done!”

“How often do we have to go back to that!”

“World War I! WORLD WAR I! I’m glad we have finally set the record straight at this time in our country’s history. That’s good.”

“Now we can go forward. Now we can go forward.”

“Could we apologize for it? Did we apologize? Did we have anything to do with it? Did we apologize for it?”

“May be we should apologize for not recognizing it for so long.”

“We probably orchestrated the whole thing. Yeah we did. The CIA!”

“Yeah, some predecessor of the CIA probably did it!”

“The Federal Reserve!”

“But the Federal Reserve wouldn’t do that—they’re good.”

“The anti-federal! The 911-truthers—they were it!”

“The right-wing kooks!”

“That’s who did it! That’s who did it!”


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  1. Nikos Spanolos Austria said:

    Listen to Glen Beck and then tell me you don't understand the deterioration of the American society. Don't fool yourselves. Glen Beck is not the exemption he is the rule. He really represents the Majority of American attitudes today. Yes yes he is a pot smoking coke snorting paranoid schizophrenic with a long history of self-abuse but then again I have just described 90% of the American population.

  2. rickbayan said:

    Glenn Beck is a nutty radio entertainer, and he's good at what he does, but people mistake him for a serious pundit. (Unfortunately, so do most of his followers.) The “mockery” discussed here wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. They weren't making fun of the genocide, at least.

    I was much more offended by Daniel Schor's reaction to the genocide proposal a few years ago. Here was a serious journalist (and a Jewish one at that), in a voice dripping with contempt and sarcasm, making it look as if the genocide was an absurdly outdated and irrelevant issue — and of course we dare not offend Israel's (whoops, I mean America's) staunch ally in the Middle East. It made me sick.

  3. Alex Postallian said:

    I remember when I was young,there was radio station called ” shock radio”They had all the big mouthed,no talent,d.js,hiding their stupidity by load talk and jungle music.