Armenian Woman Disappears in Turkey

The Appeal Of Turkey

YEREVAN (—An Armenian woman visiting Turkey from Armenia has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, giving rise to recent suspicious behavior against Armenian tourists.

Anna Davtyan, a 29-year-old citizen of Armenia, and her boyfriend decided to spend their holiday in Antalya. The Sabah newspaper reported that after spending two days in Antalya, Anna decided to travel to Dubai. However, on July 17 she disappeared from the hotel, where she was staying.

Anna’s mother, Karina Davtyan left for Antalya to find her daughter. She said her daughter is six months pregnant and must have been kidnapped.

Armenian tourists are lured to Turkey by promises of five-star accommodations, Mediterranean beaches and life-long memories. However, recently these tourists are targeted for violence and attacks once they arrive in Turkey.

Armenian citizens traveling to Turkey must realize that since there are no diplomatic relations with Turkey, the government of Armenia cannot intervene in cases involving Armenian citizens and the law.


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  1. christine said:

    What about the boyfriend? Where is he in all of this? While I realize that this article brings to light anti-Armenian sentiment by the Turks, please do not forget that homicide is the number one cause of death for pregnant women, typically at the hands of their partners.

    • Vartan said:

      and why would an armenian go spend there hard earned money in turkey in first place, there is no other place on this planet

    • Varoujan said:

      Why would a citizen of blockaded Armenia go vacationing to Turkey where no diplomatic ties exist, given the fact of having numerous safer, nicer beaches around the world for the same money or even less?

      • Simon said:





  2. Arshag Kavafian said:

    I think she deserved it. Why did she go to Turkey in the first place? Wasn’t there any other place for tourism on planet Earth but Turkey? Well, those Hayasdantzis are Turk lovers because they didn’t have gandparents like Diasporan Armenians to tell them the horrors of the genocide. Moreover, seventy years of Communist melting pot had made them forget every sense of Armenianism.

    • Outraged said:

      First of all, NO one “deserves” that! I am a Diasporan Armenian, but I can’t believe what I read. There is plenty of education around about the genocide even if they don’t have grandparents. My grandparents died long before I was born and I probably know more than those that met their grandparents. You should consider thinking before you write.

    • AR said:

      Read my comment above! You are falling into the us and them syndrome. We are all one, no Armenian is better than another based on where they are from. What you can use to base if one is a better Armenian or not is their love and dedication to the betterment of Armenia and Armenians!

    • Y Sarkis said:

      I wonder if you would be saying the same thing if it were your sister, cousin, or any other relative. No person deserves this, especially the unborn child. You are bad person.

  3. martha hananian (do not publish) said:

    Right on about the boyfriend. Our little Armenia has taken 100 forward steps being westernized – morally.


  4. Benjamin Kasparian said:

    “Armenians” who go on vacation in “Turkey”… are not Armenian to me !

    Shame on them ! Amooooooooooooot !

  5. Vahan said:

    I don’t understand why Armenians go to Antalia, and enrich the economy of Turkey, even a little bit.Why instead of going to Turkey they don’t go to Spain, or other European countries, or even, Sochi or other places,let alone Armenian places? And here is the result of it. Turkey will never change their policy about Armenia.

  6. ara said:

    Well-good point above but if there is violence there-TELL OUR PEOPLE TO STOP GOING THERE- y r they going? When we get the land back-then we all go

  7. Mihran said:

    I hope that everything is ok with this girl as she is pregnant but i really disslike Armenians visiting Turkey as tourists. These tourists are traitors and so are all of those that buy Turkish goods. I do not feel sorry if something happens to them. Going to Turkey only strengthens Turkeys economy.

  8. Ruzan said:

    Boyfiend must be involved. Turkey was a dumping ground for him. I think.

  9. R. P. said:

    “Armenian tourists are lured to Turkey by promises of five-star accommodations, Mediterranean beaches and life-long memories. However, recently these tourists are targeted for violence and attacks once they arrive in Turkey”… mmm, stay away then… go to Cyprus, Greece, or Ukraine for that matter, if the see is what needed…

    and where’s the boyfriend? they weren’t married and she’s pregnant… for Armenian norms, this is a huge step forward (there’s definitely something fishy here)…

  10. Sev said:

    What is an Armenian doing in turkey anyways? Why would an Armenian spend any money There to begin with…

  11. Alenoush said:

    i just wonder what’s going thru their heads: there are a million places to visit in the world: why turkey? do they not know their history?

  12. Ed said:

    I cannot understand why should Armenians have holidays in Turkey – country which tried to exterminate the Armenian people and which is doing everything in their power to erase us from the face of the Earth? Why would you go to a country where you are hated or despised? To save few drams or dollars?

  13. dziranig said:

    Why equate the disappearance of one woman under mysterious circumstances with anti-Armenian sentiments? I have been visiting Turkey for many many years and have encountered no hostility from the common people and have observed thousands of Armenians visiting or doing business in Turkey with relative ease. So, why the headline to panic people? It is important that Armenians, especially the diasporan Armenians, be given the opportunity to visit their forefathers’ lands instead of locking themselves in memories of fear. It is a challenge and also vital for the understanding of our identity.

