Armenia’s Jewish Community Leader Explains Genocide Recognition in Israel

Rima Varzhapetyan

YEREVAN (ArmRadio)—The leader of the Jewish community in Armenia told a news conference Thursday that the reason Israel has not recognized the Armenian Genocide is for reasons of national security and economic development.

Speaking to reporters, Rima Varzhapetyan added that Israel cannot endanger its relations with Turkey by recognizing the Genocide.

Varzhapetyan rationalized that while Israel does not use the word “genocide,” it should not mean that Israel does not recognize the Armenian Genocide. She explained that those who are aware of the genocide recognize it, “but we must also take into consideration the fact that a lot of people don’t know about it.”

“Students in Israeli schools are taught about the genocide but the events are characterized as slaughters. The Jewish Community has made efforts to make the issue of the Armenian Genocide heard in the Israeli Knesset,” she said, expressing hope that the matter will be placed on the legislature’s agenda.

She explained that the Turkish and Azeri lobbies are very strong within the Knesset, adding that any future recognition would not be in opposition to Turkey but for historical justice.

She expressed hope that by the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide both Israel and the US would recognize the crime.

Varzhapetyan said that 320 Jewish families live in Armenia.


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  1. Nairian said:

    Mrs. Varzhapetyan,

    Is that why until today in the United States Senate and Congress, there was a strong Jewish organizations, Senators and Congressmen who sided with Turkey to blockade the Armenian Genocide for 95 years? How would Israelites and the whole Jewish communities throughout the world would have liked it if an older and a stronger Armenia who had a huge Russia behind her to do the same with the Haulocaust; because of economic reasons? What’s ethical is ethical and what isn’t isn’t. In the United States alone, the Jewish organizations and the elite took over America’s media and they never let them speak about the Armenian Genocide, just about the Haulocasut. Why is that? Was that for security and economical reasons too? By doing that the Jewish organizations in the United States haven’t done justice, not only towards us Armenians; but towards all mankind around the world, as we have seen Genocides happening time and time again, till today. These Jewish organizations did not even do justice towards their befallen 6 Million martyrs from the Haulocaust. Surely the 6 Million befallen martyr Jews, wouldn’t have wanted the recognition of the Haulocaust to be theirs alone; but a lesson to be learned by all mankind throughout the world and for the future generations of people in the world.


  2. Nairian said:

    I distinctly remember, when not too far in my past, I was taking a few courses in Journalism; I made a point to speak about the Armenian Genocide as the subject of my thesis. I saw how my professor, who happened to be of Jewish descent, squirmed in his seat with dissatisfaction. He made a point to interrupt me and made me to cut my speech short. This from my own experience alone.


  3. Satenik said:

    Those who are “aware” of the genocide recognise it. My dear, I yet have to meet a Jewish person who does not know about the Armenians and the Armenian genocide. But of course recognising it is an entirely different matter, it has simply nothing to do with the ignorance of the subject. Jews have become the historians of the world. WWII has become an exclusive Jewish affair, now are you trying to convince us that for some reason or other the biggest and the first genocide of the last century suddenly somewhat escaped our erudite friends?

  4. Barkev Asadourian said:

    Lot of comments in this matter,turks are Right Arm of Sionizem,
    both partner.!

  5. ashot yerkat said:

    I wonder why is it that a Jew carries an Armenian name? Was it that her grandma and grandpa turned to Judaism in a hurry to save their neck from the yataghan? Was it because they quickly found out that Kemal Ata-Turk was a Jew? Or was it for the love of money. The wheels of justice have strange ways in meting out justice. The next time around we’ll reciprocate in a like manner and WE will play with words. There was a reason why those folks worshipped the golden ram; it was made of gold.

  6. Stepan said:

    If this was a reason given for not recognizing the Holocaust there would be half a dozen movies made in Hollywood by now denouncing the Armenians and global outcry by Jewish Groups.

    How bloody convenient for Israel & Mrs Rima Varzhapetyan

    I cannot imagine what would happen if a similar statement was made in Israel by an Israeli Armenian about the Jewish Holocaust.

    But we are also at fault for tolerating such shameful statements and excuses.

  7. Paul said:


  8. Katia K. said:

    Mrs. Varzhapetyan,
    It seems to me that you are Jewish first. Your explanation of Israel’s denial of our Genocide is very condescending and arrogant. You are basically saying that Israel will deny anything even history for the benefit of its economical and national interests. That is a very corrupt policy, devoid of human dignity. It is also very racist, because it implies that the Armenians are unimportant entities compared to the Jews and their needs. In addition, it is criminal, because their denial is standing in the way of the victims’ quest for justice. Any Jew would have been outraged if any country would tell them:” Recognizing your Holaucost is not convenient for our interests”. You as an Armenian Jew, are obviously not outraged. If you were truly Armenian, you would DEMAND that Israel consider your viewpoint as a Jew and acknowledge the Armenian Genocide. You don’t even have to be Armenian to be outraged that a country is chosing to deny History to gain benefits in so doing.
    Sorry, this is absolutely revolting.

  9. Gregory said:

    It is interesting to read all the comments. However, it would be better if the comments were processed earlier, because by the time they are processed, the article is either to old or removed from the main page.

  10. Bedros said:

    These people are citizens of Armenia. They do not have to explain actions of Israil, however incorrect they may be.

  11. Vartanyan said:

    Isarel should be the first nation to reconginze the Genocide, not one of the last shame on them. Armenians in Israel need not to make any excuses for the Israeli government, the funny thing is how there is talk now after the Flotilla incident of Israel recongizning the Genocide what a joke…stop playing poltics with human rights your nation was founded from Holocaust suriviors.

  12. David said:

    I’m an Armenian Jew as well and I am absolutely DISGUSTED by the fact that over ninety years have passed without Turkey being punished for their horrible outrageous crime. It just makes me sick.

    God forbid, imagine the situation the Jews would be in if Germany wouldn’t recognize the Holocaust after everything.