‘Ottoman Government Committed Genocide,’ Says Iran’s VP

TEHRAN (Combined Sources)—“A hundred years ago the Ottoman Government committed genocide against a certain number of Armenians. Although the Ottoman Government does not exist now, Armenians demand official apologies and restitution from Turkey,” said Hamid Baghaei, Vice President and head of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, at a conference on Wednesday entitled “Iran: A Victory Bridge,” reported the official IRNA news agency.

The conference commemorated the 70th anniversary of “invasion” of Iran by Allied Powers after World War II.

The official also said that Iran can seek restitution from the international community for the losses it suffered after World War II.

“We must follow up on this issue, otherwise we’ll be responsible to our people,” said Baghei who explained that during World War II Iran was influential in thwarting the destruction of Russia, the US and Great Britain.

In Armenia, Armenian Revolutionary Federation Political Affairs Director Giro Manoyan praised the statements made during the conference and said that Iranian officials have often spoken about the veracity of the Genocide.

“We should not be surprised that Iranian political officials do not deny the veracity of the Genocide,” said Manoyan.

He explained that while a Genocide recognition resolution has not been approved by the Iranian Parliament, on more than one occasion, Iranian political officials have addressed the fact of the Genocide, but, “perhaps it’s the first time that the vice-president is acknowledging it.”

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  1. Satenik said:

    I hope that one day the Iranian Parliament will officially recognise the Armenian Genocide. Most Iranians know about the atrocities carried out by the Ottoman Turks against the Armenians and have never denied this tragic part of our history. Armenians have had a considerable freedom to remember the vicims of the 1915 genocide in the Armenian churches, schools and other Armenian institutions in Iran.

    • john papazian said:

      Please note the disclaimer “Ottoman government does not exist now” almost the same as the American excuses used by HiC.

      • Rita said:

        he also said that either way,the armenians deserve formal apology and restitution

  2. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Iranian have written books about Armenian Genocide.
    Armenians must translate the headings of the books.

  3. Vahe said:

    It’s important to remember that Armenians in Iran have come out every April 24th to commemorate the AG with no interruptions or counter-protests…EVER. Although not officially recognized by the government, former President Khatami has visited and layed a wreath at Armenia’s Tzitzernagapert (the memorial for AG in Armenia.) Iranians are not like turks or arabs, they have always respected Armenians. The’ve allowed armenians religious freedom for a VERY long time. They have never mistreated, abused or killed armenians, have never destoyed our churches-not even so much as graffiti has ever been found on armenian churches. Us armenians from Iran will always be grateful for their kind friendship, and the thousands of years we’ve lived in peace. The last war fought by armenians and iranians was when we accepted christianity and they wanted us to stay with zoroastriansm/mazdaism, where Vartan Mamigonian fought off the persians.One of he first mentionings of Armenia is in Iran, on Darius’s or Cyrus’s writings called the ‘behistun inscriptions’ where he very clearly mentions armenia being it’s own independent land. Do yourselves a favour and go online and read about the rolse armenians have played in Iran, and how Iran has helped armenians for so long and will continue to do so. It’s also important to mention that Iran is well aware of Azerbaijan’s plans to take it’s lands (exactly why today’s “country” is called Azerbaijan-named after the Iranian provinces of the same name) So Iran will always help armenia over azerbaijan, they will never allow turkey to join azerbaijan. Also, keep in mind that azeris in iran are not the same azeris in azerbaijan, the iranian ones are pure persian that speak turkish because of turkish/tatar invasions only a few hundred years ago, and ive met many that refer to themselves as Iranian, Not azeri. Moreso, we dont care about Iran’s views on the israeli holocaust, as Israel has never cared about our suffering. So, what ahmadinjead says about israel is irrelavent, because as the worlds first christian country, it’s the hardcore Shiite Iranian government that has helped armenia more than all the western countries combined. Also, iranians and armenians shared the same gods and were very culturally similar thousands of years ago, when there was onle paganism/zoroastrianims and no mohameed ro jesus ! Long live the friendship of Armenia and Iran.

    • john papazian said:

      Iran is not as wonderfull about this as you might like to believe. Irans denial of the hollocaust is a political blunder on their part.

      • Rita said:

        iran QUESTIONED the Holocaust. let me remind you, america has DENIED the Armenian Genocide. isreal has DENIED the armenian Genocide.

        why can you deny the Armenian genocide, but if you merely question the Holocaust that makes you a Nazi??

  4. Satenik said:

    Iran puts many so called civilised western countries into shame. Iran has never denied the Armenian Genocide. Iran has been home to thousands of Armenians who fled the Turks and were given Iranian citizenship and protection. Armenians have many beautiful churches, schools and UNESCO Armenian monasteries ( St. Tadeh, being one), in Iran. Let’s see when is the USA going to have the courage and the moral to recognise the A.G. Let’s see which American president is going to have the guts to utter the word “genocide” without twisting, turning and mincing his words and finally let’s see when Israel is going to recognise the Armenian Genocide or are they going to take the same old shamful line of ” Armenians did not experience genocide”…this is only exclusive to Jews it seems. Well, let’s see who will have the courage ….we are waiting…and you know what they say….” silence implies consent”!!!!!!!!!!

    • john papazian said:

      Lets not forget that Iran has a tendency to cherry pick history too.

  5. stephen bekian said:

    I totaly agree with Vahe and Satenig ..re Iran , if it was not for Iran Armenians would have starved to death
    during the russian ussr breakdown , they of all people have helped us during the horible years in the bigining of our independance, I thank you Iran for being the kind people that you are in helping us to stand on our feet .

  6. Vahik said:

    I do agree with Satenik. Lets wait for the day when the interests of US. UK and countries alike will allow them to go for the recognition of Armenian Genocide.

  7. WXE said:

    I would say despite religion difference between Iran and Armenia. There are many strong similarities between two counteried and Iranians are keen to build more friendship with armenians than turks. In contrast although religion similarity between Iran and Turkey (Although Iran is shia and Turkey is sunny), there are many differences between two nations and two cultures. Our long history teach us to not trust turks. So there is no reason, we persians deny A.G.

  8. john papazian said:

    Although Iran has never actualy aknowledged the Turkish attempt at genocide against us they have been more of a friend to Armenia than the US. Strange though that the US denies us the same way the Iranians deny the hollocuast. Bad mistake on their part,they could really stick it to the west on the hole human rights thing if they (Iran) aknowledged all of history.

  9. Sirvart said:

    Along with Giro Manoyan, I also praise Iran’s VP, Mr. Hamid Baghaei who showed courage and ethical disposition to speak the truth about the Armenian Genocide.

  10. anna said:

    I totally agree with Vahe. every comment he made as if it came out from my mouth. I also respect Iranians, and would never compare them to Tatar Turks, or oozbak Azeris. These two nations are completely different to eachother.