Another Azeri Attack Repelled by Karabakh Forces

STEPANAKERT (Combined Sources)—The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Armed Forces reported an attack on Karabakh position by Azeri forces Saturday that left two Azeri soldiers dead and became the second such breach of the cease-fire by Azerbaijan in one week.

Terming it “sabotage” by Azeri forces, the Karabakh army said the deadly clashes, in which land mines were set off by Azeris, took place in the same area as an attack last Tuesday, which claimed the lives of seven Azeri soldiers.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry confirmed on Saturday that one of its soldiers had been killed but said the attack was initiated by the Armenian side and set off a heavy exchange of gunfire. Private Azerbaijani television station ANS TV reported on Saturday that a wounded Azerbaijani soldier later died in the hospital.

Armenia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharian urged international attention on the continued cease-fire violation by Azerbaijan.

“In the current situation, both the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and the Republic of Armenia are ready to respond to any action from the other side, whether it be an armed provocation or diplomatic steps on the international level,” he said. “I think the situation has gone too far that the time has come for the international community and mediators to make certain statements, because one of the sides [in the negotiation process] is trying to disrupt it. The Armenian side is ready for negotiations, for a compromise decision.”


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  1. Raffi said:

    Our Soliders and People are Fast and Swift Like MIG Fighter Jet MIGOYAN & ARMENIA For Life WE Will Not Submit

  2. Danilo said:

    Not only God must be with Armenians: all the Christian people, as these Muslims want to conquer the whole world and convert with truce and violence to their beliefs!

  3. Nairian said:

    It is very sad and a political blunder on the side of the Europeans and the OSCE Minsk Group collaborators to turn a deaf ear to the belligerentness of the Azeris for oil and money. Instead of saying the outright truth that it is only and solely the Azeris side that are attacking our young soldiers and killing them; the OSCE Minsk Group collaborators by not saying it as it is, they are aligning themselves with the belligerent party (the Azeris), and of course the Azeri pogroms are getting away with murder. It is the same as for 95 years the U.S. doesn’s wish to call spade a spade and call it the Armenian Genocide as Genocide.

  4. Seervart Kerbeykian said:

    Raffi jan,

    Not only our soldiers are swift and intelligent; but history has thaught us that from the times of the Vartanantz “baderazm” war, we always fight with the minimum soldiers or fedayis against a huge troop of enemy soldiers. It is the truth that our men are quick and intelligent fighters; however, there is also one major factor; and that is their love for their long gone homeland. Armenians are attached to their beloved soil that has been theirs for thousands and thousands of years. We fight for our long gone beloved sweet lands and we fight the enemy bravely and intelligently. You see, the Azeris are not fighting for their own historical homeland; but a land that was given to them only a hundred years ago. Yet Armenians do fight with love and belief for their own soil. That is the difference!!!!!

    A proud Armenian!

    Seervart Kevorkian Kerbeykian

  5. Seervart Kerbeykian said:

    Also, may God bless everyone of our brave soldiers in Artsakh that are facing death every moment of their young lives. May God always be with you dear Artsakhtsi soldiers and we are so proud of each and everyone of you!

    Seervart K.K.