Azeris Breach Cease Fire Again

STEPANAKERT, YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—One Armenian soldier was wounded late Tuesday after what the Nagorno-Karabakh Army press office described as an attack by Azeri units in an attempt to overrun Karabakh positions, reported ArmRadio.

The cease fire breach took place at 6:30 a.m. local time on Tuesday near the village of Chailu in northeastern Karabakh, at the same place where on June 18 Azeri forces launched an attack, killing four Armenian soldiers.

According to Nagorno-Karabakh Republic army spokesman, Senor Hasratian, told RFE/RL that the Karabakh soldier who was wounded was 19-year-old Rudik Manaserian. Doctors at a military hospital in Stepanakert told RFE/RL on Wednesday that Manaserian underwent surgery and is now in “satisfactory” condition.

“The Armenian servicemen on duty noticed the movement of an enemy special task force on time and took appropriate measures,” said the Karabakh army report, adding that following the Armenian response the Azeri forces retreated, suffering losses. According to Azeri Defense Ministry sources, seven Azeri soldiers died during the attack.

“The incident that occurred in the northeastern direction of the line of contact between the armed forces of Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan (in the vicinity of Chailu village) once again proves that official Baku intends to perpetuate the instability in the region not only through periodic war rhetoric, but also frequent acts of sabotage at different parts of the contact line,” the Karabakh Defense Army said.

“The Azerbaijani side is quick to blame the Karabakh forces at every turn. The official and non-official Azeri propaganda machine remains committed to this version of the story,” added the statement.

“Once again Azerbaijan showed its true face. However, the enemy retreated, suffering losses as a result of the appropriate measures taken by the Armenian side. As usual, they are spreading false information,” said Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian in response to Azeri reports that blamed the Karabakh army for the cease fire violation and claims that the Karabakh side suffered three losses.

The attacks come on the eve of a scheduled visit by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to Baku. It remains to be seen how this latest violation of the cease fire by Baku will play out during Medvedev’s visit.


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  1. Sam said:

    “Azeris break cease fire” is an act of war and it means the cease fire agreement means nothing. So every time this happens Karabakh should take this as an invitation to liberate more of our lands. We can do this all the way to Baku. I don’t understand why we are waiting around watching these animals multiply and get more hostile by the day.

    • Ana said:

      It is easy to talk big while you all are here, in US, driving your nice cars, eating good food and expect those poor young Armenian boys from Armenia to go and get you more of our land land, till Baku, as you say in your comment. It would have been fair if many of Armenian here, who think like you, to go and serve the army in Armenia, if they think that fighting is the way. I think to save lives of our young men in Armenia we should find a peaceful way to deal with those Azeries, war is not a solution. And how can we fight with them when Armenia is so much smaller, less populated? Most Armenians are here, in US, not there…so stop talking big, that is all I wanted to say.

  2. christo said:

    Why is it that we are always on the defensive crossing our fingers and hoping that the EU and the US are going to look at us more favorably? Why can’t we attack and blame the azeri’s for breaking the line of contact and claim that we responded to azeri troop movements. This is being redundant and childish.

  3. ARMENIAN said:


  4. ZAVEN KNOUNI said:


  5. zohrab said:

    i think we should tell them after next attack we will come take baku so u better be good boys or else

  6. ara said:

    this is a sign of desperation from Azeriz. Their president Albiyev or what he called, he wants to stay in power to further his political BS, he knows he can’t win militarily, so he plans to stay in power as long as he can, and order skirmishes, for internal consumption. I hope someday they’re stupid enough and try to attack armenia from nakhichevan, so we can take it back again…

  7. Z said:

    azeris say 3 armenians have been killed + 2 azeris. Armenians say 7 azeris have been killed, 1 aremenian wounded. Each side is trying to magnify the losses of the other and minimize his own, so we kinda don’t know for sure.
    However the names of the 2 100% dead azeris are known. Born in 1991, dead just two days ago. These guys were young, 19 y/o and they died for nothing. For no reason, just because of the whims of their leader. Yet they could live and enjoy their lives yet for so many years. Azris, don’t play that game just because some fool says you to, let aliyev come himself fight for karabach in stead of enjoying in his palace and sending you to die. Astsakh is armenian, you have enough lands to live o, if you want to live there with armenians as neighbors, then you’re welcome, once you accept it’s independance.

    ps. in case of war, I WILL go there and annihilate any invader!

  8. Ana said:

    I like your comment, thank you. At least you say you will go and fight, if needed, not like others just talk like this big mouse in our famous armenian fable when he calles for action (to put the bell around the cats neck) yet he himself is only a talker….Why talk like we can EVER win over Azerbadzan, seriously! if not Russions help, who help us ONLY because they do not want Azerbadzan to get stronger, not because the ‘love” Armenian. You are right, THE ONLY WAY IS TO FIND A WAY TO LIVE LIKE GOOD NEIGBORS, DO BUSINESS AND GET RICHER it will be good for all or us. So diaspora shot SHUT UP instead of provoking big actions such as OH let us go get our LAND till Baku. SO stupid!

