Armenians Can’t Demand Compensation from Turks, Says Academic

Professor Kemal Cicek

ANKARA (Anatolia News Agency)—Armenians cannot demand compensation from Turkey for property they lost during the end of the Ottoman period, the head of the Turkish Historical Society has said, arguing that the matter was closed in the 1930s.

The matter of compensation ended after the payment of $900,000 by Turkey in 1934 as a result of an agreement signed by Turkey and the United States, Professor Kemal Cicek, head of the Armenian Studies Desk at the Turkish Historical Society, told Anatolia news agency on Monday.

Regarding claims that buildings like the Cankaya Presidential Palace and the Erzurum Congress Building were Armenian properties, Cicek said: “Documents on the history of the buildings can be found in the archives of the Cankaya Palace. The issue has ended for us.”

Concerning compensation suits filed by two Armenians living in the United States, Cicek said they had documents obtained from Turkish and American archives.

“These suits don’t have legal validity,” he said. “Because according to my research, commissions were established in the United States and Turkey on the compensation demands of Armenians during the period between the Treaty of Lausanne [in 1923] and 1937. The commissions put an end to these demands under an international agreement.”

Commenting on the statements that the records of the properties that were seized from the Armenians were lost, Cicek said: “The Armenians that left had their properties recorded and it was required to send a copy of these records to the center. We cannot know whether they were sent or not during times of war. Some of these records may be at revenue offices or at the depots of provinces or townships. This requires extensive research.”

“However, these records are not, as claimed, in the Ottoman archives” stated Cicek.

“There is no secrecy and no reason to keep these records secret. Considering that this issue was closed with the Treaty of Lausanne and the compensation agreement, there is no reason to keep these records secret,” he said. “These may have been damaged during the war, like many other documents. Their surfacing would not be disadvantageous to Turkey, as some claim.”


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  1. Hayk said:

    This “academic” needs to study again or needs to go sell potato at turkish bazar.
    This BS that he is talking about” Treaty of Lausanne ” does not have legality,
    Simply because not even one Armenian had signed on that treaty.
    So I would tel this Phony professor go F your self.

  2. W.A.F. said:

    Not surprisingly, Turks do not understand that in the free world, criminality has no statute of limitations, and no time limit.

    Genocide Recognition will never expire.

  3. manooshag said:

    Hye, if he acts like a Turkey, he walks like a Turkey, he thinks like a Turkey – he must be a Turk.
    Just more denials from a Turkey – no surprise – same damn lies… Manooshag

  4. MountArarat said:

    That country is our country and you have no business talking to us in that way.
    Everything there belongs to the Armenians and it is legally ours.
    we have the documents to prove that we are honest
    No matter what you say we will get it all back
    Even if we have to
    Re-write the rules and make new rules until
    we get things done our way.
    Things have changed for the Armenians.

  5. Robert said:

    Hey Zohrab,

    Did you REALLY think that you dashnaks even had a case to begin with? Truth hurts, but you all will get over it. No magic involved here…just legal Treaties (Kars, Lausanne, 1934 US-Turkish Treaty, etc.)! Mark Geregos is just going to take your monies, figuring that many of you won’t know about all of this information!

    • Jay said:

      Hey Hyar Robert

      This issue concerns all Armenians,not just Tashnags or other Armenian political organization. Go, siktir yourself up your GEOT.

      • Robert said:

        Hey Hyar Jay,

        The issues concerns the LAW (you know, things like Treaties, agreements, etc.). None of you Armos can handle it when something does go your way! Better get used to that from now on shoun shan vorti! And Geregos WILL rip you ALL off, because he knows that there’s no case, he can’t and won’t be able to win, and that most of you are ignorant to the reallity of the situation! So go, siktir yourself up your GEOT!! Losers!!

  6. mego said:

    Professor Ali Baba , just wait and see, the day is near when we not only demand our homes,but the Jizyah we paid you, with money and children for over 500 years to protect us and you did not .

  7. Vanessa Kachadurian said:

    I am sure Mr. Cicek will pull a rabbit out of his hat next.

  8. Seervart Kevorkian said:

    Zohrab jan,

    You said it all. First they kill more than 2 Million of their citizens – the Armenians – and exile the rest of them (all civilian women, elderly and children) also by killing them; then they seize and take, more like steal their lands and their belongings that they left behind, and then 95 years later they say, “pooff it’s over” it’s been lost in war times. What Lausanne treaty??? Armenians didn’t sign the Lausanne Treaty, Kemal Ataturk the killer of Armenians in Smyrna signed them with the Bolshevik Stalin. The real internationally accepted Treaty was the one just before that; the Sevres Treaty. Coupled with the Wilson Arbitration Award, in the form of Wilsonian Armenia. That’s what the Turkish government owes us.

    • Robert said:

      You haven’t the slighest clue as to what you’re yabbering about, do you!

  9. Fred said:

    Your law bulshits do not intrest me. We have a 12000 year history on that land and you are only a bad page in our history soon. we will turn that page and you will be history.

  10. Serge said:

    I wonder if this idiot knows thta his grandmother was an Armenian forced out of her home and killed and left everything behind.

  11. Krikor said:

    The usual denial BS.”Records are lost…need more search”till then deny deny deny!what a crap especially coming from someone who purports to be a historian!

  12. Anton said:

    When are we The Armenians waking up from this sleep and realizing that it is not the Turks BUT the JEWS (Zionists) controlling Turkey. Turkey AKA Israel GET IT RIGHT!!!!

    • Matt From Virginia said:

      Typical Armenian Nazism. Blame the so-called “Crypto Jews” and at the same time satanize everything Turkish and manipulate all worldwide lobbies for your racist proxy wars via endless territorial demands to plot to wipe your neighbors off. We US citizens are tired of you guys buying out your legislators and allying with our enemies such as Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah, Putin. You try to fool us with your “First Christians” bologne to dupe we US citizens with your stupid proxy wars. Stop whining and blaming all your neighbors for all your problems when you guys are wanting to plot to wipe off Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia off the map. We should not pander to the Armenian lobby and a bunch of racists who are hell bent in satanicizng everything about their neighbors.

  13. Sevda Altay Denizoglu said:

    Armenians lost those lands 1000 years ago( 1035) when Seljuks captured the region,and Armenians legalized it with their own hands when they signed Treaty Of Batumi and Treaty Of Alexandropol.