LETTER: Who Benefits from Open Borders?

When dealing with bad or dangerous choices in making decisions, our elders would say: “Which end of the cane am I supposed to hold when both ends are in filth?” How well does that saying apply to the choices we are faced today for making decisions.

Since 1993, Armenia has suffered from the Turkish blockade, and its survival was a miracle. Today, there is a possibility of ending that blockade, which will definitely ease the suffocated economic situation.

However, opening borders means opening our gates for the Turks to flood our little Armenia. For the Turks, there will be business opportunities and acquisitions of properties.  With their known mindset, there will me modes of infiltration into the Armenian life and marriages, thus establishing roots like in Germany and elsewhere.

Let’s not be naive. There is a sober dilemma and the writing is on the wall.

So, my dear friends, which end of the cane are we to hold?

Nazik Kotcholosian Messerlian
Fresno, Calif


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  1. john said:

    During better economic times Armenia’s economy boomed quite well even with closed borders. The reality is Armenia is corrupt and open borders and it possible negative consequences are not of concern to the ruling thugs. We need to clean our own house before trying to resolve external issues. Also, the genocide issue cannot be overlooked when we know that Turkey has nor has ever had any sincere good will toward Armenia or Armenians. Open borders isn’t the answer.

  2. Vacheh said:

    Ratifying the protocoles would have meant putting Armenian stamp (with the hands of Armenian government) on the Kars Treaty of 1921 (signed between Bolsheviks and Ataturk). This is perhaps the greatest immediate gain for Turkey, letting alone all the factual points that my fellow Armenians have stated above. That would be the filthiest part of the stick for us and for our future generations to hold, thus making the job of a future government 100 times harder to push teritorial demands in the western direction. President Kocharian should be given credit for his balanced approach and careful consideration, when dealing with grandchildren of “Hayutyan Dahijner”.

  3. Berge Jololian said:

    The latest scheme by the US State Department came in the form of the failed Protocols. After August 20008, the US SD, NATO and EU deemed Georgia as unstable and unreliable to use as an access route to Central Asia’s gas & oil. Europe is seeking an alternate route for its energy supplies independent of Russian territories. Armenia is viewed as the only viable route to penetrate the Caucasus for access route to the Caspian basin. So, the US SD, British Petroleum and Europe’s Nabucco project are the ones who benefit from open borders. Azerbaijan can not export additional gas & oil to Europe (due to closed borders); and Turkey’s closed borders with Armenia is a dead end.

  4. manooshag said:

    Hye Nazik, I agree. Armenia contended with a Turkey’s own choice to close the border – and fledgling Armenia did very well without an ‘opening’ via a Turkey! Actually,what nation in the world needs a Turkey?
    The Turk is full of PLOYS, ongoing and unending – also includes finding any and all devious routes to continue the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation – begun in the 19th century and still pursued – in all manners/ways – into the 21st century. Turkey and the Azeris both use the ‘bullying’ PLOY – as if any and all they seek are due and owing to them – two nations still in the Ottoman mode. The world has advanced, too, fledgling Armenia, in just a few years has advanced and is today able to join the civilized nations of the world – culturally, intellectually, and in the advancement of the Sciences to share with the world. What have Turkey and Azeris given/shared with the civilized nations of the world? Which nations have the Turkey a/o the Azeris been able to maintian alliances, of any lasting consequence? Today, again, a Turkey steps up and says Turkey will protect Syria and Iran… Why? Syria and Iran don’t need a Turkey for ‘protection’ – actually Syria and Iran need protection from an unreliable Turkey – whose PLOYS vary from day to day… a Turkey, whose ‘alliances’ are not continued – but seem to disappear…
    until the next Turk PLOY…

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