Davutoglu Regrets Using Nazi Defense at Dink Trial

Murdered journalist Hrant Dink

ISTANBUL (Milliyet Daily News)—Turkey’s foreign minister has said he regrets the defense the Turkish state gave at the European Court of Human Rights in a case concerning murdered journalist Hrant Dink.

Rejecting the defense that drew parallels between Hrant Dink’s perspectives and Neo-Nazism that were prepared by his ministry, Ahmet Davutoglu indicated that Turkey could negotiate with Hrant Dink’s family.

“I feel regret for sending a defense to the European court regarding the freedom of expression. A defense like this could not have come to mind. As an intellectual and a minister, I could not come to terms with this,” said Davutoglu, noting that he felt depressed when he heard about the event on Sunday.

The foreign minister said he had not signed the document because he was abroad in August 2009, when the defense was first filed at the European court.

“Generally, I am the person who signs the negotiation and compensation decisions, which are the heaviest ones for me because you accept both the guilt and the deficiency of your country. Furthermore, money goes out of the government’s pocket. We compensate what the judiciary lacks from the government’s sources. You are also condemned in front of the whole world. After Russia, we’re the country whose cases go to the European court the second-most frequently,” said Davutoglu.


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  1. John K. said:

    Is he trying to say Turkey is not a Nazi state? It was, it is and it will always be…

  2. Ash said:

    What a bunch of losers. How the hell can the world support these types of idiots?

  3. john said:

    the knuckle dragging Neo-Nazi davitoglu Ahole keep looking into the mirror and does even know it until European court points it out to this two legged barely standing upright animal.

  4. Osik said:

    You senseless immoral man; you really want to deal with Hrant Dink’s family by offering them a handful of “Ghooroosh”? This is like adding salt to their still open wound, if I was his family member; I was going to spit on your face for that offer.
    First of all you are nothing by yourself, and you are dealing on behalf of your government; right?
    Now; since Hrant Dink was killed for writing about The Armenian Genocide, and recently your president admitted that the Government was aware of that plan; then the only thing that your Government can offer as a deal to his family to comfort them is The Recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

    • AM said:

      Osik…….Beautifully said, I couldn’t have put it in any better words…..”Turkish Govermnent and its allies this is your time to Recognize the Armenian Genocide”

  5. Stepan said:

    Are there any compelling reasons why most of my comments never seem to be published?

    Please let me know as I will no longer waste my time on this site.

    Melbourne , Australia

    • john said:

      it happens a lot here. Asbarez an “Armenian” publication censoring and slowing down Armenians’ comments here!!!!