Armenian Music Fans Gear Up for Eurovision Semifinal

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)–Armenia’s entry in a popular pan-European song contest this year will engage in the competition for one of ten final spots tonight in a semifinal also featuring performers from Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia.

Russian-Armenian singer Eva Rivas (born Valeria Reshetnikova-Tsaturian) will perform an English-language song, “Apricot Stone”, during a Eurovision show in Norwegian capital Oslo on Thursday night (starting at midnight Yerevan time).

The 22-year-old native of Rostov-na-Donu in southern Russia will be the number two semifinalist appearing on stage. The total number of the second Eurovision semifinal participants is 17, including Azerbaijan’s Safura, Georgia’s Sofia Nizharadze and Turkish rock band maNga.

Well-known Armenian duduk-player Jivan Gasparian will accompany Rivas’ performance. Those in charge of Armenia’s show in Oslo promise to illuminate the performance with fireworks and a small solo dance. The show, they say, will end in a ‘magic’ as a tree will grow from an apricot pit placed on the stage. During the performance Rivas, a tall, long-legged stunner with waist-length hair, is likely to be wearing an apricot-color top, jean pants and come on stage barefoot. She wore those clothes at the dress rehearsal.

The top ten finalists from the second day of the competition will be decided through a combination of a telephone-based public voting and a jury vote. They will join the other ten finalists decided on Tuesday and four singers representing the Eurovision founding nations, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany, as well as host Norway, for a Grand Finale on Saturday.

Armenia, which is participating in the annual contest for the fifth time, traditionally enjoys strong support from the SMS-ing public not least due to the presence of large Armenian communities in European countries.

Last year, Azerbaijani citizens who had voted for the Armenian song in the Eurovision contest, were called to the Security Ministry to explain their vote after the national telecommunications company offered its phone records to the authorities. That led to an investigation by Eurovision officials and eventual rule changes concerning telephone records.


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  1. Abbe said:

    Now we will vote our Asses of untill we get EVA to the voctory 😀
    GOOOOOoooooooooo EVA RIVAS !!!

  2. Zareh said:

    Are you trying to fool yourself or someone else Robert. She was NOT perfect, it’s sad! That dress was just aweful. In jeans, and whatchamaycallit. Goddamn it, coudn’t they provide her a nice dress. What the heck is that tasteless outfit, see georgie, see sweden, even azeri, see the class Israel brought. And we got that je ne sais quoi staff the doesn’t match with the spirit of the song! Gooosh!

  3. Hey4Life said:

    yeah the dress was aweful, agreed on that. And they got that fat back up singer, which didn’t fit well in the stage. Towards in the end, the back up singers and Eva’s voice were not in a harmony. I really like Eva, but I was hoping to see them more prepared, it is a very good. The mix is very good too.

  4. Hey4Life said:

    oh yeah and what is up with the wonder bra, too much clivelage, even for eurovision, :)

  5. ed said:

    Thank you to Israel and all others… congratulation to Germany! Belgium was great too.

    Let’s have a short look to the Armenian entry: PROS: For us Armenians, Armenia is the real winner. BECAUSE: Armenian song was in English but the rest was “100% Armenian”. A Song written by an Armenian, Armenian music etc… Armenia entry was adventurous. European viewers and the world were able to learn something “new” about Armenia.- As if Eurovision was in Armenia itself! . This was About “Prunus armeniaca“ – Apricots- the Armenian plum – about “Duduk” and Armenian culture .The song was about our motherland and our heavy losses and about our pain with an “hidden” message about the Genocide and about our historic Turkish occupied home land- West Armenia- so called “East Anatolia”. The song is not a good entry for the Eurovision but still Armenia was – despite many shortcomings- just very self-confident…..

