Azeri President Outlines Conditions for Opening Borders with Armenia

MOSCOW, May 17 (Itar-Tass)–Azerbaijan’s President on Monday issued a set of conditions he said Armenia must meet before relations between the two countries can be established, the Russian Itar Tass news agency reported.

“If Armenia gives a positive response to the OSCE Minsk group’s proposals and, on this basis, begins to withdraw its armed units from the occupied Azerbaijani territories, Azerbaijan will open its borders with Armenia, resume communications and thus large-scale peace and security measure will be ensured in the region,” President Ilham Aliyev told a news conference following talks with visiting Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

According to the Azeri leader, his country has accepted practically all intermediaries’ peace proposals with “minor exceptions.”

“We expect the Armenian side to show a similar approach,” he said, adding that Armenia has not yet provided a response to proposed changes to the basic principles for peace, forwarded to the two countries six months ago.

“We consider it as Armenia’s attempt to stall, not to take important steps to settle the problem, and thus to have the negotiating process last for years. But we will never agree to it,” he said. “Negotiations must have certain frameworks, including in terms of time limits.”

Aliyev accused Armenia of “breaking the peacekeeping process,” every time the parties reach a crucial moment. Aliyev’s criticism came a week after Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian blamed Azerbaijan for hampering the peace talks and threatening to destabilize the region with talks of war.

“Regrettably, we see a similar picture now,” Aliyev said. “Either it [Armenia] gives a positive answer to the proposals of Russia, the United State and France and we come closer to the conflict’s settlement. Or it gives a negative answer and the negotiating will be ruined and the relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia will enter a new stage.”


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  1. rany said:

    before the withdrawal of Armenian forces karabakh should get guarantees for the safety of the Armenians in the region by obtaining recognition of self-determination and independence . mere promises are not a guarantees and Azerbaijan is not a country that fulfill its promises and nakichevan is aclear example

  2. Norin Radd said:

    Recep “Hitler” Edrogan and “Little Mooselini” Aliyev . . . between them they share 3 brain cells and 95 years of NATO/European tolerated propaganda. . .

    The borders with Azerbaijan are not important enough to make any sort of concessions on Arstakh (formerly known as Nagorno-Karabagh). Even with the borders opened, tarriffs and border taxes will be implemented to squeeze Armenia economically. Armenians will be left without Arstakh and with useless “open” borders that are the equivalent of closed borders with near zero tangible benefits economically.

    It is ludicrious to think that making any sort of land concessions of our native lands of Arstakh will magically “restore” ties with the Azeris and make them forget about the crushing blow they were dealt 20 years ago. After a “peace deal” is put through, Armenians will be back to square one pre-1989 when the Azeris did control native Armenian lands and were still being hostile and aggressive toward the indigenous native Armenian population. Arstakh in its entirely has and will always belong to Armenians and any sort of concessions will be castastrophic for Armenians everywhere.

    If the international community is so keen on establishing “peace” in the region, it should start with Turkey and its 95 years of Armenian Genocide denial. Next, the issue of Cyprus should be dealt with when Turkey arbitrarily decided to invade a sovereign borders in Cyprus more than 30 years ago. Last but certainly not least the pogroms and civilian desimation in Sumgait of ethnic Armenians being cleansed should also be brought to the table. OSCE-Minks groups should tackle their “missions of peace and prosperity” at the very least in chronological order of violation of international human rights with the above events before batting an eye on the “issue” of Arstakh (formerly known as Nagorno-Karabagh).

    Arstakh having been claimed by its rightful native people, the Armenians, is not any sort of internatinoal issue. It is a justified and well overdue truth that the international community needs to come to terms, if they cannot do that, then Armenians in Armenia, in the Diaspora, and in Arstakh are always ready and willing to remind them that our rights will never be violated again. . . .

  3. Ahmet said:

    TIME magazine published the 100 most influential men of the year. I have not seen any armenians in the list but the Prime minister of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan ranked 17th in the list :-)

    By the way, I can tell you the ranking of the members of ARF in the most 100 troublemakers list.

    –> top 95 :-)

  4. Nairian said:

    Norin Radd, I echo your whole and complete sentiments. Not one inch of land must be given to the “azeris” pogrom man-eater barbarics. “azerbaijan” never existed east of Artsakh 100 years ago. It was the damn doings of the Russian Bolsheviks. The Russians owe us our Artsakh (formerly known as Nagorno-Gharapagh) – after winning the war from 1990-1994, it cannot be given back to the “azeri” barbarics. If by any horrible chance these lands are given back to them, you can forget about Armenia and our sovereignty. Both the Turks and the “azeris” wish to have our Sunik; that little land that is attached to Iran, our only friendly neighbour. If Sunik goes, we will be completely wiped out by both our enemies; that is the Turks and the “azeris”. There will be no Armenia left for Armenians. Therefore, Artsakh is very important for the future of Armenia.

