Turkish Prime Minister to Meet Obama on Tuesday

WASHINGTON (Hurriyet)–U.S. President Barack Obama will meet Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday on the sidelines of his nuclear security summit in Washington, the White House said.

The meeting, which was not previously announced, will occur just over a week after Turkey decided to return its ambassador to Washington after a row over moves in Congress to recognize the Armenian Genocide

“We very much wanted to have this opportunity to consult with Prime Minister Erdogan on a range of pressing issues that the United States and Turkey are working together on,” Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser, said during a Sunday press conference, adding that the talks would focus on Iran, the Armenian normalization process, nuclear non-proliferation and other issues.

Last week, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs did not list Erdogan among the leaders of foreign countries who would have a bilateral meeting with Obama.

Asked why the meeting was scheduled at the last minute, Rhodes said that, it was just matter of finding time. “There is obviously a very busy schedule here, 47 leaders and a full schedule of meetings around the summit that the president has to preside over … But because of his role as the host of this summit it’s very important for him to lead the discussions throughout the two days.”

The National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer also confirmed the meeting, Hurriyet said, citing an email. “The United States and Turkey are NATO allies and work together to advance a broad agenda of shared strategic priorities. The president looks forward to continuing his consultations with Prime Minister Erdogan on a wide range of issues of mutual concern, including preventing nuclear proliferation and resolving regional issues for the benefit of all.”

Hammer also said the time and place of the meeting is not clear, however the meeting will be in a bilateral fashion as announced.


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  1. Amb said:

    Has any journalist thought about contacting Samantha Powers, who used to be a friend of the Armenian Cause and now is a adviser to president Obama, and ask her why the administrator is not recognizing the Armenian Genocide, and what can the Armenian organizations do, what modifications can the Armenian organizations do to their policies or approaches, etc, to make the Obama administration recognize the Armenian Genocide?

  2. Ishkhan Babajanian MD said:

    — On Sun, 4/11/10, My.BarackObama.com <info@barackobama.com> wrote:

    From: My.BarackObama.com <info@barackobama.com>
    Subject: Speak Out: Thank you for writing a letter
    To: ishkhanb@yahoo.com
    Date: Sunday, April 11, 2010, 6:56 PM

    By speaking up, you’ll help shape public opinion in your community and ensure that health insurance reform becomes a reality.

    If your story gets published, we’d love to hear about it. Please let us know here:




    Mitch Stewart
    Organizing for America
    From ishkhan Babajanian M.D <ishkhanb@yahoo.com>
    3727 Cannes Place
    Santa Rosa, CA 95403
    707 579-9085
    To The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa), Marin Independent Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, New York Times, The Washington Post

    Message Dear President Mr. Barack Obama My Family and vast majority of American-Armenian Voted for your administration and gave all kinds of Supports for your election.
    I think Most of honest People in United States (including American Armenians) like both of you… If you remember as a Candidate You, Sen. Biden and even Sen.Clinton Pledged to recognize The Armenian Genocide But, all three of you retreat from your solemn pledge by disappointing all Armenians and the other suffering nations.

    Mr. President when honorable people like you do not honor their Solemn pledge and crystal clear promises, which reflected a through knowledge of the facts. then, how you expect from us, Support You again?

    Mr. President, Mr. Vice President and Madam secretary “All genocides must be confronted unconditionally at the level of American Values and our Humanity. As Americans, we should never allow the prevention or recognition of this crime to be reduced to a political issue that can be traded away, retreated from under pressure, or used to advance a political agenda,of any kind” You should not remain hostage to Turkey's threats.
    Mr.President to your request I like to I ask you? Do you and your Vice president and Secretary of state are still comfortable to ask or expect American-Armenian and the other honest American to support you? April will be a test for you?


    Ishkhan Babajanian M.D.
    Santa Rosa, California
    April, 12, 2010

  3. sylva_MD_Poetry said:

    Any Genocide Must Be Recognized

    Any genocide must, be recognized.
    Until is enshrined in definite human laws.
    No one should vanish any soul
    By political, muddled, swirled sow.

    Any genocide that had or tend to be committed,
    No matter how many years pass,
    Feelings recover every now and then
    To stay unchanged, hence, by yearly rouse.

    Souls are souls, there are neither new nor old.
    If you cannot recall the core,
    You cannot understand recently written prose
    So everyone is to mention, must diagnose the cause.

    Souls can’t be buried soullessly in vain.
    They will return with a new face to breathe again.
    New generations asks their rights to be retained,
    More informative, more intellectual when face any strain.

    Killers will not stop killing until they feel fear.
    Not from God: convincing God is possible, we hear!
    If they pray hard, stay one month, yearly, in fast,
    As God’s book ordered them, they think they can last!

    Killers fear the law of man
    As they understand each other’s souls—sign.
    Law is punishment and not forgiveness;
    No mercy in law, there is imprisonment!

    Why is said that the judge takes orders from God?
    Judge is after God, amnesty stays in his hand.
    If the flesh vanishes, the spirit stays to breed.
    Denial never helps as soul-searching fays!

    Everyone should know, killers stay, derided.
    If killing any soul must be penalized,
    Genocide laws need inculcations to prevail.
    Under United Nations, approved to declare.

    This will end the cruelty of poor humankind
    In every land on earth, everywhere march in stride.
    Let us eagerly demand that soon, the law will abide.
    Hence, killers will fear denial of any genocide!