Turkey Wants OSCE to Expedite Karabakh Peace

ANKARA (News.az)–Turkey is keen to see the OSCE, and Russia in particular, step-up efforts to secure a settlement to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu took the opportunity to restate these views at a press conference in Ankara yesterday with visiting Slovak foreign minister, Miroslav Lajcak.

“We expect more active steps from the OSCE Minsk Group to resolve the Karabakh conflict,” said Davutoglu, adding that Ankara hoped Moscow would be more active in finding a solution to the conflict.

“Several meetings were held last year between the presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia, Ilham Aliyev and Serzh Sarkisain as a result of the initiatives of Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev,” he said, adding that the issue was on the agenda of Medvedev’s visit to the Turkish capital on Wednesday. “President Gul and Prime Minister Erdogan discussed this issue with Medvedev in Ankara and this issue was on our agenda. I have also discussed this issue with [Russian Foreign Minister] Mr Lavrov.”

The Turkish foreign minister said that the interests of Turkey and Russia in the Caucasus region “coincided” and the establishment of peace there would be favorable for Turkey and Russia as well as for the international community.

“We want these frozen conflicts to be settled and mutual distrust to be overcome,” he added.


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  1. Norin Radd said:

    The conflict has already been settled, in fact, it was settled 20 years ago. Native and indigenous ethnic Armenians declared their right to self determination and cast off the Azeri yolk that was illegitimately been forced upon them. After the USSR dissolved, only the ethnic majority of Arstakh (formerly known as Nagorno-Karabagh) had any claim to the land according to agreements signed between Armenia and Azerbaijan during the Bolshevik years. That majority turned out to be the Armenian population, Azerbaijan refused to honor this agreement, hence Armenians living in Arstakh declared their independence and rightfully laid their claim to their native lands.

    Case closed, end of discussion. OSCE-Minsk, US, Russia, France, Santa Claus, Peter Pan, the Tooth Fairy and ESPECIALLY the Turkeys from Turkey should turn their attention to more pressing global concerns. Oh wait, I forgot, Azerbaijan HAS OIL! Armenians everywhere be ready, the usual “Real Politik” lies, deceit, and “we care about you” speeches will soon surface, let’s make sure that this time, no one dares to violate our land, our rights, and our future.

  2. Dave said:

    I smell another Russian sellout of Armenians.

    Who was it that gave Artsakh and Nakhichevan to Azerbaijan in the first place? Russia. Oops.

    Oh yeh, I know: that was the Bolsheviks who did that. Right. But it’s funny how you never hear the allegedly nationalistic Russians now in charge rip into the Bolsheviks and what they did to Armenians and Russians and the other millions of people they murdered and tortured and imprisoned.

    “New boss same as the old boss,” as the song goes.

    While Russia raises the price of natural gas to Armenia yet again and freezes people who can’t afford it, Russia makes nice to Turkey.

    By the way, when was the last time Russia acknowledged the Armenian genocide? That was a rhetorical question.
    There’s some guy who posts on these websites who, whenever someone points out some elementary facts about Russia, goes crazy and gets really angry. Russophile Armenians are very, very touchy people. And you can understand why. Look at the murder and mayhem they have to defend.

  3. Masis said:

    Who cares what Turkey wants? Why do we publish what Turkey wants? Turkey doesn’t deserve to comment on Nagorno-Karabakh. In our press, we should focus on what we want and completely disregard Turkey’s wishes. If they offer us back Eastern Anatolia, we could consider negotiating in Karabakh. If they chose not to, which they won’t, then they could keep their opinions to themselves.

  4. Araxi said:

    Turkey is playing games to get what it wants from Armenia. Instead Armenia should be playing games and applying more pressure on Genocide deniers in Armenia, like the pig faced Iskandarian and the turkish government. We want our LAND back. Not a centremeter of Kharabagh should be returned to Azerbayjan. Enough is enough!

  5. rany said:

    The unfair protocols are the reason behinde all the silly talk we hear from the Turkish side why don’t the Armenian government throw them in the garbage and close the doors .

  6. Alex Postallian said:

    Let me see ifI get this right:jerkey/turkey is 10 times the size of Armenia,they massacred them,lied for years.Now they want to make psuedo-amends.They are trying to hide their shame and the YELLOW STAIN image from WW1.The first real battle on equal terms,and they played yellow dog.Soo with that history,I dont believe them ever.All their threats are a big bluff,unless the odds are ten to one of unarmed women,children,and old people, you neednot WORRY.

  7. Alex Postallian said:

    It reminds me of a animal trainor who dispayed mimicry,fawning of a zoo tiger,to prove they are not as dangerous as known.They found the him disemboweled,unreconizable.Someone said he was told,but did not listen.A tiger,(turk) is a animal with animal instincts and behavior,and cant be trusted.The dead animal trainor couldnt hear him anymore.

  8. Arthur said:

    Let Turkey continue to lie, cheat, let them back to Nagorno, they will suffer as Dr Phillips declared, their third miscalculation in the past year….as nephew of a great Armenian hero, whose name I cant mention (sorry) I dare these cowardssss to come at us again, we are prepared not by arms but by HEART.

  9. Nairian said:

    Excellent points all of you and especially Araxi. Abris aghchik jan. I want Armenians all around the world as well as Armenia proper to raise the issue of the Sevres Treaty and the Wilson Arbitration Award. Those esheg turks are raising meyhem for our tiny Artsakh that belonged to us for thousands of years and the bigot Bolsheviks gave it to the “azeri” snakes. We went back and won the war; but now not only Artsakh’s independence, but we want our Bitlis, our Zankezour, our Van, our Erzeroum, our Erzingan, our Sepasdia, our Kharpert and our Dikranagert. The low life turkish government can go back to Mongolia where they came from. While those Russians and turks are fighting to take over our tiny Artsakh lands from us after we won the war, and WHAT ABOUT THE CIPRUS THAT THE TURKS GULPED IT FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS NOW????? Why doesn’t Russia mediate on behalf of the poor Greeks, who after losing their lives and their lands for more than 35 years to the turks, they are still owning the northern Ciprus and sitting on it. Why doesn’t the OSCE Minsk group and the Russians settle that before they put their dirty long noses in our tiny Artsakh? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Armenia and Armenians; wake up and fight for your lands! And don’t let idiotic nations to wipe you out of the world’s map!!!!!!!

  10. Fredrick said:

    Dear country men and women. The sad thing is that we don’t have a friend at all, Not in Russia or Iran, not in Georgia or Israel. The only people who raised armes agaist the Turks to stop the Armenian Genocide were the Machedonians. So they are the only ones who deserve our devotion. Us Armenians we must learn to work together, lean on eachother and group up as our great nation (By that I mean the historic Armenia) is going to hit terbulent times. Us childs of Ararat are being asked by our father The great mountain to ralliy. This is call for Armenians only, please leave the Rusians out of it. They don’t have to be our friends so don’t expect it of them. Trust only on Armenians. The time has come. Ararat has spoken.