Pregnant Armenian Woman Murdered in Turkey

Anna DavtyanYEREVAN (—The Armenian woman Anna Davtyan, who disappeared in Turkey about three weeks ago, has been murdered. The Sabah newspaper reported that 29-year-old Anna Davtyan, a resident of Charentsavan, Armenia, who was five months pregnant, disappeared in mid-July. A few days ago there were rumors in Charentsavan that the Armenian woman’s body had been found.

Talking to a RFE/Radio Liberty correspondent, Charentsavan Mayor Hakob Shahgaldyan confirmed the information. He reported that the woman’s mother, who left for Turkey to find her daughter, identified her body 90%. According to sources, her body was found in a channel.

The transportation of Davtyan’s body to Armenia has encountered problems – the body shows signs of torture. A spokesman for the Armenian Foreign Ministry Tigran Balayan told that the ministry is undertaking certain measures to return the body. Davtyan’s parents returned to Armenia on August 8.and are waiting for the results of a DNA analysis, which will be revealed in two months.

Information about Davtyan first appeared in the Turkish Sabah newspaper.


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  1. aruke said:

    According to the previous news, her boyfriend was in Turkey with her. Is he missing too? Who knows, maybe he killed her.

  2. M.S. said:

    what was she doing there in the first place? we buy turkish products, and our oligarchs and parliamentarians cozy up on the beaches of 5-star hotels in Antalia. If this is not disrespect toward the memory of our ancestors then what is.

    • Heghapokhoutyoun said:

      It is “Disrespect For Armenian People” But “Not to SOME Armenian Government Officials in Question” The Reason… You have to acknowledge that they have grown living in Communism. They have “No Nationalistic Patriotism” They don’t care. They Only believe in them selves and their all mighty $$$. Armenian People, Armenian Nation is only a source and obstacle for them to milk $$$ out of (.)

      • manooshag said:

        Hye, I agree. Serge and Edward have done enough damage, too with all our prior leaderships of our fledgling nation of Haiastan… True, since they are from the communist years they are still in that mode, to the detriment of our Haiastan nation.
        Where are our patriots, selflessly dedicated to advance Haiastan for all the citizens?
        Thus is suggest:
        1 – Presidential and other government positions shall be of shorter duration… for the next 12 years – not longer than three (3) years – so that if such as Serge and Edward are elected (mistakenly) the duration of their damage to Haiastan shall be of shorter duration (unless the ‘mistakens’ agree to leave office – for their love of Haiastan;
        2 – Too, it appears to me that the government of Artsakh/Karabagh has proven to be better leaders today than those of Haiastan… More is being accomplised in little
        Artsakh for the citizens – than for those governing Haiastan. Artsakh, slowly but surely, their leaders are proving to be honest and dedicated for improving the lives of our citizens of Arstakh than is being offered to Haiastansis where so much monies are not reaching all the citizens of Haiastan – especially where monies are needed.

  3. Vanessa Kachadurian said:

    This story is crazy, some rumors are floating around that her body showed signs of torture. Others are saying it was the boyfriend. Hard to imagine anyone would kill a pregnant woman but it does happen.

  4. GARIK said:


    • Heghapokhoutyoun said:

      I’m sorry to say … no one blindfully could blame Turks for this… Although I’m sorry to say… that Some Turks Are Much Better Than Some Armenians!!

      • Armen said:

        Says who? A Turk?
        Europe doesn’t want you, Russia tolerates you, even your middle eastern moslem brothers remember the Ottoman Yoke. Your only trading partner Israel is done with you. Your only friends are Azerbaijan, Hamas and Hizbelloh.

  5. zohrab said:

    very sorry to hear this.but please armenians stay away from this kazaner

  6. Jay said:

    My heartfelt condolences to her immediate family and friends. Her Armenian boyfriend had accompanied her to the vacation spot.Whatever happened to him? He should most definetely be considered ‘A Person of Interest.’

  7. Şakir İstanbullu said:

    Armenians! You must win the friendship of the Turkish and Kurdish. Where are you going to do much hostility? I think to establish a show of friendship. If you work hard.

