Greece Calls On Turkey To Back Cyprus Peace Talks

NICOSIA (AP)–Greece’s new foreign minister is calling on Turkey to provide stronger support for peace talks in war-divided Cyprus after a landmark September 12 Turkish referendum on constitutional reforms.

Dimitris Droutsas said Wednesday he hopes Turkey will show the “necessary political will” to back talks on the island that have produced only limited progress after two years of negotiations between rival leaders.

Cyprus was split into a Turkish Cypriot north and a Greek Cypriot south in 1974 when the Turkish military invaded the island, occupying its northern half after a bloody war that has left Cyprus as the most militarized country on the planet.

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    • Aramar said:

      lol. I was in a Mediterranean Cruise last month and Greece was one of the countries i visited. I have to say that, among all European countries only Greek people were irritating, rude, and mean! I am not saying that all Greek people are like that, but i’m just telling you from my experience. 99% of Greek people I met were ridiculously rude. I know it’s one of the cheapest vacation spots in Europe, but AVOID visiting Greece. It’s not worth to spend even couple bucks to see Athens. Unlike in Rome, Italy, most of the historic places are renovated with new walls and stones, so it doesn’t look like an ancient city anymore. Acropolis – TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

      • Jay said:

        Konw what your problem is Aramar? You old rag doll, you need to get laid. You mean to tell me 99% of Greeks were rude to you and you expect us to believe.? Your previous posts suggests you are the PROBLEM.

        • Aramar said:

          Jay: it was not only me who were complaining about rudeness of Greek people. Most of the visitors from USA, Spain, Italy who traveled with me shared the same opinion.

          Regarding my previous posts: I was not rude to anyone on this website, except you and it was because you insulted me first. You get what you ask for. Invite some of your dad’s homo friends over and relax, man.

    • Satenik said:

      I could not agree with you more. I have very good Greek friends and been to Greece too.

      • Jay said:

        Hey Satenik, I go along with what you said. Every year in February we have Greek Festival here in Melbourne Beach ,Florida and I never miss the event, the people are wonderful Food/s great, Bouzoukis wonderful Greek people are down earth genuine people like us Armenians. Anybody else says otherwise can go Sit on It.

  1. E.Nondas said:

    We agree with the statement of Greek Foreign Demetris Drutsas that Turkey must withdraw its 45,000 army of occupation out of Cyprus ,and also its illegal 200,000 Turkey’s settlers out of Cyprus.
    The Cyprus problem is indeed very simple and easy to resolve , because it is indeed Turkey’s illegal invasion and occupation of 37%of Cyprus in 1974. Greek treacherous Junta was Guided and paid by the same evil forces who wanted to divide Cyprus. The Greek Junta fell and was out of power one week after the July 15th treacherous coup against Makarios but no one moved out of Cyprus Criminal Turkey. Cyprus problem can be resolved Provided that Turkey and its Anglo American and EU backers want to solve it within the framework of JUSTICE, FREEDOM and countless UN ,Security council and EU resolutions issued for Cyprus. UN resolution 3212 issued in November of 1974 calls for the removal of of all Turkish troops from Cyprus ,endorsed by the security council resolution # 365 on December 13 1974. November 1983 by UN resolution the Denktas Pseudo state ,was declared Null and Void. So many are the resolutions for Cyprus and so many are the suppressed reports like the Canadian Jaques Dallibard (an authenticity on religious art,from Ottawa) who was sent to Cyprus by UNESCO in 1976 to make a report and his 100 page report depicting Turkey’s barbarous acts and the destruction of Greek Orthodox Churches,more than 550 Greek Cypriot Churches (were desecrated and destroyed or turned into stables or amusement places and restaurants ,) was finally suppressed and not Published,because it was going to cause an international uproar against Turkey not any worse than the today’s uproar against the Pastor Terry Jones who said that he was going to burn the Quoran. All of the Criminal acts against Humanity committed by Turkey’s atrocious Attila in Cyprus were suppressed and forgotten deliberately by our western friends, which gives immunity to Turkey’ to commit more genocide (like the 1915 Armenian Genocide by the Turks,which is forgotten),and more atrocities against the Greek Cypriot religious,cultural and ancient Greek Heritage, and this is a shame on all those countries who support Turkey’s atrocious acts,against Humanity EU rights violations by Turkey against the Greek Cypriots . Turkey has committed ethnic CLEANSING of 200,000 GREEK Cypriots and Turkey keeps Famagusta town empty with barbed wires and does not allow the legitimate owners Greek Cypriots and EU citizens to return to their houses and properties . Turkey imported more than 180,00 illegal Settlers from Turkey to inhabit the houses and the properties of the Uprooted Greek Cypriots and this act is a CRIMNAL act against HUMANITY. Turkey the Criminal instead of been taken to international court of Hague to be tried ,is having accession talks with EU to join it and this is inconceivable and incomprehensible for EU to continue to talk with criminal Turkey which violates EU protocol,also Turkey does not even recognize the EU Republic of Cyprus ..
    Cyprus problem can easily be solved if Turkey gets its occupation army and the 180,000 Illegal settlers out of Cyprus to begin with. A Functional and Democratic solution can be founded based on UN,Security council and EU resolutions, within the parameters of UN charter ,and the International law, and on the EU principles, law and values outlined in the EU protocol which did signed but Turkey fails to comply with.

    Sincerely E. Nondas

  2. Satenik said:

    What a farce when Erdogan was trying to “help” the Palestinians but “forgot” that his own pathetic country has occupied quite illegally part of another country called Cyprus. Turkey is a criminal sate but just ask yourselves who is encouraging Turkey in her advancements of more oppression, persecution of minorities, turning a blind eye on the appalling human rights record and the dishonourable “honour ” killings that have become part of the “normal” life in Europe? Turkey is never condemned for its vile deeds….just think those who are betraying Armenians and the Greeks are the ones who are the fervent supporters of Turkey. David Cameron, against the wishes of the majority of people in Britain has expressed his wish for Turkey to join the EU. Imagine over 70 million barbarians with a primitive mentality and culturally alien flooding the EU. Already the EU and Europe has the largest Turkish population than any other minority group, this was reported in the Turkish newspapers only last week and yet Obama and the British P.M. still insists in doing their “best” to put Turkey in the EU. We have enough problems in the EU already we don’t want them. Thank you Obama, you can have your beloved Turks !!!!!