‘It Is My Decision’ to Disrespect Genocide Victims, Says Cavusoglu

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—Visiting president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Mevlut Cavusoglu told reporters Thursday that it was his own decision to not visit Dzidzernagapert and, as a result, disrespect the 1.5 million victims of the Armenian Genocide.

“The PACE rules do not contain a provision obligating each PACE President to follow a host country’s protocols,” said Cavusoglu, claiming that in the past two other PACE presidents had not visited Dzidzernagapert.

“Despite all this, it is my own decision. I respect your opinions, but everybody has to respect my decision,” urged the PACE president, who is a member of the Turkish parliament and a founding member of the Turkish ruling party.

Upon learning of his intentions to not visit Dzidzernagapert, Armenian authorities caved in and altered the format of the visit from an “official” to a “working” one. This prompted a decision by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation to boycott all meetings with Cavusoglu.

Other parties who claimed they would meet with Cavusoglu to personally address their dissatisfactions were all rebuffed by the PACE president.

Speaking about his nationality, the PACE President said that first of all he is the leader of the Assembly, who should fulfill his obligations regardless of anything. Cavusoglu had been head of the Turkish delegation prior to his election to the post of PACE President.

During the press conference, Cavusoglu also reported that in response to a letter from Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Parliament speaker, Ashot Ghoulyan, asking for official PACE observers to the upcoming parliamentary elections, the PACE presidency decided to not send an observer mission since PACE “does not send delegations to zones of frozen conflicts.”

Cavusoglu claimed that efforts to revive the subcommittee on Nagorno-Karabakh were already under way before he was elected president of the body.

Concerns have been voiced that the sub-commission cannot be impartial because Turkey continues to unconditionally support Azerbaijan in the conflict and Cavusoglu has made pro-Azeri statements that could taint the process.

“All the member countries of the Assembly have to abide by the Assembly resolutions,” Cavusoglu said. “But we are also pragmatic. Especially when there are different opinions on an issue.” He added that he will take the Armenian concerns into account even if he does not agree with them.


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  1. jacque said:

    Idiots like this have no business in ARMENIA or in the position that he occupies. Shame on the EU to elect
    ignorent nationalist to a post that importent.

  2. Abbe said:

    Shame Shame Shame. How can they chose such an uneducated person. Such a nationalist !!
    Where is justice ?

  3. Alex Postallian said:

    cavusougly;Must be a jerk,I mean a turk.Last time I saw that face was in the zoo, marked Babboon Cage.

  4. Nairian said:

    Now people do you see why ARF boycotted against this fascist denialist idiot Cavusoglu? Because ARF is more patriotic, more knowledgeable of the Turks’ ways and since our government heads didn’t listen to ARF; now that Turk Cavusoglu is laughing to our face. How pathetic for our government to accept this idiot and not have a say and having refused him to come to our country.

  5. Noubar said:

    Pig is pig. but Armenian president must refuse him to visit Armenian again

  6. Christo said:

    This sets a new precedent on future leaders or delegations who visit Armenia and decide not to pay their respects to the innocent victims of the Armenian genocide by laying wreaths at Dzizernakaper. It’s highly doubtful that this animal has the intellect to read the bylaws and find a “personal excuse” not to pay his respects. What harm does laying flowers or a wreath do, I guess to a person who perceives non believers outside his faith plenty. The first president of Kyrgyzystan laid a wreath, he was turkish, a muslim but he sure didn’t have issues like this animal did. What was up with him demeanor? What’s with his laughter? Was he tripping on acid or was he laughing out of nervousness? out of fear? or out of sheer joy? Every politician from turkey or a turkish national who is in the political spectrum need to be asked ” where was your family member(s) pick a date during 1894-1896, 1915 to 1923, 1932, Sep.6 1955, and what role did they play in those “alleged” atrocities”.Their answer depending on how truthful it is will give us an insight to their mindset and their immediate role and financial gain from the genocide. I don’t see any difference between this animal and his forebearers who butchered millions of Christians living in Asia Minor. Or manybe, he was tripping on acid. It’s high time for a regime change in Armenia. I don’t understand the politicians in Armenia, are they that naive? or are they plain stupid?

  7. Papken Hartunian said:

    This exactly what EU and other Big Boys want Armenia to be. Nothing more than a place to live by none Armenians. We should not expect everything from our government. We should have marched on the streets and boycotted his activities in Armenia. We should blame ourselves for being host of such being (not human being).

  8. Nairian said:

    Yes Papken, you are right. I know the people in our motherland have a great deal to worry about; feeding their families, trying to keep a job if there is any, but still, most people could at least go on the streets and boycot against any enemy of the Armenians who come to Armenia and act in such a disrespectful manner towards our 1.5 Million martyrs and above all, his actions speak for themselves. Meaning if he is that much disrespectful towards our martyrs then he is not a friend to us but our number one enemy. He is a denialist Turk. Whatever job he is bound to do in Armenia will be against us NOT for us, therefore he cannot be trusted and he should have been sent right back where he came from. Our government heads are in deep sleep. These are the times when they have to be acting on behalf of their countries benefit.

