Turks ‘Would Bury’ Ararat Climbers, Says Official

Team "Ararat 11"

ARARAT PROVINCE, Turkey—Responding to a story reported in Asbarez about an Armenian-American expedition raising the flags of Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic at summit of Mount Ararat, the president of the local Ararat province chamber of commerce said if local citizens “knew about it [the flags], they would bury the climbers on Ararat.”

The Turkish Habermynet Web site quoted the chamber of commerce president Mehmet Erat making the statement and added that the flags will be taken down and replaced with the Turkish national flag.

On July 15, a team of 11 men, including six from Southern California, two from New Jersey, two from Canada, and one from Fresno reached the summit of Mt. Ararat.

The head of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation Aladdin Karaca claimed to the Hurriyet newspaper that the climbers had not received official permission and climbed Mt. Ararat illegally.

Although the team got the proper permits needed for the climb, once they got there they were told that the Ministry of Tourism had sent a fax saying that they had cancelled the permits.

Noel Gharibian, one of the climbers stated that for the Kurds in the area it was more about business and actually getting people up on the mountain. Thus, the team was able to go on with the climb.


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  1. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    Long Live Ararat! Long Live Armenianness! Adono shall bury Turkishness. Turkey occurs to be in the position of historical Karthagen.

  2. ashot yerkat said:

    Hey, Mehmet, are you sure your grandma was not Armenian? Why don’t you go find out, and then you’ll be proud of those men!

  3. Vile said:

    We should be proud of these brave men. Ararat will some day be in Armenian hand again. We just need to be patient.

  4. ARMENIAN said:



  5. Vanessa Kachadurian said:

    More threats to the Armenians, the true colors of the Turkish speak for themselves when comments like this are made. No credibility in their claim that “there was no planned extermination of Armenians in 1915 we relocated them” (wink-wink)

  6. Osik said:

    Their entire history is based on savagery and he meant what he said therefore his comment doesn’t surprise me at all and it is true.

  7. Ralph Armenjian said:

    Ararat will be always be Armenian no matter grandmothers nationality or flags on the summit! Turkey just needs to admit it!

  8. zohrab said:

    they cant bury them they are americans but armenians they will kiss their shoes

  9. Armen Khachatryan said:

    The current Turkish response “bury the climbers” is both typically ignorant and arrogant in its tone. One would think that after their predecessors killed more than 2 million of my ancestors, they would choose their words with greater sensitivity. Once again proof that an average Turk is no more tactful, nor smarter then an average “Thanksgiving turkey”.

  10. Zarmair said:

    I guess to murder Armenians is still on the Turkish menu. What do you expect from a race that sprung from the harems?

  11. Ruby said:

    As we Armenians have a saying that “a donkey might change its saddle but always will stay a donkey” and so is the story with todays turks who might have changed their outfits but they stay the same savages that their ancestors were, the tatars and mongols and or the otoman beasts and or the kemal and his goons.
    They will never reach to the standards of EU’s requirements, they can’t change their dirty blood.

  12. Mark Gavoor said:

    OK…. did anyone expect a different reaction from the Ministry of Tourism, the local Chamber of Commerce head, or head of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation? Really?

    It must have been a great experience for this team to climb our sacred mountain and then unfurl those flags at the summit. Great photo.

  13. Hajk said:

    GREAT JOB GUYS. Soon ARARAT Will be in Armenian hands. We need more people like thhose climbers.

  14. Arto T. said:

    IMO, this is a needless and stupid act of provocation by these climbers. How would Armenians react if US citizens with Azeri ethnicity went to Armenian occupied Azeri territory and unfurled an Azeri flag? The only way to achieve Genocide recognition and reparations from Turkey is to educate and appeal to the average Turk. Acts like this only set back the cause. All I can say thank god Diasporan Armenians are not conducting Armenian foreign policy otherwise Armenia would have disappeared like the Democratic Republic of Armenia in 1920.

    • john said:

      The Turks are a human cancer, a creeping agony in the flesh of the lands which they misgovern, rotting every fiber of life … I am glad that the Turk is to be called to a final account for his long record of infamy against humanity.