  5. Nairian said:

    Hey Ahmet, that’s how much Time magazine knows how to rank influential people? Your Erdogan has showed himself to be acting exactly like an “Erd” on numerous occasions. He went to the US and he made an ass of himself by saying to college students that there was no Armenian Genocide, that it never happened. Then in reference to the protocols, he put his foot in his mouth and acted like a sheer jerk on numerous occasions. That’s how much Time magazine knows how to rank people? Pooooh to their knowledge from here to your turkey. Btw; you know what “Erd” means in Arabic? It means monkey.

  6. Ahmet said:


    so you say a monkey could be more influential than an armenian? then, being an armenian, what are you? a parasite flea to a monkey? LMAO! :-)

    you guys are total jokes….

  7. John Ahmaranian said:

    To Nairian and Ahmet,
    Does Erdogan know about what his friends wrote in 1920?
    Before ranking Erdogan, Time Magazine must read the following:
    + “The Turk has whown neither a disire nor a capacity for civilization” (Post, Pitsburg)
    + “The Turks have forfeited what right they ever had to rule over non-Turkish population” (The Globe, New York)
    + “The Turk has no place in Europe, and his stay there has been an insult to civilization” (American, Baltimore)
    + “He is the pirate of the Bosphorus” (Tribune, New York)
    + “He is a constant menace to Europe” (Journal, Syracuse)
    +” He will always murder, pillage and destroy when the chance offers” (Ohahio State Journal,Columbus)

    Erdogan is the 17th influential person. Congratulation! And I am ranking Turkey the 1rst “civilized” nation when it comes to murdering Kurds, annihilating Armenians, finishing with the Bulgars, hanging the Arabs, torturing, deporting and starving innocent women and children.

  8. Ahmet said:

    owner of the above mentioned quotes and their grand-grand parents have never liked Turks since 1453. Their butts were kicked so big time in 1453 that they still can not forget the pain. this is what they could do to Turks. smearing, lying.
    Turks dont murder Kurds. They are our brothers and sister. WE MURDER PKK TERRORISTS.
    Turks did not annihilate armenians. we let you live with us for centuries and valued you. but as you betrayed the Ottoman, you were kindly relocated.(here you will once again recite your cliche “women and children were killed”. proof of how much brain washed you are.)
    those terrorist hunchaks and dashnaks got what they deserved. They would get the same punishment today if they dared to revolt again.

  9. Ahmet said:

    by the way, you must be too dumb not to see the reality that Anatolia has been sealed as TURK since 1071, Mezgirt War.
    Man! look at this. almost 11 Centuries….still Turk. will always be.
    This is it….

  10. Nairian said:

    Hey parasite Ahmet; why don’t you do us all a favor and go back to Anatolia where your anscestors came from… before coming to our Armenian Highlands then annihilating 1.5 Million civilian Armenians en masse. You’ll do us a great favor by leaving this site.

  11. Garo Avedis said:

    Before Aliyev ask for consessions from Artsakh,he should retreat from Shahumyan and Getashen,then maybe we listen to him,otherwise no point to listen to someone who wants to take Armenian lands that he says its his peoples lands

  12. Garo Avedis said:

    Ahmet,why dont you go back to Central Asia,but this time ride the donkey backwards.

  13. Nairian said:

    John Ahmaranian, I don’t see why you are quoting me next to xembel Ahmet. I am with you John and we think alike. Btw; I wish Turkey is accepted in the European Union. They deserve to get into the EU. Then we’ll see how much Europe favors Turkey… then they’ll taste Turkey as we have tasted, when all the Christian nations watched us being persecuted and annihilated mercilessly by Turkey.

  14. Nairian said:

    Good points Garo jan. Aliyev should retreat indeed from both Shahumyan and Getashen; and more to the east of today’s Artsakh (formerly Nagorno-Karapakh) were Armenian lands for thousands of years. There was no land called “azerbaijan” east of Nagorno-Karapakh 100 years ago.

  15. Norin Radd said:

    Ahmet’s comments are as usual, bellicose Turkish rhetoric and propaganda. After 800 years, little Turks like Ahmet still allow their pathetic Turkish ego to swell up and outgrow their little Turkish brains.