  14. Chris Manougian said:

    Why going spending vacation and money in a country that we have conflict with them ,most of the Turks are anti Armenian and their behavior is not good at all towards us .
    until they Understand the reality and truth .
    Unless she Disappeared for other illegal work behavior ,which we are hearing much in our days against our girls mostly in the Arab countries like Turkey and Dubai .
    Our hope they will find her safe and well.

  15. Helen said:

    While I don’t agree with Christine on the speculation that it may have been homicide where the husband could have played a role, I do think the article could have included other incidents of kidnapping or missing persons, rather than make a generalized statement.

  16. Patrick said:

    Shame on all of you who condemn those who visit Turkey for vacation. “Hard-earned-money” as one of you state is not comparable to what we take for granted in America. We cannot just “charge” our credit-cards and pay off the debt. Turkey is the closest, and mind you cheapest way to travel especially for citizens who do NOT or CANNOT afford the beaches of the Mediterranean such as Nice, France, or Crete.

    Sure, they could have traveled to the Black-Sea and vacationed there, but you, NONE of you are or probably have never been in their position. i’m sure they understood the risks involved, but to you to make her an outcast simply because she chose Turkey, shows how ignorant you all are, and how unity will never be in the future of our people if you condemn a women because of her travel decisions.

  17. X said:

    The only reason to “visit” Turkey, or eastern Turkey, Western Armenia, is to see what has been done to our stolen lands and churches, and after doing so, die trying to get those lands back. Anyone share the same enthusiasm?

  18. Maral said:

    Excuse me Arshag, but its stupid and ignorant comments Armenians make about other Armenians (like your comment about how Hayastansi’s are Turk lovers) that will destroy our race in a way the Turks couldn’t accomplish. Did it ever occur to you that those Armenians living in Hayastan did ALWAYS live there?? Perhaps, they were forced to flee areas of persecution and only then got there. You know, kind of like both my grandparents’ families. Don’t be part of the problem.

    • Hagop said:

      Hello Hayrenagitzner

      I am a syrian-born Armenian living in Germany for four decades. I would never visit Turkey for all the resentment and hate I have for everything that is turkish. I do not condemn any Armeneian though for visting Turkey.

  19. armenoohie said:

    check labels and do not shop at stores that shelve their products, find other products even if you have to pay more, and visit other stores, buy goods from China anywhere but them. do not visit a country that has an aim and plan to destroy you and your country and every single person in it does everything possible to destroy your history and artifacts and turn it into Turkey and Azerbaijan for the past 100 years. with kindness and tolerance for each other Armenians all over the world unite help and educate each other with love and stick together we are marching ahead shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, we are going home, where we have always belonged, to the mountain top.

  20. Armen said:

    Well people, i am really shocked to see some of teh comments people(armenians) are leaving, i am cousin of Anna, i live in Dubai and she is from very good family, got good education and married to a good guy. how dare you: mihran, arshag kavatian, chris manougian, hajk and others who will wrote stupid comments, thoughts. no one deserves that. we all are now praying for her to be alive. there are so many questions that we cannot and not able to answer to now. we only hope that she will be back to us save. i am surprised on seeing how much we hate armenians travelling to turkey?????????????? hey! arent we getting almost all clothes on armenian markets from turkey???? we play turkish music in CD Selling centres! is it something new that armenian travelling to turkey? it is all because of ur narrow mind. why are you so ignorant and full of hate?? i cant understand, so shocked of some people’s mind condition? i wish i could answer to a lot of questions, but unfortunately we dont know what happends and that is more scary: not knowing where she is and what is happening to her. So i would really ask to everyone planning to leave a comment to leave only good and kind ones, keep your hate to your family and people around you. Anna, please be safe and come back save to us. PEACE, LOVE. Armen

  21. CM said:


    Stop this non-sense and unfruitful discussion …

    I am not Armenian but I know Anna very well, she’s married to my neighbor and she lives in Dubai.

    She was on vacation with her sister and brother in-law, she was NOT with her boyfriend…

    I would really appreciate if the writers of the article seek details before writing any bullshit …

    Anna was a sweet little lady, she was pregnant in her 6th month. They kidnapped her from the street and then her body was found in a remote village two weeks later.
    The disgusting fact is that the Turkish police is not cooperating with her husband and her parents at all.

    RIP Anna, may your soul rest in peace.

    • Pyotr said:

      ya toje v shoke potomuchto kogdato ANNA bila mayey podrugoy,mi strechalis,i ona bila ochen krasivaya,no…..
      ya neznayu za shto tak……
      fsyo vinavati navernoye yeyo bolshiye glaza:(((ya preduprijdal fsegda yeyo ne nado tak smatret na fsex

  22. Sonya said:

    CM is right. This is what I read as well. In fact, my parents were discussing this the other day.

  23. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    I would say Armenians have the strongest reasons to visit Turkey. I was shaken and I was holding back my tears as I visited the places where my father and my mother were born and raised, and lived happily in thriving Armenian communities. In an instant their entire world was gone forever, never to come back. In those now empty buildings you can still hear the echoes of their past. This was their land and a deep and soulful experience for me.
    I was grateful to find that the present day Turkish citizens were not at all like the generations that committed those atrocities. I found that unlike a lot of hateful Islamic populations in the Middle East, present day Turks are trying very hard to be as conscientious and tolerant in their attitudes as us in the West. They are trying to shed their militaristic conquer and subjugate past and join our world community as one with us in a shared civilization that embraces all of us.