UN Leader Says Armenia-Turkey Ties Important for Stability

UNITED NATIONS (Anatolian News Agency)–U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Wednesday that positive relations between Turkey and Armenia would be in the interest of the region and bring stability to the troubled area.

The UN leader urged the two sided to come together and finalize what he described as a “landmark” set of protocols signed by their foreign ministers last October committing the two nations to normalizing their relations and opening borders.

Referring to the Armenian Genocide, Ban said he knew there was a long-lasting historical matter between the two countries, making relations difficult. “However, positive and harmonized relations between Turkey and Armenia, being two important countries of the same region, would be extremely important both for stability and peace in the region and for the cooperation of the peoples of the two countries.”


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  1. john papazian said:

    This comming from the same UN that has turned a blind eye for how long now? If Secretary Ban knows about the “long-lasting historical matter”,then why not call it what it is? Not unlike Obama,the UN will never really acknowledge THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE.And if the UN needs to worry about whos building nukes then they had better start looking at Turkey.They will build a bomb,they are helping Iran to build a bomb,they will not help defend Isreal in a war with Iran.Why won’t the UN, muchless America, won’t see this?

  2. manooshag said:

    Hye, the UN? The United Nations – just as the League of Nations – all talk, no advances for humanity –
    as Genocides continue, mans’ inhumanity to man, unending. Morals lack in these halls too. Manooshag

  3. Arman said:

    UN has no right to say anything since it is supporting genocides by not preventing them. Shame on you UN, I don’t have any respect toward it.

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