    First and foremost, Turkey lost WW I and that pedophile Ataturk won half a dozen “battles for independence” against the allies who were already exhausted from crushing the German Kaizer and Ottomons. At that time, the value of fighting against the Turks any further was far less than the value of the Allies stopping the fight and recovering economically. This is the ONLY reason you Turks were even allowed to continue to exist, 1) exhausted Allies from WW I 2) about 4 battles won by Ataturk 3) and a good amount of luck allowed your “Turkey” to continue to exist.

    If you were such “great warriors” and “defeated your enemies”, why did the Ottoman empire’s borders get raped and molested even after Ataturk’s “great victories”? Why couldn’t “the great Ataturk” keep all those colonized areas under Ottoman rule for the “new” Turkey? The answer is the Brittish, French, and the US chopped everything up and the dirt that was left they told Ataturk, “okay, you won a couple battles, sign Luzant treaty and let’s call this a day, we’re too tired from WW I to continue to deal with you, now shut up and go away little man.”

    Then after “Republic of Turkiye” formed, you Turks were back to selling apricots that the Armenians gave you, so what did you do for the next 100 years? You became a whore for the West and became NATO’s global brothel and lapdog. All your military is sponsored by NATO and is trickled down technology from the US military industrial complex that has been leant out to you. Without NATO backing and authorization behind closed doors, you would have never dared invade Cyprus, and you would not be talking so loud and proud now.

    So please Ahmet, be a good little Turk and shut your mouth, don’t let your head grow too big for your brain little man. NATO and EU own you and your country, you are their economic financial experiment.

    The West showed the world that they can take Ottoman monkeys and with enough money and sponsorship economically, turn them into “secular” pigs. Your military is US made and your economy is sponsored by NATO/EU, that’s why the rest of the Muslim world still sees you as the backwards betraying donkeys that you are.

    And during WW II, you tried to annihilate civilian Christian Armenians to homogenize your Muslim population and in reaction, Armenian warriors gutted you like the pigs you are, and we will do it again to your Azeri cousins if you dare step foot on our land, Arstakh (FORMERLY known as Nagorno-Karabagh).

  16. Araxi said:

    We don’t trust Aliyev. Armenian soldiers will remain in the front line. Eveyone should remember what happened in Georgia on the border of South Osethia. The International peace keeping forces did nothing to stop the murderes killings hundreds of innocent people overnight.
    Firstly, Artsakh should be Internationally declared an independent state before any negotiations take place.
    Secondly, Armenia does not need the Azeri border opening at all. It is Azerbayjan, Turkey and the West that will benefit from the Karabagh border opening. Therefore, Armenia should stand on frim ground and demand the rest of Armenian lands including Nakhidjevan.
    Armenian authorities are extremely week in their negotations. I call it a total sellout of Armenian lands if an inch is given away. They should step down and let more able young upcoming Armenian Politicians run the negotiations, ones that care for the sovereignty of our country.

  17. Ahmet said:

    “it urur, kervan yurur”. (dogs bark but the karavan moves on)

    the Turkish Karavan has been moving forward since 1071.

    you dogs keep barking. this is what you do best. bark-bark-bark….

  18. Ahmet said:

    Norin, did you say “Armenian warriors gutted you ” which armenian warriors gutted us? you dare not fight and win against the TURKS. i dont think armenians are warriors. all they could be terrorists like ASALA and kill civilians. you also cooperate with PKK terrorists and harbor them in Yerevan.
    you try to run from this reality by hidin behind a bullshit called “genocide”.

    you pathetic parasites who suck and contaminate the blood of nations you reside all around the world.