  9. manooshag said:

    Hye, Serge, when are you going to resign from the most important position in our fledgling Haiastan?
    To meet with Cavousoglu shall never have been – what an insult to the Armenian nation, to our Armenian
    history of Turkish Genocides, to all the Armenians all across the world! I know the Turks get ‘insulted’
    all the time – for any little thing… but for us Armenians – Cavousoglu should never have crossed border!
    You are totally unprepared for the leadership that Haiastan needs today. Needed are leaders, exactly the opposite of such as you, who are patriotic, who are not impressed by the various government’s peoples,
    Hillary, et al…. You have not the capability, nor the mentality which the leadership of Haiastan needs…
    Resign, then you will feel better too, and so will I. Manooshag

  10. Vacheh said:

    Shame on the current Armenian administration to let this kind of jerks to step into our sacred land. ARF did the right thing as expected and proved once again that it defends our national interests and aspirations.

    President Sargsyan should have kicked this fellow at his rear end and throw him out of Armenia. That is what Zoravar Andranik, Zoravar Dro, Gargin Njdeh, Aram Manookian, General Silikian, and many other one of our heroes would have done to teach a lesson to other Turkish diplomats that if they visit Armenia today, they should pay their respects to our Genocide victims. Our 1.5 million innocent victims never got the chance to visit our sacred land and step on its soil.

  11. Ahura Mazda said:

    Let us be realistic, ladies and gentleman. This visit was not just about some utopian dream meeting aimed at mending ties, improving relations and paving the way to re-creating a united Transcaucasia. This is about money, moolah, green, dram, kuruiş, durham, pesos, francs, pounds and the fastest way from point A to point B. Oil revenues, nuclear power plants, and trade agreements all to create an economic cooperation that leads mutual symbiotic profits and eventually (perhaps) to a diplomatic relationship. Morality, history, honoring ancestors, justice and the ilk get thrown into the fan when it comes to making money, economic prosperity, security and most of all material comfort. Everything is about finance, and it talks, unfortunately for us, it is bovine feces that does the walking along side everything that is just.

  12. Garo Avedis said:

    he should resign his post,he does not have european human values

  13. Armen said:

    Cavusoghlu, surely by his act becomes one of the followers of bloody Sul. Abdoul Hamid, no need or place for him in Yergir Trakhdavayr any more, unless he apologizes publicly for his wrong doing.

  14. Grish Begian said:

    Mr. Cavusoghlu’s dream, to put “moon and star” on top of EU flag, in order to crown a “New European identity”…

    Shame to Europe to chose a person to be the head of PACE…….


  15. immortal Souls of western Armenia risen said:

    now that he has acted this way, openly, surely there has to a law at the EU to replace him, immediately. the whole thing is a sham, and has been then. and EU is responsible.

  16. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Dzidzernagapert= Dzizermakaper both written in different ways.
    I feel the name is so difficult, even for me or any Armenian …How about others!
    Can Armenian scholars suggest another name?
    Like “Lamenting Armenian Pyramid 1915″
    “Armenian Bleeding Pert 1915″
    “Pyramid of Genocided Skulls 1915″
    “Pyramid of The Armenian Genocide 1915″

  17. Araxi said:

    What a jackass of a half man!!!
    EU does not have the right to put such bigots in a position of power! All respect for EU has been lost.

  18. andrew said:

    it is good that he came rhe world is watching and he showed us his hand by him,self no pushing or shoving but i am sure europeans will take notice of this he will get his repremand down the line

  19. ARMENIAN said:


  20. manooshag said:

