Armenian Groups To Jointly Promote Dialogue With Turkey

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)–Armenia’s leading business association and three local civic groups said on Wednesday that they will work together in maintaining continued contacts between Armenian and Turkish societies.

They said they hope to thereby contribute to the normalization of Turkish-Armenian relations which has stalled because of serious disagreements between the governments in Ankara and Yerevan.

In a joint statement, the four organizations said they will “coordinate their projects implemented in this area” and formulate common positions on “further developments in Turkish-Armenian relations.” Gevorg Ter-Gabrielian, head of the Yerevan-based Eurasia Partnership Foundation, said the non-governmental “consortium” plans to draw up a plan of joint actions as he spoke at a joint news conferences with representatives of the other groups involved in the initiative.

Those are the Armenian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Yerevan Press Club (YPC) and the International Center for Human Development (ICHD). All four signatories to the statement have been closely involved in Turkish-Armenian civil-society and business contacts mostly financed by the U.S. government over the past decade.

Tevan Poghosian, the ICHD director, did not rule out the possibility of a similar grouping being formed in Turkey.

The initiative follows the effective collapse of the Turkish-Armenian normalization agreements that were signed last October amid an unprecedented thaw in the historically strained relations between the two nations. According to Boris Navasardian, the YPC chairman, the NGO coalition will propose ways of kick-starting the process.

“Today we are at a point of analyzing the difficulties that have prevented the parties from achieving a desirable and necessary outcome,” Navasardian told journalists. “Those analyses have started in both Turkey and Armenia.”

“One of the goals of our consortium will be to analyze the past one-and-a-half years and try to come up with certain proposals,” he said.


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  1. vasken said:

    At the time when the Country is bleeding and need help to get on “Political Track”, these shady opportunist suspects want to get ahead- before present Governing body wake-up from it's nightmare and lay some rulls of land, so these twisted mind so called businessmen can't get their way like they did 20 years ago at the end of communism.
    “Ask how I can help my country; Ask not how my country can help me”

  2. arf1980 said:

    These are how the traitors are like. I haven’t seen four traitors in one place at one table in one time. Now I have.

  3. Alex Postallian said:

    Its as shame that these sheckel merchants dont go to Israel.To develop ultimate greed,you lose integrity,patriotism,pride.Make sure they are not closet turks.

  4. New Anatolian said:

    Look At their faces…The cowerdly look in their eyes , This are nothing more then Classic prostitutes, Spineless traitors, openly financed by the US government…
    What are they producing any way? Dried fruits ? or are they in the human trafficking business… Selling their mothers and sisters….
    And let no one think that this is not happening with the direct blessing of the Sarkisian regime and his cronies…
    Nothing happenes without their approval…
    What they culdn't do openly and gave inn to the public pressure, now are trying to do with the help of this trash…

  5. Lilit T said:

    I know one of them, Tevan Poghosyan, a provincial from Karabakh, whose career was interrupted after his influential father stepped down from powere structures in NK, so Tevan's become bitter and revengeful. It is his words that appeared in the Economist several years ago: 'It is in the past that we feared Turks, now we drink with them!' An inherently provincial sell-out running an NGO that's funded by the US.

  6. john said:

    this is ALL this cheap to the core Us government id capable of doing buying off some prostitutes to do their dirty bidding.

  7. christo said:

    These groups like the article states are “mostly financed by the United States government”. Now we know who they are and what country they show their allegiance to. What is the exchange rate for 30 silver coins today? Ex commies turned wealthy businessmen, guess it pays off to have access to the back door of the US embassy.

  8. vahe said:

    World Capitalism has created prison- planet of the wage slavery of immense humanity in a politically manipulated market mechanism of artificial scarcity to perpetuate poverty and exploitation for the private gain of a tiny elite. This minority imposition is the business as usual of dehumanisation,devaluation and destructions of the totality of our social and natural reality. Armenia and Armenians are not outside this monetary web of control and domination, the Armenian rich are the beneficiary of Capitalism and the Armenian workers are the wage slaves.

  9. Barkev Asadourian said:


  10. mihrank said:

    They have no shame these cheap merchats,only money talks with them, the scum of our nation.