  19. Nairian said:

    You shut your dirty mouth you khembel bellicose brutal Turk Ahmet. Don’t you dare to talk to Norin or anyone of us in here that way. Where the heck you belligerent Turks came from, but from Mongolia when you were residing under tents and herding sheep (that is your own anscestors). You are so illeterate and degradinlgly not knowledgeable, it’s pathetic. Before your man-eater belligerent Turkish nation ate our 1.5 Million Armenian civilians alive, we were three million living in our Western Armenian lands for millenia, before you belligerent herdsmen came with your “yataghans” killing everyone on site and going through Europe as well as Arabia. It was Victor Hugo who rightfully said; wherever there are Turks, you will be sure to see that killings, blood and sorrow will follow. You Turks were only 4 million in 1915, and today after stealing our beautiful daughters for your harems, stealing our young boys and young girls, you Turks are 73.5 Million on earth. Though we are only 8-10 Million all over the world; because of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by your Turkish government 95 years ago. Yet in 1918 in Eastern Armenia, right after the Genocide we were a mere 5-800,000 souls only, and we fought with our last breath against your whole turkish army and we won the war when your Turkish government wanted to make us extinct; but they couldn’t because of our bravery and smart fighting techniques. We are smart, we are resilient and we are brave people, don’t you forget it. Today you are 70+ million on earth and we are a newly formed nation; but we are smart and we know how to fight. Like Sarkissian said to Aliyev, if the enemy “Azeris” will push us into war; we are ready for them. That is not coming from the ARF; but from Armenia proper. We Armenians, whether in our Republic, in Diaspora or in the ranks of the ARF-Tashnagtsoutyun, we are the same people, the same bravery, the same resilience, the same intelligence and we are all over now thanks for your country’s Genocidal deeds to the Armenians; and we are watching you, the likes of you and to you Turks and to the “azeris”, following every step of the way for the sake of our sacred lands and for our Western Armenians Highlands in the form of reparations.

  20. john papazian said:

    Ahmet do know who ranked 11th on the most evil? That would your hero Tallet Pasha.Open borders with Azerbiajan would mean little or nothing if we trade our own land.

  21. Ahmet said:

    those who say the Turks must go back to central asia. I am telling you;
    being a member of diaspora, WHY DONT YOU GO BACK TO ARMENIA NOW? you have a sovereign, prosperous country named armenia.
    if you agree to give up your luxurious cars, and sweet Starbucks cofee in USA and go back to where you claim to have come from, I will say that Turks need to go back to central asia.


  22. john papazian said:

    Ahmet if your a loyal American then how can you support the Turkish missle threat to American and Isreali aircraft?As to traveling to Armenia I would love to see my homeland.All you need to do is rent Midnight Run. DEAL?

  23. Alex Postallian said:


  24. Edward Mouradian said:

    Dear AKHMAK ahmed do you know why you or any other mongol-turk wont ever get a kick in the ass???Because you like it too much -your assholes are the center of your mongol civilization,the other reason being the lack of cure for AIDS.Also it is very hard to tell a turk`s ass from it`s dick ,I mean it`s head /I forgot the turks have no dicks and they think with their asses/ Now you can go to the lavatory and if you have enough money or camel`s hair mongol Robber-t shall give thou a very pleasing kick in the ass.

  25. Garo Avedis said:

    to Ahmet/Akhmak
    yes we have a beautiful country called Armenia,thanks for our heroes of Sartarabad,Bash Abaran and kara killesia,we we want half of Anatolia,which is ours along Artasakh ans surround area,also shahumian ,Getashen,and Nackichevan.what you done with Anatolia for the past 100 years?nothing.

  26. Aram said:

    Hi Ahmet,

    Beside the fact that trhe Armenian Genocide is a widely proven and accepted historical truth by Genocide Scholars (historians specialised on this issue), I will not comment on your negationnist thinking. However, you should know that the Turkish republic perpetrated two deportations and one pogrom to its christian minorities (Armenians and Greeks): 1) deportations of 1942 (also calle 20 classes, 2) deportations during the infamous Varlik Vergisi, 3) Greek progroms of 6-7 september 1955 (ignitied by turkish bombing of Ataturk’s home so the government can blame greeks behind that). What you answer to that, all these injustices were perpetrated by the so-called modern Turkey. My grand-father was deported during the genocide, his father was beheaded infront of his eyes, during 20 classes and during the Varlik Vergisi. We lost all our belongings in Turkey and you still dare to insult Armenians.

    Before insulting people, do your homework Ahmet. Soon the time will come from inside Turkey, and the Armenian Genocide will be recognised even by the perpetrator, only after that we will be able to turn this tragic page of our common history.

    Kal saglicakla !

  27. Vacheh said:

    Mr. Ahmet,

    Quite often you come to this web site and insult us Armenians with your quotes and flawed reasonings. We don’t go to Turkish websites to do something similar.

    In many occasions, you make a reference to “Turkish Caravan moving on”. Don’t forget that there used to be an “Ottoman Empire” with a bigger caravan. What happened to it? It became sick, it was stopped, got dismantled, and fell into the dust bin of history. The same could happen to current Republic of Turkey, as you have Armenian problem on your shoulders and problems related to other nations seeking the return of their occupied lands.

