Clinton Visits Dzidzernagapert

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—In what was described by the US Embassy as a “private visit,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Monday visited the Dzidzernagapert Armenian Genocide memorial monument and laid a wreath at the eternal flame. She did not make any public statements.

The Armenian National Committee of America was quick to criticize Clinton’s failure for not using the opportunity to recognize the Genocide or signal “a shift away fro the Obama-Biden Administration’s policy of complicity in the Turkish government’s denial of this crime against humanity.”

“As we stated several times in our public comments in the days leading up to Secretary Clinton’s travel to Armenia, her visit to the Armenian Genocide Memorial will hold profound meaning for Armenian Americans to the extent that it marks a real break from the Obama Administration’s morally bankrupt policy of complicity in Turkey’s campaign of genocide denial,” said ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian.

“Given the secrecy surrounding this visit, and the absence of any publicly released remarks – much less a full and formal statement recognizing the Armenian Genocide by the Secretary – it would seem at this point, sadly, that this visit, while holding certain special importance in its own right – does not represent material movement toward proper U.S. condemnation and commemoration of this crime. This visit truly was a missed opportunity for the Secretary and for America, ” added Hamparian.

At the monument, Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum and Institute, Hayk Demoian, presented the history of the Memorial’s construction, discussed the Genocide and the humanitarian response by the US government and American people to the Genocide victims.

Clinton inquired about the graves of Karabakh freedom fighters who are buried at Dzidzernagapert. It was explained to her that the Armenian people see the Karabakh war as a continuation of the Armenian Genocide.

Demoian presented Clinton and her delegation with a historical medal issued by the American Near East Relief Committee in early 1920s to award the organization’s employees for their work in Armenian and Middle Eastern orphanages. Hillary Clinton was also presented with a photo depicting Armenian orphans in the American orphanage in Alexandropol (present-day Gumri). The children depicted in the photograph are shown standing to form the sentence: “America, we thank you.”

Secretary Clinton’s visit to the Memorial was shrouded in secrecy with local media barred from providing live coverage. Following her visit to the Memorial, Secretary Clinton proceeded to a meeting with civil society representatives and media outlets, where she discussed the importance of a strong democracy and unfettered media, but did not, apparently, allow for on-the-record comments or questions from participants.

As a presidential candidate, Secretary Clinton was outspoken on the importance of U.S. affirmation of the Armenian Genocide. In a January 24, 2008 statement, Clinton noted “I believe the horrible events perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire against Armenians constitute a clear case of genocide. . . Our common morality and our nation’s credibility as a voice for human rights challenge us to ensure that the Armenian Genocide be recognized and remembered by the Congress and the President of the United States.”

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  1. Tamar said:

    I think Hillary Clinton should go to Der Zor, fall to her knees (suitpants and all), and ask for forgiveness for being a hypocrite and a shrew.

  2. hovo said:

    “Halala”, she just like her boss: “I accept it personally, but I can not accept it publicly”. When you ask “why?” National interest, meanwhile we are a shining country on the hill, and the champion of human rights. It is disgraceful, what does separate right from wrong?

  3. Nairian said:

    Although I am glad that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the Dsidsernagapert and left a wreath for our befallen 1.5 Million Martyrs from the Armenian Genocide; but it would have been the right opportunity and it would have been a credit to her morality to be outspoken about the veracity of the Armenian Genocide as she did say it in Jan. 24, 2008.

  4. Shant Melkonian said:

    Sad and cowardly…

    Judging by the pathetic bunch of flowers she’s laying at the monument, obviously an item to cut down on U.S. spending, given the huge debts and treasury deficit!!!

    Her visit kept secret per he Obama admin.’s request I’m sure, for the obvious reason that Turkey won’t immediately start barking at the U.S. as they’ve constantly done every time there’s the slightest or most remote form of signal in confirming the AG by America… Why else? And for Armenians to accommodate her… Really sad!

    This is very similar to the local Jew leaders, Rabbi Lapin (was it?) in Los Angeles, who barked very loudly at President RR after he visited the graveyard of Nazi soldiers in West Germany in the 80’s, remember?

    This was an opportunity for Sarkissian to throw her and Obama’s AG comments when both were running for office, right back at her face… And also offer her military bases inside Armenia, now that Turkey is increasingly exposed for her babble through both sides of her mouth, making waves and confronting with our 51st State Israel… Although Russia might appose this.

  5. ara said:

    Why did not Sarkisina, Nalbandian and Dikran Sarkisian davajaner follow Clinton?

  6. Areg Minasyan said:

    Bad news for Turkey. These barbarians Turks have been fooling the whole world about Turkish Crime of The Armenian Genocide . It would have been impossible for Secretary Hillary Clinton not to visit Dzidzernagapert
    having appeasing Turkey in mind. Wake up America, wake up Russia, wake up civilized world, do not let Turkey fool you anymore, stand on the side of truth and justice and remind Turkey that she can not get away with a murder …..

  7. Shakeh said:

    Just another indication that this country’s administration is in an Armenian Genocide vice with Turkey holding the crank.

  8. paul adjemian said:

    I wouldn’t count on the sincerity of her gesture, Israel and Turkey are conducting secretive meetings in Europe to iron out their differences, but certainly a step in the right direction.

  9. Krikor said:

    Where are the promisses Hilary ???Where is the human rights ???

  10. hovo said:

    Come on guys, let’s be real, the only reason that secretary of state was present in Armenia, is to ask: “please don’t destroy Azerbaijan we got our troops in (for Afghanistan), and she also said in Baku that there is a country who still can not accept Azerbaijan’s existence and USA is there to protect them. Aha, what country she was talking about? NKR, if the war restarts Azerbaijan will be divided between Armenia, Russia, and Iran…

  11. paul adjemian said:

    was this on her own initiative or a message to Turkey who is participating in secret talks with Israel in Europe?

  12. Avetis said:

    I’m no fan of Clinton or any other American politician for that matter, but no matter how one looks at it this is a positive development for Armenia. From Washington to Paris to London to Moscow to Ankara, our poor, small and embattled nation in the Caucasus is being taken seriously by regional powers as of late. And despite what many of you here think this has all been made possible by our president’s courageous and farsighted move last year when he started the political process with Ankara.

  13. PAULO said:

    Hey Hillary , never too late for waking up.
    I will pray for you. God give you inspiration to accept it publicly , please dont be afraid of being HUMAN.