Turkey-Azerbaijan Military Cooperation Deepens to the Tune of $200 Million

AMMAN, Jordan (APA)—Turkish military assistance to Azerbaijan has exceeded $200 million, said Turkish Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul Wednesday. He added that Azerbaijan can take part in the lucrative ATAK reconnaissance helicopter project.

“We have established cooperation [with Azerbaijan] in a number of defense sector realms since Azerbaijan declared independence and this process is continuing now,” said Gonul, who is attending the SOFEX 2010 Special Forces Operations Exhibition in Amman.

Gonul said that Azeri soldiers have been training in Turkish facilities and military schools for years.

Military cooperation agreements have already been signed between the two countries and efforts are moving forward legally, he continued.

“We are the sons of the same nation. We are ready to cooperate with Azerbaijan in all spheres,” emphasized the Turkish defense chief.

Gonul said that Azerbaijan would be welcome to take part in the ATAK helicopter project, which is a joint Turkey-Italy venture. The defense chief added that the first phase of the project, which was the production of the engines in the US, has been completed and the project was on track.

Gonul was joined by his Azeri counterpart Yaver Jamalov is signing an agreement for the joint production of nigh vision and thermal observation devices. A second agreement envisions the joint production of ammunition and other equipment.


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  1. MihranK said:

    So much for the highly publicised protocols, a dead fish in the water.

    Will the corrupt Armenian government learn anything, I very much doubt it?

    As the saying goes,you cant show an old dog new tricks.

  2. vartan said:

    turkish-azeri heli-combat with choppers provided by the italians with engines for said helicopters made in US which will undoubtedly be used against Armenians at any give time in the future.

    spend all the money you want. it doesn’t matter who helps azerbaijan, they haven’t the heart nor the intellect nor the military prowess to utilize such machinery. to expand further on “as the saying goes” expressions: money down the drain.

  3. Norin Radd said:

    The Diaspora is also a dog that needs to try and learn new tricks. Complaining of lack of reforms or corruption in Armenia while living in a cozy host nation outside of Armenia is the tune Diasporans have been playing for nearly 100 years now.

    Only when Diasporans become willing to give up some of their plush standards of living outside of Armenia in order to live on their own land will true change in a positive direction take place. It’s useless to be an intellectual, doctor, lawyer, dentist, businessman, etc. outside of Armenia with a complete sense of detachment to the plight and corruption existing in Armenia. So before Diasporans mouth off again about “lack of action” on behalf of those in Armenia, many Diasporans need to look at themselves in the mirror and asess their own lack of action.

    Did you not want an “ankax yev azat hayastan” ? Well you’ve had it for 20+ years now, why are you all still sitting in cafes in the US, France, England, etc.? The lure of hot lattes in the morning too powerful to allow you to go and live on your own soil?