    As far as your caravan is concerned, it is like an old car with worn out tires and faulty engine. Once its tires blow out or the engine stops, the caravan will come to a stop on the road side. Armenians and other nations at that time will approach it, open its trunk and recover what was brutally stollen and taken away from them. This may take a long time, but we Armenians know what we are after. We are alert on such issues and we are patient.

    We would like to be good neighbors with Turkey’s people, but not on the terms of Turkey’s government. You can bet on it.

  28. Ahmet said:


    the caravan has been going on and on in Anatolia since 1071. Are you aware of it? It moved with Seljuks , then Ottomans and now with Turkey. and it will continue forever. dont worry, its engine is capable of running 1000 years more as it has done it before.

    how about the Turks deported from where they used to live? from the Balkans? Greece?


    those who say the Turks must go back to central asia. I am telling you;
    being a member of diaspora, WHY DONT YOU GO BACK TO ARMENIA NOW? you have a sovereign, prosperous country named armenia.
    if you agree to give up your luxurious cars, and sweet Starbucks cofee in USA and go back to where you claim to have come from, I will say that Turks need to go back to central asia.


  29. vahe said:

    Ahmet, i wonder what you would say to the kurdish and turkish old people ive met that have told me stories of the genocide that the have witnessed with their own eyes. And believe me, they werent being paid by armenian lobby groups or armenian government. You dont think there are survivors who have seen this and passed the stories down to their children ? You dont think there are turks and kurds especially in southeastern turkey that know about their families in the past being armenian ? Your country will soon be shaken up, regardless of stuck up pigs like you. you have land from syria, kurds, greece, cyprus besides armenia ! eventually all of them will want it back :)

  30. Ahmet said:


    I could show you as many Turks that were the victims of armenian terrorists gangs early 1900s. who do you think you are? white as silk? bs.
    parasites like you have tried many times to shake up my country. go read what happened to parasites like you. THEIR SWEET ASSES WERE KICKED BIG TIME. your ass is so sore that you still have constipation. come on try to shake up again if you could. your constipation problem will be taken care of then…

  31. A. Hovanessian said:

    Don’t waste your time debating such matters with Turks. It is the 21st century and they are still living in their murderous past. The United States of America, Europe and other civilized nations around the world take pride in advancements they have made in science & technology, medicine, etc. to help end suffering around the world. What do Turks take the outmost pride in? They take the outmost pride in their past pillages, plunders, conquests and murders yet they shamelessly equate themselves with the civilized European nations. They are primitive and confused people because, on one hand, they like to show the world they are civilized therefore deserve to be considered amongst the civilized European nations and, on the other hand, when they are confronted with their past and unacknowledged crimes they all of a sudden turn into the primitive Asiatic goat herders they always were. According to an old saying, you can take a monkey out of the jungle but you can never take the jungle out of the monkey. This statement fits them perfectly.

    Today, instead of stepping up to the nations whom they so miserably try to imitate, they continue with their denials and fabricated & formulated lame excuses. They’ve been brainwashed to repeat like a canary that we ‘betrayed’ them therefore their actions of pre-planning and systematically destroying our nation is justified. By ‘betraying’ they refer to WWI which began in 1914 not knowing that the mass killings of Armenian began quarter a century prior to WWI in the 1890s when Sultan Abdul Hamid II killed 300,000 Armenians during his reign in power. This is the true face of a Turk and not the one they show to the rest of the world. They do not deny they committed crimes against the indigenous people of the land they occupy when they discuss such matters amongst themselves. They even admit and regret their murderous grand parents did not get to finish the job and boast they will finish the job if we attempt anything today.

    Turks claim they are proud and courageous people. It is rather interesting to me that such proud and courageous people turn into gutless cowards when they are faced with world justices and claim in public the exact opposite of what they so bravely and proudly boast amongst themselves. But I have learned over the years that such double-talks and empty pride is in their genes because to them the end result justifies the means. The end result being holding onto the last remnants of their corrupt and failed empire, that is to say historic Armenian homeland in Asia Minor, and the means being the Genocide of the Armenian people.

  32. Cristina said:

    Hell will freeze before we retreat from the territories we have liberated with countless blood and sacrifices. Azeris can come back here and take it again..over all of our dead bodies!!!
    How on Earth could we give back territories like the one where the ancient site of Tigranakert is located, or where Monte Melkonian died??? HOW??

    P.S.: “WHY DONT YOU GO BACK TO ARMENIA NOW? you have a sovereign, prosperous country named armenia.” – mr ahmet – i did that. i left a very conofrtable life and country for my Homeland. and i believe that every Armenian should do it.