    • manooshag said:

      Au Contraire… hostility has emanated over the centuries from the Turkish hordes from the Asian mountains – continuing into today against many peoples which a Turkey has destroyed via their Genocides – ‘eliminating’ peoples via slaughters, rapes, kidnapping, marched through deserts – some naked – without food and water – rivers red with blood of those tossed in the rivers… inhumanities to humans as they marched them in deserts – to nowhere… until death.
      None could ever outdo the hostility of the Turks – in all their Genocides, still ongoing against the Armenian nation (1890s to today, 2010); ongoing Genocides against the Kurds seeking freedom from the yoke of the Turk; and latest, the Turks have named as a museum our Holy Cross Armenian Church in Aghtamar – to be a Turkish museum to attract tourists for a Turkey, another IN YOUR FACE action of Turks – not only to Armenians, but to all the Christian nations of the world – for this desecration of our ancient Armenian church. Too, Turks will “allow” Armenians to observe our religious rites once (1) each year ONLY – without any Armenian cross atop.
      Turks hostilities have been the most torturous over the centuries – and still exists in all its ‘foreign relations’ with many civilized nations – Turks agree to agree/then agree to disagree…
      all signs of a nation’s insecure desperate efforts to cause distress whenever, wherever, the Turk decides to ‘enter’ relations with the civilized nations of the world. It is a Turkey who has been the hostile nation in all its history – both written (and omission – never written) leaving only destruction wherever it chooses – murdering, pillaging, stealing lands from nations… not by wars, but the easy route – just committing Genocides – stealing the lands of those whom the Turks ‘eliminate’ – for their own convoluted goals. Your knowledge of your own nations’ history is diluted by the education your leaderships allow you to receive. Truths omitted, lies prevail. Manooshag

    • Vanessa Kachadurian said:

      Sakir, your comment is inappropriate on this page. show some respect for the dead girl. Besides when are the Kurds and Turkish going to establish friendship?

  8. Armenian said:

    Sakir Kopekoglu,

    I will work hardest to get any chance to step all over the Turkish flag and spit in the face any fascist Turk like you.

  9. saeed said:

    this woman is my secound-cousin’s WIFE ! he was in dubai when she was murdered !! stop the hell making rumors !! he went to turkey when he heard about it !!

    • lindubai said:

      People should really stop to talk about this story specialy when they don t have details about respect for her soul and family everyone should shut up.Anna was married to an amazing guy who’s leaving a nightmare as well her family.Anna hasn t show any torture sign,what happened to her god only knows and if someone has to be punish then it will hapen.please everyone by respect for her soul stop talking.Anna rip…

  10. Sami said:

    Stop this bullshit talking nonsence about her and her boy friend, she is a married person and she loves her man so much, what happened to her is tragic and we should all feel sorry for both her husband and her family. Her man went to Dubai to look for her, she was kidnaped and this is for sure, by the way who trusts the Turks!!the europians are not accepting them, the Arabs hate them, the armenians also, so zip your mouths.

  11. ghazar said:

    These comments are gabage. why does not Asbarez act like a newspaper and do some investigative journalism to find out what was this girl doing in Dubai? why would she go to Antalia from Dubai? Is it her “husband”, “boy friend” (or may be pimp) who came from London (??) to meet her in Antalia? who was she pregnant by? What is the name of the “husband” or “boyfriend”? where is he now? What is his name? where does he and his folks live? And, last but not least, why does Asbarez not approach the subject why so many Armenians from Armenia (50,000 by Turkish Tourism office givens) are spending about $100M a year in Antalia (to rest?? I thought 40% of the population is unemployed. To rest from what?).

  12. joseph said:

    If I were jew, i’ll never buy german products and will never go to Germany but for us it’s different (hahahahaha)
    After all they’ve done (the turcs) we buy they products, we like to stay in antalia for holidays and so on. OSKANIAN the only and only one in foreigne affairs has defended our politic against the Azebayjan and that stupid Nalbandian has defentively damaged all. We have thank the renegades (turcs triangle family: Levon, robert and serge for destroying our country and nation. I just wish to see them on the front of heaven door.

  13. ani said:

    why is this becoming a turkish issue…this is about a poor murdered girl and you dont know the facts, was she kidnapped, was she tricked, was she vacationing, was she working there.. you guys are horrible. You should talk about the relations on some different forum. This young lady and her unborn child were brutally murdered and that’s all this article is about. maybe a turk did murder her, maybe an azeri or another armenian murdered her.have some sympathy , a family was just torn apart. so if you have any more opinions on turkish-armenian relations you should discuss it else where.

  14. kleineturk said:

    Anna Davtyan …. Nobody knows about her story and who/whom killed her.. From begin to and I knew all the hapened bloody story. I were the translater her husband and her mother From İstanbul,To antalya and To Samsun where the body founded.. The Killer of her. Her mother friends businnes man at the Erivan.
    Dont give any guilty to any Turkish People. She were married one of the Dubai’s men whom owner travel agency at Dubai was muslim no any accept that Anna Maried a muslim and pregnent. And Mother Karine
    Davtyan has co-operated the killing her and make big opportunity to Turkish government to asking money
    Europen Human Right High Court. I knew the true story…thats all. I have got 10 pages of report to Justice and the police either..

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