Sen. Brownback Places Hold on Turkish Ambassador Nominee

Senator Sam Brownback

WASHINGTON—Senator Sam Brownback, a Republican legislator from Kansas, has placed a hold on President Obama’s nominee to be US Ambassador to Turkey, Francis Ricciardone.

The August 5 Congressional Record reported that Senator Brownback made the following statement: “I rise today to inform the body that I have placed a hold on Executive Calendar nomination No. 1051, the nomination of Ambassador Frank Ricciardone to be Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey.”

Senators, by custom, are allowed to block (typically called a “hold”) the adoption of presidential nominees for senior governmental posts. Senator Brownback has yet to offer a public explanation of why he took this action.

“Senator Brownback’s hold on Francis Ricciardone’s nomination as U.S. Ambassador to Turkey underscores the challenges the Administration is facing as it seeks to manage an increasingly complex, strained, and unpredictable U.S.-Turkey relationship,” said Aram Hamparian, Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of America. “More broadly, this action highlights the pressing need for the U.S. Congress – and all concerned elements of American civil society – to carefully reexamine whether our national interests and international standing are served by constantly caving in to Turkey on human rights, regional security, and genocide denial.”


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  1. Minas said:

    Of course, let us not be fooled. Brownback is pro-Azeri and pro-Turkish. That is his record.

    The probable reason Brownback is against Ricciardone is that he is angry at Turkey due to the Gaza flotilla incident.
    If Brownnose is really against the nomination, let him come out swinging against Obama and for the Armenian genocide resolution. Same with Boxer’s hold on Bryza. It’s not enough. The must think Armenians are stupid. Are they right?

  2. Mike Avakyan said:

    It seems to me that our (Armenian) human rights record – see story about deaths in Army which is not unique – is hardly good enough for us to loudly denounce Turkey’s record. Lets get our own house in order before we shout off our mouth.

    • Heghapokhoutyoun said:

      Slimeb… sorry… Brownback’s facial profiling explains itself !! “Demon Within”

  3. Robert said:

    Hey Aram,

    When you use the term “our national interests” in regards to the US, just who do you think you are? You in no way represent the people of this country!!! Are you able to comprehend that? just because you’re and Armenian doesn’t mean you speak for the entire nation and over 350 million people!!! You dashnak Armenians having been pulling this stunt for years. I’m a Turkish-American taxpayer. In no way do you represent nor even dare speak for me as an Amereican!!! You’ll get the exact same response from the millions of other Americans out there who, upon hearing what & how you “people” have been constantly misrepresenting and using their numbers for your own neferious actions! You’re not fooling anyone, you got that, slimeball!!!

  4. Heghapokhoutyoun said:

    sorry to say most Turks are brainwashed by their own government… beginning from schools