  33. Alex Postallian said:

    ah met;You rant,rave,without knowing your true history,its been revised.You keep ignoring the YELLOW STAIN label that turkey has in WW1.You exemplify the mongol turkish mentality,hiding from your true history.That is why your officials make a fool of themselves,all over the world,except your stooges yoou paid baksheesh.If you want to be a good turkie,tell them to shut-up,stay home get rehab.People around the world know about your YELLOW STAIN!!!!!!!!

  34. Ahmet said:

    Hovanessian ,

    how do you think the west became rich? let me give you a little history lesson. i am hoping your biased brain could take it.
    were you taught how europeans plundered the entire american continent and brought its richness back to their homes? were you taught how europeans enslaved the entire african continent and plundered its resources? were you taught how europeans were savage? were you taught that the most bloody continent in history is europe? were you taught how the source of civilization, namely europe, were able to kill millions and millions of people alone in WWs in 20th century, not to mention crusaders and other wars? were you taught when the jews were oppressed throughout the continent, it was the Ottoman that admitted them and let them live in peace?
    were you taught how europe is indebted to Turkish and Arab Muslims for the innovations that they claim they had found? (inb-i sina, ali kusci,bruni etc. were the pioneers of medical, aviation, scientific exploration)


    I invite you to think wisely.

  35. Garo Avedis said:

    Dear Armenians
    ignore Ahmet who repesents Ahmet Deviloglu minister of Turkey with his misinformation and fake propaganda with their 10 point engagement with the Armenian diaspora,

  36. john papazian said:

    Ahmet you really need to take some basic grammer lessons if you want to be taken seriosly.

  37. Zareh said:

    I guess it’s no use to reply nor correct ahmet, but I was still amused to see him boast about Erdogan being in Time. I have the Time issues of influential people of this year and also those the precedant years. In 2009 among others figured Bernard Madoff aka the swindler, Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, don’t think that everyone who figures in there means that they are appreciated and respected. Moreover, they didn’t say anything much positive about him, and he’s just repulsive ugly figure half-cooked mongol… They said he was selling buns to make ends meet, don’t think he had time to go to school…

  38. Ahmet said:

    this is what i like about armenians. they discuss their arguments in an all-armenian environment. the conquer the world there. but when they see a counterargument , they tend to run.
    this is why i like writing in asbarez. :-)

  39. John Ahmaranian said:

    To Mr Ahmet and any Turk,
    You wrote that the Turks did not deport but relocated the Armenians.
    Do you remember what happened during Katrina Hurricane, in New Orleans? People were relocalted in Mississippi, Huston, Texas, not in the Desert of Nevada, and the US Government provided transportation,shelter, food, medical assistance and took them back to their homes.This is called relocation. How did the Turks RELOCATE THE ARMENIANS?
    Here are samples from Turkish newspapers, not Armenian, nor Western, from your newpapers, about the relocation and killing of babies and women that you labeled it as cliche.
    + IKDAM wrote “The deportees were sent off to their destination to be killed”(February 23, 1919)
    + Halep Valisi Djelaledin Anilari wrote in VAKIT “I asked the Ministry of Interior to make provisions for housing those Armenians to be deported. The request was rejected” (December 12, 1919)
    + ALEMDAR wrote ” Around Deguirmende (Black Sea), Armenian women and children were loaded onto boats, taken to the sea and thrown off to drrown” (April 16, 1919)
    + TASFIR -I EFKIAR wrote “The Young Turks led the country into an abyss, violated its pride, raped its honor and plundered it; in other words, they committed all kind of bestiality” (June 22, 1919)

    As for Armenia Azerbayjan relationship, please, Turkey must stay away from being involved. Armenia and Azerbayjan are independent countries and they can settle their problems by themselves. Don’t tell me that the Turks are related to the Azeri. When, 20 years ago, England battled Argentina over Folkland, Chili, Uruguay,Bolivia or Colombia did not say” Like Argentina, we are Catholics and speak Spanish, so let us go to help Argentina”. Although they had common interests, they stayed away. Turkey must do the same thing. Thank you.

  40. Aram said:

    Dear armenian fellows,

    Please refrain answering to Ahmet, it’s obviously useless as he reprents a country leaving in the middle age when it comes to recognise its history. My grand-mother had a saying: ”Echeroun aganch mi gakher” in turkish: ”Esseklere kulak asma”. So leave him and do not answer him, he is the real representation of a fascistic mentality.

    Asdvadz bahe mer Hayasdane !

