Assyrian Genocide Monument in Australia Vandalized

FAIRFIELD, Australia (AINA) — The recently erected Assyrian Genocide Monument has been vandalized and painted with a Turkish crescent and star.

According to Fairfield police, the vandalism occurred around 4 AM. The police thus far have no leads on the perpetrators.

The vandals painted a Turkish crescent and star on the monument’s globe, which sits on a pedestal resembling a hand, as well as spray painted the words: “fuck Assyrian dogs” and “fuck Assyria” on the left and forward sides of the base of the monument. The plaque at the front of the monument was also removed.

According to the Fairfield City Champion, a local newspaper, a war memorial in Fairfield Park, dedicated to Australian and Assyrian soldiers who fought together, was also vandalized with a mixture of concrete and paint.

The monument’s desecration comes as no surprise to the local community, which erected the structure on August 7. Assyrian community leaders had privately expressed concerns about the safety of the monument immediately after its dedication ceremony.

The monument is dedicated to the 750,000 Assyrians that were killed by Turks in World War One, between 1915 and 1918.


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  1. Paul said:

    it all Christians fold,to bring this two feet animals,Christian country,what you except? from Muslim? what they did to this world all world history? anything good for human kine? of course big no.only they know how to make 20 children,forget their name send to all over the world,first when if they not allot same kine, act very kine,but when they be more of them they took over,right they did in Kosovo,Turkey,Cyprus,Azari’s all same mongol mentality,so stop trying to except their will change,never was never will,here we have new example,21 century,20 yr ago it was maybe handful turk,in Australia then they were quite,and now so many of them look what they do mongols!!

  2. Gary said:

    Instead of saying sorry which they should be doing, they attack their victims. This shows the barbarity of the Mongol Turks.

  3. Christo said:

    This is the outcome of a country who has no remorse for committing genocide and criticizes any government who erects a memorial. I wonder why should anyone on this planet feel any remorse when a turk dies in the hands of a kurd.

  4. Satenik said:

    Good old Turkey. What a “clever” step in the right direction for such a nation to join the EU?

  5. Satenik said:

    Name and shame Turkey! The obscene words written on this monuments are the only words that come out from the offsprings of devil! Turks are well known for using the most vile language when “commenting” in various newspapers or videos. These are the bunch of barbarians with no respect for the dead or alive. These are the Turks who wish to deceive the western world that they have “progressed” enough to be accepted in the EU. This is the same Turkey that has killed, raped and kidnapped the christians living in thei country. Wearing a suit and a tie does not change a sadistic barbarian! Wake up Europe and smell the Turkish coffee! Wake up world and stand up to injustice!!!!!!!

  6. zohrab said:

    yes its very sad it was done by turks they dont like the australian population to know how bad they were in world war one i am australin but i am armenian origin

  7. Karen said:

    Just when you’re about to think that turks, being the lowest scum of the earth, can’t sink any lower, they do stuff like this and prove you overly optimistic about that cancer of a race.

  8. Abbe said:

    Well, then they say they didn’t do it. Well if Turkey didn’t commit a Genocide then why are these memorials so hard to watch ?
    It’s really patheic that you are trying to hide what you did by destroying the monuments.
    And the only one winning on this is the builders of the monument.
    Shame on you !!

  9. jda said:

    Presumed Turkish nationalists have carried out similar defacement, vandalism and theft throughout the world. Wales and San Francisco come to mind.

    However, all Turks. are not of the same mind. When you condemn “Mongol Turks” [a term without genetic significance] and all Turks as barbarians you do to them what many of them did to Christians.

    Have you forgotten the Armenian saying that means the Turks were our best men at weddings, and that most survivor stories include a Turk who warned, hid, sheltered an Armenian family? Have you forgotten the growing number of Turks today who speak courageously and in public about the Genocide they are taught to ridicule?

    Do not abandon the Christianity we espouse.

    • Satenik said:

      No body is denying the kind deeds done by a very few Turks. But don’t forget also the Armenian saying” Turk@ yete voski el lini grban@t me dir”….and proverbs based on hundred years of history and experience simply can not be wrong. We’ll forget them at our peril. Everywhere the Turks go, they leave a trail of destruction, ignorance and violence!!!!!!!!

    • Sammy said:

      When we use the term “Mongol Turk” or even “Turk” in general it does not mean we do not know there are good Turks. We are speaking about their “Turkishness” which has not changed since Turkish tribes showed up with their brutal savage ways in the Caucasus from centuries ago. It simply means culturally speaking the Mongols have not changed their nature despite changing their racial makeup to resemble Caucasians, that’s all.

      So are there good Turks? Without a doubt yes, even though their numbers remain insignificant. I know it seems “unfair” to use the word Turk or Mongol and generalize the entire population. But when the overwhelming majority of Turks are what we call them, it is simply convenient to put them all in the same category. This is unfortunate for the good ones, and perhaps technically it would be more correct to use “Turkish Government”, “Turkish Politics” etc, but ultimately the criminal nation run by a criminal government, Turkey, is responsible for it’s reputation, not it’s victims’.