    • Mesrop said:

      armenia won the war in 94 on its own and azeris had turks afghans and cheachans on their side so u obviously dont know what u are saying

  9. Dino Ajemian said:

    The azeri attacks are not military probes or for azeri internal propaganda consumption or even for provoking Armenian forces to escalate tension. They are international political tests of will of the West and Russia. After every azeri attack what has the response been from America, Europe and Russia? Next to nil. Either a mealy mouth condemnation of violence in general, not a condemnation of the violator azerbaijan. They want to lull the west into accepting azeri violence as only natural. This is the desire of our eastern barbarians.
    The azeris do not want this settled by peaceful means. They afterall are great warrior turks who have been humiliated by the lowly giavour. Only an azeri victory and the taking of not only our liberated territories but also a good chunk of eastern Armenia as well will overturn the humiliation of the last 20 years of the “mighty azeri”. The azeris are emboldened by the facts that they can buy lots of weaponry, training, the west’s need of their oil and gas and Armenia’s weekness of late at western pressure at signing agreements not in Armenia’s favor. War under these circimstances, and azeri psychological complexes, is inevitable.
    What must Armenia do? Armenia must not allow a suprise attack. When Armenia knows the attack is imminent, Armenia must and I mean must attack first. This is the Armenian version of the Israeli 6 Day War. Even with the meager Armenian and Artsakh order of battle an Armenian victory and the acquisition of the Armenian territories of Nakhichevan and the entire right bank of the Kura are possible. The turkish mind is weak, at the beginning it’s full of bravado but after taking a bloody nose from the giavour, the bravado disappears and self doubt overtakes it and then they run for the plains of Arran and back to the comfort of baku with their tails between their legs blaming everything on everyone else. We have seen it before. The nature of the turk never changes.

  10. Abbe said:

    I don’t understand why no one is doing anything
    IS it fair that they can fire at anythime they want while we are just going to defend ourselves ?

  11. Aramar said:

    you are so funny guys:) Armenia can never take Nakhichevan, because Turkey is right next to it. And stop believing to such stories. No one truly knows who breaks the cease fire, and no one truly knows how many soldiers die from each side. Someone wrote about Aliyev. I think, Armenians should be thankful that Aliyev is still in power, because any opposition party in Azerbaijan wants start the war to retake Karabakh. And considering wealth of their Nation, they are capable of doing that in less than a month.

    When some of you say that Armenia should attack and get more lands, i guess you are forgetting that Armenia is dealing not with the same Azerbaijan 10 years ago. Look at the numbers, see how many warplanes, weapons they buy every year. Just in 2010 two military factories were built in Azerbaijan by Turkish government to produce own weapons and remote controlled war planes. The rules of the game have changed, guys. It doesn’t matter anymore how brave the soulders are, what matters is how much money and weapons you have.

    • Satenik said:

      The fact that Azeris are forced to spend a great deal of their income from oil to buy weapons ( the other huge chunck is grabbed by Aliyev and co.), does not mean much. If in fact your analysis were correct, then Azerbaijan would not hesitate for a moment to attack Artsakh. Think about it…why hasn’t Aliyev attacked yet?….Turkey is also armed to the teeth but has not been able to deal with PKK. Just having arms does not mean you can win a war . Saudis spend billions on weapons and so do many other countries, but when it comes to war, they can not win it on their own. You must also think that Armenians have just stood idly watching time go by in the last 10 years. They are more resolute now ,more dtermined than ever before not to give back their beloved land to the enemy. arstakh has been won with the blood of our young men and women, we are not going to return it to the Azeris or anyone else for that matter. As for having weapons and the latest and most sophisticated ones for that, all you have to do is look at Afghanistan….there is the mighty USA with the latest of everything….just count how many years it has been….just think if they are winning the war,,,think again if they’ll ever win that war…….

    • Paul said:

      Do you really think that if your relatives really thought that they can capture the lands in one month, they would still be dreaming about it today. When one is fighting to protect his home, everything else is out the window.

  12. Martik said:

    in 1970 I was in USA, I told a friend of mine every Inividual who speaks in Armenian have to pay Tax for the future of Armenia, becaus eif armenia gets it’s independence will need money to manage himself.
    I added there are funs available like Golbegian Fund for the students higher education and these funs has to go to talented Armenian students to gain very high education and be able to develope devices and equipments for use for armenian defense.Frend of mine smiled and told me then we wont speak in Armenian and wont pay TAX. Because he didn’t believe one day Armenia will get it’s independence.
    Today again we have to pay a percentage of our income as a TAX and we have to send our youn people to Armenia to at least 20 days a year to visit the boarders and get some military training to make sure at a time in need they will and be able to help the armenians at war time.