Hai-Tahd Conference Kicks Off in Yerevan

ARF Supreme Council of Armenia Chairman Armen Rustamian

YEREVAN (Yerkir)—A conference of Hai-Tahd committees of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation kicked off at the Erebouni business center, with the participation of representatives from throughout the world. The conference will conclude its activities in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

ARF Bureau member Levon Mkrtchyan opened the conference, welcoming Hai-Tahd representatives from Europe, the Middle East, South America, North America, Australia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as Javakhk and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

Mkrtchyan explained that the aim of the conference was to unify all national forces in Armenia, Karabakh and Diaspora in order to tackle national challenges based on a single national agenda.

In his welcoming remarks, Mkrtchyan warned of Armenia’s “adversaries” and their efforts to strengthen their voice and presence in different countries and the imperative to counter those efforts.

The conference will also discuss the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide, as well as issues of reparations for the families of Genocide victims.

Also speaking at the conference was ARF Bureau member Hagop Der-Khatchadourian, who echoed Mkrtchyan’s call to action against anti-Armenian forces lobbying against Armenian interests.

He noted that the Armenia-Turkey protocol process adversely affected efforts to attain international recognition of the Genocide. He also pointed to Turkey’s active engagement of the Arab World, noting that Genocide recognition efforts there have become complicated.

Der-Khatchadourian stressed the importance of engaging international analytical centers and think tanks, as well as dissident Turkish academic, whose opinions differ from official Ankara.

The Bureau member emphasized the need for continued activism to preserve and protect the right of Armenians in Javakhk, given the continued anti-Armenian policies of Georgian authorities.

In his remarks to the conference, ARF Supreme Council of Armenia chairman Armen Rustamian spoke of the evolving geopolitical situation in Caucasus.

“The dynamically changing geopolitical situation in the region incites new challenges entailing the following question: how many independent states will there be in the South Caucasus, (3 states, 3+1, 3+2 or 3+3)?” said Rustamian, explaining that until the Russian-Georgian war the South Caucasus were perceived as a three-nation region. With the addition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia to the mix, that equation changed to a “3+2” model. The inclusion of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic would make it a “3+3” equation, which would properly characterize the current geopolitical reality of the South Caucasus region.

Rustamian added that Turkey was aspiring to play a larger role in the region. “If Turkey gets involved in regional developments, Iran should also be given the chance to maintain the balance,” said Rustamian.


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  1. MihranK said:

    Hai-Tahd policies need to be followed by all Armenian Governments if they mean anything to them, or else we will never reach anywhere, we will just be going in circles and wasting our hard earned money.

    I am not sure at all that the present government is capable of doing that as they are only paying lip service to the public and diaspora, I haven’t come across any forum or any public statements in front of the world press like when Serzh had a brilliant opportunity in US with Obama to state clearly where he stood on the Genocide issue and our lost lands in western Armenia.

    Until such time where he clearly states in black and white where he stands on this vital issue he cannot and should not be trusted on any issue.

  2. manooshag said:

    Hye, MihranK, Serge has been the wrong leader for the future of the Armenian nation. He should step down.
    He is not the patriot we need today, not an Aram Manoogian.