  41. Zareh said:

    Ahmet if you show signs of being a normal, reasonable person, and not a villain as you proved above, you can come with arguments that represent the turkish point of views, there might be a discussion. But you are being a rascal and use foul language (everybody can do that), I don’t think we should lower to that degree.

    p.s. I think the only reason they put erdogan in Time is to make fun out of him and ridicule him (selling buns in Istambul hahaha). Davutoglu* would do better.

  42. Azad-Maryland said:

    Why my messages are not posted? I did not insult anyone. Just answered to John Papazian’s comment by saying that:


  43. Ahmet said:

    I DO LOVE THIS :-)

    ok. lets go!

    Ahmar you first,

    did you say “People were relocalted in Mississippi, Huston, Texas, not in the Desert of Nevada, and the US Government provided transportation,shelter, food, medical assistance and took them back to their homes”. the Bush administration handled the disaster so poorly. i bet you read and watched all the criticism. read this CNN news.
    This is how the superpower of the world handled a disaster, with all its capabilities.

    lets go back to early 20th century. the Ottoman is at its weakest. WWI is winding down. instead of decimating its armenian subjects, government decides to relocate them, to Syria, which was the Ottoman territory at that time. this alone is the sign of good will.
    those officers who went far were punished by the central government. THERE ARE DECREES REGARDING THIS ISSUE. AND THIS IS WHY YOU GUYS OBJECT A COMMITTEE OF HISTORIANS. these decrees will refute your claims that it was a government sponsored and organized violence against civilians, which you call genocide. IT WAS NOT A GENOCIDE. IT IS THE SAME AS RELOCATING PEOPLE OF NEW ORLEANS TO TEXAS. GOT IT?
    tell me why the government would decide to mobilize its already depleted human sources and undertake a burden to relocate its subjects? killing them all in eastern Turkey would have been easier.

    as for your falkland argument, it is so irrelevant. Bolivians might be catolics and speak spanish but THEY ARE NOT ARGENTINIANS!!! GOT THE DIFFERENCE?

    AZERIS ARE TURKISH, SAME AS TURKS IN TURKEY, THEY ARE MUSLIM AND THEY SPEAK TURKISH. so Turkey has every right to support Azerbaijan as much as diaspora armenians support armenia.


    you can ignore me. not a big deal. you dont have anything important to say anyways.


    did TIME ridicule Obama as well putting him in the list?

  44. Norin Radd said:

    Shut your mouth little Turk, you talk too much and you’re full of the same propaganda that Turks hear from their government over and over again in order to cover up your filthy past.

    How convenient that you call mass deportations “relocation”, the Nazis also called putting the Jews on trains on their way to their deaths “relocation” but we know how that ended don’t we? Marching civilians through thousands of miles of dessert without water, proper transport vehicles, or protection to their deaths does not equate to “relocation”, stop trying to rationalize things with your propagandistic BS.

    I thought earlier you responded with “when did Armenians warriors gut Turks?” Now you’re saying Turks and Azeris are the same, so that means 20 years ago when we crushed your “Turk brothers” in the war, we gutted REAL TURKS REALLY WELL and they went crying back to Baku with their tails between their legs, remember that? In fact they were so scared they had to ask Turkey to bring more troops and position them on the border, they could not finish what they started themselves, and Armenians did all this while being outnumbered 4 to1 during the war with inferior weaponry.

    Armenians also took good care of you in the Diaspora, remember when every Turkish diplomat feared for their lives outside of Constantinople (Ankara) in 1940’s , 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s? Remember the hundreds of Diplomats that Armenians in the Diaspora took care of when they talked their lies too much? Maybe Armenians should begin taking care of you again in the 2000s, to remind you of the fear you had before.

    Many many lessons for you to learn little Turk, behave yourself otherwise Armenians in Armenia, Arstakh (FORMERLY known as Karabagh), and Diaspora will have to teach you lessons again, we thought you lessons really well all throughout 1900s, we will teach them to you again if you keep barking too much.

    This further proves the point that Turks everywhere are cowards and only bark loud when they are high in number, the rest of the time they are breeding like rats in a cave. Karabagh (FORMERLY known as Arstakh).

    Don’t worry too much about Armenians in the Diaspora little Turk, that is none of your business. Armenians in the Diaspora are some of the most successful businessmen, doctors, lawyer, dentists, and engineers in the world, we are outside of our motherland because of a past tradegy that we will soon correct, you can count on that. Turks on the other hand are like the rats of Europe, 3 million in Germany alone with more in other EU countries, their contributions are prostitution and crime. Why are they infesting Europe like little rodents when they have their “great Turkiye” and their pedophile Ataturk? Go back home little Turk, the EU does not want you and the US does not want you, they only like to use you like a global whore. Class dismissed.