    • Hratch said:

      Absolutely right. Moderation is the key to gaining respect. Attacking the attacker will only lead to further trouble.

  10. Vazken said:

    Those coward vandals, who Conceived and/or executed these attacks by defacing the memorial of Genocide, must have the same blood in their veins as those “Ottoman Turks” who committed the crime of Genocide in 1915-1923 under the cover of First World War. We should weed them out of Our Society.

  11. Norin Radd said:

    JDA, some of the points you make are valid, but the fact still remains that those “courageous” Turks that are facing up to their past or trying to stir positive change, are in the vast minority. The majority of the populace, including nearly every single government official still aptly has their primitive “mongolian” backwards genes guiding their thoughts, beliefs, and actions. The general populace is no different. The things you mention make it seem like Turks have “come a long way” and are on par with the Germans with regards to the realities of their past actions and their historic policies, sadly, this is not the case, not even close.

    So until true legitimate steps by the Turkish PEOPLE are taken to show real progressive change of mentality and acceptance of their true past, they will be vilified as the primitive mongols that they time and again prove themselves to be. I think your view is grossly over optimistic and it’s annoying to hear comments that continually attempt to chastise nationalistic or cultural pride in the new Armenian generation by encouraging replacement such feelings with “political correctness” or “progressive sensitivity”.

    Armenians have every right to say what we say, there is no shame in this, we call it the way we see it. Please stop trying to turn the new generation into a bunch of impotent weaklings, we walked the “high road” in 1915 already, and we know how that went. The Jews learned their lessons, it’s time for Armenians to do the same.

  12. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    We should always treat Turks with respect, with love and with concern. They are trying to come to terms with their past baggage. We should make it easier on them to do that, we should encourage them. More than any other Islamic country they are trying to transition from their harsh Islamic past to the current civilizational standards. Any such effort from any Islamic country should be encouraged and not be pounced upon and attacked.

  13. Christo said:

    Why hasn’t anyone asked davoutoglu, erdogan, or gull to comment on the desecration of these monuments?

  14. jda said:

    First, there is no significant genetic closeness between Anatolian Turks and Central Asians, including Mongolians. Anatolian Turks are genetically much closer to their neighbors, including Armenians and Kurds. The Anatolian Turks’ ancestors were indigenous people of Anatolia, including Armenians, who were conquered by a small but growing group of Turkic-speaking males. This is the world pattern of conquest. It also applies to the Phyrigians and Thracians who moved west to what became Armenia.

    Second, Seljuk Turks, for alltheir linguistic and cultural affinities to Mongols were essentially destroyed by them.

    Third, you make it hard for Turks who are undecided or liberal to move their society when you attack all of them. If you expect the liberal and western oriented Turks to lead their society into the light, calling them names, or equating each of them to the nazis who deface genocide memorials is not productive.

    If you want Turks to acknowledge the Genocide, don’t insult them. You are playing into the hands of the large Nazi element intheir society when you do.

  15. AREK avedian said:

    it is easy for us to be reactionary and hateful to these types acts. but i agree with other comments in the forum here-we must not abandon our christian roots and teachings, we must be at the forefront of tolerance and acceptance, especially because of what we have been through. good will always prevail over evil. this does not mean we abandon the right to defend our homeland and our people. how do you define an entire nation as mongol turk, when we know this is not true. there are still many different minorities even though there existence and voice is currently silent. first, there is no genetic bases for a race. the word “race” is a political term. and what is to say about my all those people of mixed heritage do we abandon them. are they also guilty because there ancestors were forced to convert and turkify for the sake of survival? the next battlefront my friends is the battle for peoples hearts and minds and re-christianize the anatolian plateau. starting with reclaiming and opening the thousands of our churches.

  16. Paul said:

    This is a Low Act Defacing A Genocide Monument Like This, its Just Proves their Guilt.

    The Assyrian, Armenian & Greek Genocide will NEVER EVER be forgotten !!

    God Bless The Armenians, The Assyrians & The Greeks for Remembering their People who were Murdered during this Genocide.

  17. Turk93 said:

    They should not have put that statue up in the first place trying to show everyone about this soooo called genocide that happened like 100 years ago and move on instead of making the Turks of today look bad for something they haven’t done and no I’m not proud of what the Turks did to this statue but I’m not happy about what this statue also is trying to represent the so called horrors that the Turks did in the past thanks guys.

    • sahda sarmad said:

      man what are you talking about
      my surname changed after the genocide to sahda in suryani, which is equivalent to Shehit in Turkish, the martyr
      mardin, sirnakh, diyarbakr and hikkari was full of syriacs, assyrians and chaldeans +armeni of course.
      yes armenians fought, but the others got 750 000 death by the sword (called sayfo) and by hunger and disease for being subject to “tehchir law” immigration law!