    Hye Casouvogloo is bullying… his ‘in your face’ actions/words have been evident in so many acts of the
    bullying Turks – of late, and more, showing their disrespect for the Armenians, over and over again… hence the Turksh Genocides of the Armenian nation begun in the 19th century and now into the 21st century – still hoping Armenians will fade away – thus too, the Turkish acts of Genocide will fade….
    Turks ongoing, endless PLOYS prove that the Turks think that flexing their muscles as bullies do – but only if allowed – not if we stand up and show the world where Armenians’ advances exceed the Turks
    pursuit of Genocides – and bullying their way into whatever suits at any time… foreign policies??
    The borders of Armenia today, incomplete as they are – yet these are our borders and by God,
    no disrespecting Turk has the right to address our nation, our people the world over, as this bully Turk.
    Borders are to be watched – in all nations of the world – the Armenians have to do this as well – BUT,
    even more so sincer the conv, unfortunately, Armenians border with the convoluted Turks – still in the Ottoman mode – who it appears are proud of Ottoman distinction! That’s the Turk mentality – still today. The nations of the world have advanced – moved on to forming ties and agreements to ‘live together’ – the Turk still thinks “Turkey for Turks ONLY.
    Some quotes:
    “Turks have no past; they are not an historical people; they exist only in the present.”
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge, TABLE TALK
    “Constantinople is a city where the Oriental loses his virtues and the Occidental adds to his vice”
    Caleb Frank Gates NOT TO ME ONLY, 1940
    “Before World War I Turkey was known as the ‘Sick Man of Europe'; now it is almost a terminal case.”
    Richard Nixon THE REAL WAR, 1960
    “Will Turks ever be civilized? I think not. Such a fine country ought to be in better hands”
    All having recognized the Turkish mentality – recognizing Turks incapable of joining with civilized nations,
    despite all Turks agreements/disagreements, all Turks signed/unsigned documents – waiting for many years still for Turks to sign (or now to change documents in midstream) – some foreign policies!!
    Now, Turks jail the Kurdish journalist for 166years plus 6 months… Turkey a civilized democracy??

  21. Ahmet said:

    We have a saying in Turkish, “Dogs bark, but the Caravan moves on!”

    The Turkish caravan moves on and on no matter how many dogs bark.

  22. A soul from Diyarbakir=King Dikran's Land said:


    I plead…
    I beg to every human
    Every literate Armenian
    And from every race.

    Must write in any language thy likes
    Against this criminal.

    We can translate and send to EU
    We must know, who appointed him;
    Who appointed him should be punished as well.

  23. john papazian said:

    Lets see…Turkish member of parlimant,founder of ruling party,and obviously biased. What did any one really expect? I’ve said it before,the Turks are more important to the west than Armenia! GET IT! We all know this. I fear that unless we take it upon ourselves to do….scary isn’t it,but whats next after nearly 100 years of being dissmissed as a historical oddity.

  24. john said:

    We have a saying in Armenia, Dogs bark, but the Caravan moves on!!!!

    The Armenia caravan has and will moves on and on no matter what.

  25. shahe Khanasor said:

    The Armenian Goverment must protest with the EU .. and make the point to all EU members that turkey’s MP’s and the frame of mind does not coinside and meet European Human Rights standards so therefor should think 1million times before grant turkey membership to EU .. Hai TAD must also raise the issue of how the History repeats itself when turkey talks about reform but ion fact their thinking distruction . This idiot has insulted our Martyrs twice once for not going and once for sayiong what he said the way he said it ..btw I have not Capilized the “t” in turkey ..id like to see how he feels about this once he reads it .tserk tserki dank ou veresgesink mer arshavankin

  26. Azada said:

    I absolutely agree with Ahmet. I dont think anyone can stop our caravan.

  27. ISHKHAN said:





  28. Masis said:


    The barking was done by Mevlut Cavusoglu. Disguised as the president of PACE, he furthers Turkish interests. We didn’t understand if he talked as a Turk or as as a leader of PACE. If the Turks can disregard former President Woodrow Wilson and US Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, then we can disregard Cavusoglu, aka Gav–ass-oglu.

    You are right about the Turkish caravan, for Turks have never lived on one piece of land for any period of time. Like nomadic wanderers, they’ve moved from place to place raping and pillaging different civilizations. Their caravan has no place amongst civilized nations.

  29. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Why my letters removed,
    Did I say something wrong?
    Why you’re afraid from devils-rude.
    I spend all the day
    Writing what is the truth.
    I am no longer frightened.
    Send my letters to EU
    We all one day will die
    Let my phrases spread through the net
    Let them read
    How their criminal hands
    Vanished a Nation—
    So innocent, so creative, so kind.

  30. Araxi said:

    Ahmet, you are the only barking dog on this website. Go find another place to bark.

  31. sylvie tertzakian said:

    There is a conflict of interest for Cavosuglu, the president of the European Council and a member rof the Turkish parliament, to pay an offical visit to Armenia. His refusal to pay respect to the victims of the Genocide at the Monumnet,is a slap in the face, not only to the Armenian nation and to the memory of the victims, but also to the Armenian government. Was he representing the European Council or the govenrment of Turkey? Armenia, an independent and soveriegn country, should barr official visitors to Armenia, who are a threat to the national interests and the security of Armenia.

  32. Mark said:

    It’s appropriate for this thing whose name is not worthy of mention to be the president of PACE.
    He has his opinion and I have mine. The Turkish experience is written in more blood than any other group in the annals of history. For me to expect this creature to visit the Memorial is like asking evolution to elevate his race to the level of those apes in “2001 Space Odyssey”.
    Remember, the apes in “2001 Space Odyssey” evolved themselves to reach the moon.
    And to think the Armenians tried to civilize these anthropoids for five hundred years to no avail.

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