  45. A. Hovanessian said:

    First of all, unlike you, I am not ‘taught’ as in ‘brainwashed’ nor do I follow a blue-print approved by a denialist totalitarian fascist government such as yours on what to say. Unlike you, I am not warned or threatened by imprisonment if I say the ‘wrong’ thing and ‘dishonor’ my ‘Armenianness’ like the laws you have in Turkey to stifle free thought and expression if you dare say the wrong thing and dishonor your ‘Turkishness’ as if having the bloody and genocidal past you Turks have had is honorable.

    Second of all, if Europeans are as bad as you claim they are or they once were then why is it that you Turks aspire to be identified as Europeans? Are you ashamed of your Asiatic and Mongoloid race and are attempting to distance yourselves from your past or is this another one of your schemes to fool the world in order to join the European Union (EU) which you have failed miserably for decades? Perhaps it is a scheme to show a ‘softer side’ (an oxymoron) of you to win favors from the Europeans hoping they will turn a blind eye on your past crimes? Whatever the case may be, the fact that a part of the old city of Constantinople is in Europe does not qualify you as Europeans. As much as you may want to be, for economic and other obvious political reasons, you can never be Europeans because your roots are in the Far East and Central Asia and you live in the 21st century with 7th century laws.

    I know all the desperate and futile attempts you are making, whether it is the arbitrary laws you create in Turkey to punish free speech or sucking up to Europeans, is tied to Armenians gaining grounds on the Genocide recognition worldwide as more and more nations are coming forward and exposing you. And, as I mentioned earlier, you Turks will devise all sorts of schemes to achieve an end result by any means which is to say you will shamelessly attempt to deceive and manipulate nations by blackmailing them using your NATO membership and strategic location to avoid being held responsible for your past crimes. The world has changed; there is no Cold War anymore and slowly but surely Turkey’s strategic importance in the world is becoming less important.

    Lastly, I am not judging Turkish history by the ‘magic’ date of 1915 as you put it but I am judging it by its consistent actions throughout its history to conquer, shift the population demographics, relocate, depopulate, ultimately destroy the native inhabitants of occupied territories, deny and avoid all responsibilities and lay claim to their homeland.

  46. Aram said:

    Hay engerner,

    Ahmet’in anoune meche tenelov Hayerenov charounagetzek tzer khoskere iren hanteb aveli inkezinken gella menk al ge khentant kich me….

  47. Edward Mouradian said:

    Ahmed djan,do you know the etimology of your faggot joke of a name? It comes from AHMAK which is the mongol word for gay camel.You half-witted gay friend Robert has one more brain cell than you hiding him,pardon herself under a non-mongol name but a faggot is a faggot is a faggot no matter what.So shut up yer mouth , and pray the scientists find a cure for AIDS or we shall miss you sooo much in only a couple of month`s time.

  48. john papazian said:

    Hey Edward,lighten up with the hate homo thing,Gay people have a lot more in the way of human decency than the denialist Turk.As to Ahmets condition,mental or physical,I’m sure he’ll feel better if he watches Midnight Run.I’m big fan of Vanishing Point myself,directed by Richard Sarafian.

  49. Zareh said:

    Ahmed, did Time ridicule Erdogan by putting hum in the list? You tell me, what d’you think when you read that he used to “Sell buns in the streets of Istanbul to make ends meet…” with that pictures next to it. I think it’s quite amusing to imagine him go like…
    “Gyal burya, gyal burya! reklam reklam!, cheap buns, only 1000 lira for a piece, it’s helal, freshly robbed from an armenian bakery! Come here, aaah nice kizli, come I give you one free bun if you come to me, I know I’m ugly, but I’ll give you a bun. Ah mashalla, buns hot like the bum of my mum…”. That’s would be amusing.

  50. vahe said:

    Hey everyone if i could just ask one favour from everyone who’s reading this article/comments ?! PLEASE google ‘andthe fraud had a name: Azerbaijan, the real, the fake and the absurd.” PLEASE read this full article/book this young armenian man from iran has spent so much time on. He goes into details about the origins of this evil ‘nation’. You would be doing a great service to yourself learning the REAL history of this place that was formed on mostly armenian lands. I cant stress enough how much knowledge there is in his article/book ! Im begging each one of you to take some time out of your day to read it. Thank you and god bless you all :)

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