Bad Foreign Policy Paved Way for Dangerous European Report on Karabakh

YEREVAN—The recent adoption by the European Parliament of a report urging the return of Nagorno-Karabakh to Azeri rule could have been prevented, the head of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation’s Supreme Council in Armenia said on Tuesday.

Armen Rustamian criticized Armenia’s authorities for failing to prevent the appointment of the resolution’s author, Romanian Member of European Parliament Yevgeny Kirilov, to the post of EP Rapporteur to the South Caucasus. He explained that it was the incongruous foreign policy agenda of the Armenian government that leaves openings for individuals like Kirilov to endanger the Karabakh peace process.

The report, titled “Report on the Need for an EU Strategy for the South Caucasus,” urges the immediate withdrawal from the liberated territories surrounding the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, a move analysts say will impede efforts by the OSCE Minsk Group and does not fall within the purview of the European Parliament.

“I was aware of the report’s text and addressed a letter to the chairman of the socialists’ group in the European Parliament,” Rustamian said in a joint press conference with Parliament Vice-Speaker Samvel Nikoyan. “We were able to remove some of the negative provisions from the document, but the report still contains paragraphs that distort the reality of the Karabakh conflict.”

Rustamian stressed that had the Armenian authorities clearly articulated and comprehensively presented the matter of occupied Armenian territories—Shahumian and Getashen—others would not have the ability to derail the process in Azerbaijan’s advantage. He said Armenia should immediately send a delegation to the EP to present Yerevan’s official position on the report.

Nikoyan, for his part, said Armenia needs “to do its utmost” to prevent discussion of the Karabakh conflict outside the format of the Minsk Group, which has been exclusively mediating for a Karabakh settlement since a ceasefire agreement in 1994 brought an end to the fighting. “Representatives of these structures are basically unaware of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, while Azerbaijan can play on heartstrings of such audiences,” he stressed.


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  1. Nairian said:

    Dear Mr. Armen Rustamian;

    Please do better than your utmost with Armenia’s parliamentarians and our authority figures to prevent giving back our Shahumian and Getashen regions. These are our sacred lands that has been ours for thousands of years, and plus the “azeri” man-eating vermins will annihilate our wonderful and heroic people in Artsakh again if given the chance, as they did in Baku and Sumgeit. First and utmost, Armenia must recognize the liberation of Artsakh. That is of utmost importance, and hopefully others would follow suit. Not one inch of our lands must be returned to the enemy; along with the Turks, the “azeris” will eventually want our Sunik region and that shall be the end of our little Armenia and our beloved lands and sovereignty. Our small and sacred lands that gave us hope and happiness under the sun. One more thing; may God be with you and your associates to achieve all this for all of us abroad and in our Motherland.

  2. eddy said:

    We should not be surprise of such resolution. The soft position of RA , inactive of RA authorities and agreeing to so called Madrid principles – which speaks clearly respect for “territorial integrity” pay the way for the passage of such resolution!

    1- This resolution was past by EP foreign affairs committee back in April 2010. The question is why DID NOT Armenian media reported about this and try to demand explanation form the foreign minister Nalbandian and Armenia ambassador in Brussels?

    2 – Armen Rustamian is the head of foreign affairs committee in RA Parliament. Why didn’t he call a news conference back in April 2010 and try to push the authorities to act?

  3. Frank said:

    What is wrong with our leaders? There are international treaties that provided the return of our lands that is occupied by Turkey.

    Why are we not acting in all international legal spheres to get these lands labeled as Occupied Territories”

    Get off your expensive Zegna suit and do something Mr Nabaldanian & Co.

  4. Katia K. said:

    Frank, I completely agree with you. Everyone is taking advantage of Armenia’s inadequate responses and paralyzed posture. What is the matter with our leaders! They should show complete outrage about all of these distortions of history and facts. How can we allow them to label us as occupiers of Azeri lands, when we can very loudly slap them back to reality by reminding them that all of those lands belonged to Armenia, and they are the ones that have been “under the control” of another nation. When are we going to revive the Sevres Treaty? What are we waiting for to educate the whole world about the truth of the six eastern provinces of Turkey? How about the territorial integrity of Armenia? It is all over the place. It has been snatched away from left and right… How long are we going to sit there, listen to and swallow this nonsense!