    CONTRA: The song was”too intellectual “for Eurovision and “Disco clubs”. This is not so easy to win or be under Top 5 or 3 with an Ethno-Pop song. Still Armenia got from the juries in West Europe a lot of points. The stage was to busy, to many actions (viewers were distracted from the singer and the song)… Eva is beautiful enough with beautiful Armenian eyes with and still with a nice voice . I think Eva is/was in “parties” and interviews a bit to “cold” and less amusing. There was no need of “special décolleté” for her breasts – poor level…. After Eurovision is before Eurovision. If Armenia TV is going to organize computation to find out, who could/should represent Armenia in 2011…, in this case the computation should be fair and free… If this is not possible, than in that case there is no need to fool the people … ask just the “Boss” or other “oligarchy” to choose somebody (Like the dictator in Azerbaijan is doing). The news in European news media about “fraud with SMS voting “in the preliminary rounds did harm Eva… Maybe next year “System of down” or just an Armenian group /or women jointly with Serj Tankian could represent Armenia …Else Armenia should try to be in the top 5 and in worst case under top 10 !

    PS: Safura from Azerbaijan was missing her bodyguards on the stage and Turkish was other than Turkish – more catholic than the Pope as but back in “Anatolia” the same racists !

  6. Zareh said:

    What is done is done, we cannot repair the shortcomings anymore. Next year, Raisa should represent us!

  7. satenik said:

    I agree with what ed says. Also no matter what we think about certain shortcomings ,because of Eurovision, Armenia was in quite a few decent newspapers in the U.K. and this can only be good. All we have to do is learn from our mistakes and hopefully ,next year we can do even better. Thank you Armenia and thank you Eva.

  8. VICTORIA said:


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    L’Arménie termine 7e à l’Eurovision 2010
    remportée par l’Allemagne

    dimanche30 mai 2010, par Krikor Amirzayan/armenews

    Devant les 16 000 spectateurs du Telenor Arena d’Oslo (Norvège) et les quelque 135 millions de téléspectateurs, c’est la jeune Allemande Lena Mayer-Landrut (19 ans) et sa chanson « Satellite » qui a remporté la 55e édition de l’Eurovision. L’Allemagne arrive en tête avec 246 points. Profitant de ses alliances avec des pays turcophones de l’ex-Empire ottoman, la Turquie qui présentait pourtant une chanson très médiocre « We could be the same » du groupe maNga termine sur la 2e marche du podium avec 170 points, suivie de la Roumanie (162 points). Le Danemark est 4e (149 points) et l’Azerbaïdjan 5e (145 points). La Belgique est 6e (143 points) et l’Arménie 7e (141 points). A noter que la Russie, les Pays Bas et Israël ont accordé la notre maximale de 12 points à l’Arménie. La Géorgie donnait 10 points à l’Arménie. La France préférant accoder ses 12 points à la Turquie et seulement 6 à l’Arménie. Une déception pour l’Arménie et la très belle prestation d’Eva Rivas avec sa chanson « Apricot stone ». L’Azerbaïdjan qui devance l’Arménie a bénéficié de ses alliances avec les pays turcophones ou proches de la Turquie. Mais avec des notes étonnantes, telles ces 12 points accordés à l’Azerbaïdjan par Malte ou des 6 points accordés par la Norvège à l’Azerbaïdjan, contre aucun à l’Arménie ! Des rumeurs portant sur des pressions azéries ou « achats des votes de jurys » ont circulé lors de cette Eurovision 2010. Même si nous ne pouvons savoir la valeur à donner à ces rumeurs, nous savons que l’Azerbaïdjan a bénéficié d’alliances stratégiques quelque peu douteuses ou bizarres, tendent à créditer partiellement ces rumeurs. Mais l’Azerbaïdjan qui a dépensé des dizaines de millions d’euros pour remporter l’Eurovision 2010 a échoué dans sa mission.
    Eva Rivas et l’Arménie méritaient mieux

    L’Arménie qui était considérée par les journalistes comme parmi les trois à quatre favoris pour le titre est également déçue de cette 7e position. Car la chanson d’Eva Rivas et sa prestation étaient remarquables. Néanmoins dans les jugements et les pronostics fondés sur les prestations réelles des artistes, il restait à intégrer et valoriser la natures des « alliances stratégiques » des pays, l’Eurovision étant devenu un vaste marché diplomatico-médiatique. Des alliances qui ne bénéficient pas à tous les pays de la même manière.

    Krikor Amirzayan

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