    • LRT said:

      Dear Arto,
      I’d like to complement you on your humanitarian approach since I’ve also been open to appealing to the average Turks. I knew another person who shared the same philosophy. Remember Hrant Dink. He died promoting the same cause. I wonder if his children will still believe in his cause. He was killed by an average turk who had been exploited by his leaders. We can not educate average Turks. They need to be educated by objective leaders not Mehmet Erat’s.

  15. Robert said:

    Nothing wrong with climbing to the summit and unfurling their flags for a photo opportunity. people do that all of the time everywhere. However, when they’re finished and ready to leave, everyone folds up their flags once again and takes them with them. Otherwise, to leave a foreign flag on someone else’s soil is an insult and shows complete disrespect for the host nation! How would Armenia feel if the tables were turned on them, as a groups of Turks and Azeris left their flags on Armenian soil? Of course, no one really expects any of you to understand this concept! Defaming, being disrespectful, insulting, slandering, intimidating, etc is simply in your genes. You can’t help the way that you are and act. Case in point…review the very posts which you have all written!

  16. zohrab said:

    this is the only language turks understand be tough do not dilly dally with themkick them hard in the guts then head

  17. manooshag said:

    Hye, the Turkish response – violence – obviously emanates from the education system of a Turkey whose
    leaders omit truths and offer lies – teach not only students to believe – too, the leaders who state these lies have come to believe their own lies… such a mentality is detrimental not only to those the Turks have bullied and Genocided over the 19th, 20th, 21st centuries but today this mentality shall affect the civilized nations of the world – as the Turks seem to believe they, above all others, are superior peoples. Too, as Pat Condell has shown in his communications recently – the Turks, Muslims insisting on a muslim mosque near to the September 11th site, is another IN YOUR FACE TO THE USA. Any other civilized nation would be considerate of the feelings of the families of those lost September 11th – but not Turks. Where in a Turkey is there an Armenian church which is not repressed and limited in all manner of ways finding it difficult to continue to exist – as Turks still arrange to ‘control’ non Turk/Muslim religious sites in a Turkey,
    Yet, bullying, without any shame or any evidence of any considerations for the families and the citizens of the USA in their loss of nearly 4,000 innocents via Muslims on September 11th the bullying by a Turkey proceeds. Most any other nation would NOT demand such an obvious IN YOUR FACE location, but would have the common decency to acknowledge all the families and our nations pain and feelings. and accept the wishes of the Americans. But not a Turk, who has the nerve to claim that a Turkey is the best ‘ally’ of the USA (whereas – to the contrary – it has been the USA the ‘greatest’ ally of such a Turkey, to be sure. Too, if at all, this mosque, one of many that exist in the USA (Washington DC) and more has need of being in locations nearest to the Turks communities, where it may be of use. Manooshag

  18. Fred said:

    Dear Arto T
    I whole heartedly disagree with you. If these youngsters have done wrong by climbing the father mountain of their ancestors. A mountain whoe’s childeren they are. Then no action taken anywhere in the world is right. If this provokes the Turks who actually don’t give a damn about Ararat. Then let it be. To them it is a mear mountain. To us it is our national symbol. It is not becoming for it to be in the teritory of another nation who settled in Armenia from tens of thousands of miles away. You think they are upset, what about us, we are fuming.

  19. Stephen Bekian said:


  20. Nairian said:

    Beastly thinking process and doings. What else is new with both the Turks and the Azeris. Apparently they don’t give a darn about our “Sourp” Mount Ararat. After all, it was never theirs when they came from the middle of Asia, those nomadic barbarians. Nothing they do or say can and will surprise me.

  21. boyajian said:

    Turks are a mutant race of humans. Their inhumane behaviour will never change unless some scientist comes along and corrects their DNA.

  22. boyajian said:

    Turks are a mutant race of humans. Their inhumane behaviour will never change unless some scientist comes along and corrects their DNA

  23. Manvel said:

    Wait one second fellow Armenians. How do we know that this picture is authentic? Nothing in the picture tells us its Mt Ararat. It could have easily been taken elsewhere and shown as a Mt Ararat Photo. Did this cross anybodies mind?/

  24. Narineh Hambarsoumian said:

    Ararat is the strong spirit of Armenians. It does not exist any power who can bury a spirit. Who is Turk? Just a mental blind is not able to see their everlasting flag on it.