  5. MihranK said:

    Sadly, don’t expect anything from this corrupt bunch of crooks, they are all sold out to foreign interests, even our language is up for sale.

    Serzh needs to do what he is been told by his foreign masters, or else his masters will show his dirty linen for the public to see, and its not a pretty sight.

    They all need to be slung out, thats our only hope. Don’t ever believe in what he says, he just pays lip service to us in order to fool us, and yes he has sadly managed to fool quiet a few in the diaspora.

  6. eddy said:

    President Serzh Sargsyan might be a good commander/ general (and was) but he is a very bad – terrible – politician. Due to irresponsible and naïve actions of Serzh Sargsyan and his team Turkey managed to neutralize Armenian Diaspora. Today Serzh Sargsyan and Nalbandyan have become a tool in the hands of rulers in Baku and Ankara. Armenian Diaspora can no longer neutralize all damages which being caused by the authorities sitting in Marshal Bagramian str …

    Starting from 2008 ( bloody March events) Armenian Diaspora is dealing with pile of broken glasses caused by the authorities and opposition. The “hidden” negation of protocols and lies followed was just the peak of irresponsible politic pursed by Serzh Sargsyan and his team ( Creation of so called “Minster of Diaspora ” was part of the game – We should not forget Charles Aznavour- RA ambassador to Switzerland was even not allow to speak on April 24 2010!!) !

    In the same day as Turkey did singe the well known Protocols, Turkey freeze the ratification of protocols by putting the old preconditions and demanding even more (partially included in Protocols). Months later Serzh Sargsyan is playing game for the Armenian public and announcing in an address to the “nation” the “freezing” of the ratification of protocols. Ignoring the fact, that he has already sold out Diaspora and issue of Armenia Genocide to turkey without getting anything. Worse his actions increased the involvement of Turkey in NK issue and weakened Armenian Diaspora!

    Serzh Sargsyan is implementing a bad version of Levons foreign policy of 90´s (–(not even updated). Armenian Diaspora is not able to neutralize the damages caused by Sargsyan administration- It would be easier to deal with Ankara and Baku …!

    Maybe Aliyev´sregime can help us to get ride of these untalented politicians by passing a similar resolution in PACE. But I think Ankara and Baku have realized how valuable such untalented and naive politicians and bureaucrats indeed are! We should not forget the speaker of RA Parliament being in the fact appointed by President Serzh Sargsyan, Therefore do not expect too much from such bureaucrats!

  7. MihranK said:

    Sadly, there is only by name Armenian Foreign Ministry and diplomatic corpus and non existent Foreign Policy, in reality we have nothing.

  8. Nairian said:

    Armenians all over should have done a coup d’etat a year ago to the president etal. I think it is high time to do it already and replace them with the proper people.

  9. Arthur said:

    Its all politics and no matter what Sargsyan and Nalbandyan do everyone is siding with Azerbaijan and looking at them as being the victim. Its all special interests that each of these European nations have and could care less about Armenian lands or the people of Artsax. All these European nations talk about Territorial Integrity where were they when Armenia’s Territorial Integrity was being disturbed during the Soviet Union and lands where given to Georgia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. The only way to save our lands is by fighting and not waiting for some nation who has no interest in the Armenian people or the lands of Armenia deciding our faith.

  10. eddy said:

    The key to the territorial integrity of Iran, China and Russian federation is in the hand of Armenia, as the key to “pan turan”. The same key could pay the way for “pan turan” and make out of so called “modern Turkey” a BIG MONSTER and a far more dangerous neighbour for/of Europe and others…….

    Armenia is not a country created by GB, US or gifted by UN Security Council! Armenians themselves have saved with there blood this small peace of there historic home land – Including NK! Armenia is Armenia; Armenia (including NKR) is the historic home land of Armenian while Turkey and “Republic of Azerbaijani” are in realty the adopted home land of “Turks” and “Tatar Turks”- or so called Azerbaijani as Stalin used to call them!” ……………….

    PS: Today NK issue and “refuges” being abused and used skilfully by Turkey and rules in Baku to spread nationalism within Iranian Azeri’s: Rulers in Baku know that NK was never part of an independent Azerbaijani republic.

  11. eddy said:

    part II to my last comments: EU , Russia and others should respect Armenia including NKR!