Hovannesian Warns of Dangers to EU Partnerships

SOFIA, Bulgaria (Yerkir)—Slamming a report presented at the European Parliament on Thursday, Armenian Revolutionary Federation parliamentary faction chairman Vahan Hovannesian on Friday warned that efforts by the European Union to establish partnerships are in danger, given the damaging precedent set by the above report.

On Thursday, during a session of the Euro East Parliamentary Assembly, Romanian Member of European Parliament Yevgeny Kirilov presented a report entitled “Report On The Need For An Eu Strategy For The South Caucasus, in which it urged the immediate withdrawal from the liberated territories surrounding the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, a move that clearly could impede efforts by the Minsk Group and does not fall within the purview of the European Parliament.

Hovannesian contended that the presentation of the report endangers efforts to develop and strengthen partnership as is envisioned by the European Partnership for Peace and the Eastern Partnership programs.

“The report is in sharp contrast with the so-called Madrid principles, the efforts of the OSCE Minsk Group Cochairmen and the year of accumulated inroads in the process,” said Hovannesian. “Mr. Kirilov’s report interferes with the efforts of the Minsk Group Co-Chairs, because being it is based on the interests of only one side of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, namely Azerbaijan, and it poses danger of destabilizing the entire region.”

“One of our colleagues mentioned here that the policy for European integration was mainly about economics and assistance. One can conclude this, because it is extremely evident that Mr. Kirilov’s biased report is heavily influenced or ‘supported’ by circles that are absolutely not interested in maintaining peace, balance and stability in our region,” said Hovannesian.

The Armenian parliament leader asserted that unbalance approaches, such as the one presented by Kirilov, damage any hope and aspiration for true partnership with neighbors.

Meanwhile in Armenia, chairman of the parliamentary commission on foreign affairs and national security and ARF Supreme Council of Armenia chairman Armen Rustamian echoed Hovannesian’s concerns and warned that it was the incongruous foreign policy agenda of the Armenian government that leaves openings for individuals like Kirilov to address matters in a divisive manner.

Rustamian stressed that had the Armenian authorities clearly articulated and comprehensively presented the matter of occupied Armenian territories—Shahumian and Getashen—others would not have the ability to derail the process in Azerbaijan’s advantage.


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  1. manooshag said:

    Serge, Edward, leave before you deny Armenia and Atrsakh their destiny – with you impossible!

  2. tom said:

    The EU is hypocritical. How about Bosnia which was part of Sebia? Why does it let Turkey the possibility of joining the EU without the precondition of recognizing its genocide past? Why does it not say anything about Turkey having streets today STILL named after Talaat Pasha?

  3. tom said:

    Armenia should only agree to leave with Bosnia is given back to Serbia and Cyprus is given back to Greek Cyprus.

  4. rafi said:

    europeans seem ignorrant of the nature of problem between Armenia and the turks who deny the right of Armenians to live . it seems some europeans who refuse to accept the fact of the Genocide are will to join the Turks to carry on the unfinished act

  5. Nairian said:

    I am in total and complete agreement with manooshag. I have been saying this for a while now and I’ll say it again; Serge Sarkisian and Edward Nalbandyan must leave their seats. We want people such as the heroic beloved Fedayi Monte types to rule our newly born country. Anyone with Monte’s spirit, brain and patriotism is welcomed to take the seat of the presidency of Armenia. None other or less than that.

  6. eddy said:

    Armenia has to gave up its soft position

    AR has to relay first of all on Armenian nation! RA has to fight the corruption and build a modern and democratic society! F???K this corrupt Russia! If NK can not be part of RA in this case Russia soon or later will become as big as Moscow and surroundings! Armenian should and cannot trust Russia, which did sold always Armenia in the past. As Vasgen Sarkisan told ones” We have just one war to fight” , we have to get ready for this war- F???k the corrupt Turkish-Russia!

  7. Edik said:

    “Romanian Member of European Parliament Yevgeny Kirilov”.
    Sorry, Yevgeny Kirilov is a Bulgarian Member of European Parlament.
    EU must solve his own problem: corruption, bureaucracy, unemployment, poverty, minority problems, and financial problems so far as I know.
    EU must acknowledge his guilty related to the Armenian genocide.

  8. Alex Postallian said:

    I have a solution to the NK fiasco.Firstly, YELOW STAIN turkey keep your nose out of K.B.Secondly,azeris,you dont need YELLOW STAIN turkey to handle your problems,they will screw it up.Thirdly,let the citizens of the country handle their own problems.

  9. eddy said:

    Now we should try to convince Russia and US that NK is Armenia and not a territory on/for sell. NK is not Alaska or Crimea!

  10. john papazian said:

    Only when the Turks turn on the west,will they know what we know.Yellow stain? More brown than yellow.

  11. Zareh said:

    People, the hell with EU, Armenia has no future with EU, we just have to stick to our few good neighbors, and try to improve our relations with them, Russia, Iran, Georgia, and then develop relations with other countries, China, US and so on, just do business. The heck with EU, how or why do they care about our interests!?

  12. jack said:

    I agree Zareh, use EU just like turks use EU to do their dirty work. EU is a zionist created whore with NO morals.

  13. Edward said:

    Hovannesian should first slam the heads of his Hai tad buddies for failing to act adequately before Kirilov`s report was presented to the EU.This is not the first time Kirilov has presented pro-azeri biased reports as he is married to an oil-rich azeri.Everybody here in Bulgaria know that , that is everybody but the armenian `patriotic` organizations who number between 16 and 26 and specialize in udel hmel drdig nedel & abushutiun hosel.More information no dashnak paper will tell you:ARF is an associate member of the European Socialist Party -Communist pro-turkish faggots who dont give a shit about anything but their fat HIV-positive asses.Last time Hai tad leader Manoyan was here he met Kirilov`s boss Sergei Stanishev nicknamed Sergay,because he is a fairy and his boyfriend is an azeri called Azer Melkov – he may also be an armenian judging by his name.These are the creeps who write the EU reports about Armenia.Can any Dashnak patriot tell me how these RED-FAGGOT communist -socialist creeps will help Armenia and what is the good of their udel hmel meetings with their socialist international buddies? You should call yourself Haidarag Tad.