World’s Largest Chocolate Unveiled in Armenia

World's largest chocolate bar. Source: AP

YEREVAN—First there was the oldest leather shoe and now there’s the world’s largest chocolate.

The Yerevan-based Grand Candy Co. unveiled a 9,702-pound chocolate bar Saturday.

Guinness World Record’s representative Elizabeth Smith presented the factory owner Karen Vardanyan with an official certificate during a ceremony Satuday. She said she was glad to witness what she described as an ‘incredible event’.

Vardanyan said that the chocolate bar was produced to mark the tenth anniversary of the company. The previous record was set in Italy in 2007.

The bar, containing cocoa beans from Ghana, is 224-inches long, 110-inches wide and 10-inches thick. It will be divided up and handed out to members of the public next month.


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  1. Gregory said:

    Looks very yummy to me. Please keep a peace for me while I get a ticket to Armenia.

  2. Seervart Kerbeykian said:

    Just in time to celebrate on the 21st of September the Armenian Independence day! Sweet indeed!

  3. SEVAG said:

    10-inches thick!! they need a special machine to cut it..maybe that’s why “It will be divided up and handed out to members of the public NEXT MONTH.” they don’t have the machine yet ;)LMAO anyways WELL DOME GRAND CANDY co. WELL DONE ARMENIA THE MESSAGE TO THE WORLD WAS LOUD AND CLEAR =]

  4. Christo said:

    We can transform a rock barren land into heaven even with our borders surrounded and blockaded with enemies!

  5. Abbe said:

    Very good to make a Guiness Work Record precisely after Azerbaiajn failed with one…
    Is this a coincidence ? 😛

  6. Onnik K. said:

    Can’t they busy themselves putting their home country Armenia into order rather than busy themselves with irrellevant and ridiculous matters such as producing the world’s biggest chocolate bar when the whole population is malmourished, hopeless and ready to leave Armenia as soon as the chance arises?

  7. Haig Adomian said:

    Chrsito’s comment reminded me of the 23rd Psalm:

    “Thou settest a table before me, in the presence of mine enemies.”

  8. Վահագն Քէշիշեան said:

    բայց հայաստանը 130 բան մը երկիրներու մէջ 90 բան մը-երորդն է ուր կարժէ
    պիզնէս ընել… ըստ Ֆօրպզի…
    «թող բոլոր աշխարհ հասնի լուսնին, միայն թէ մենք հասնենք մասիսին»…


  9. sylvie tertzakian said:

    for a chocoholic like me, this is “grand” news! Yerevan, here I come…

    • Azad said:

      Ahmet it seems to be that you are concerned about “The hungry starving Armenians” so let me educate you a bit Armenia has a population of 2million maybe and has a rate of 2% Hunger while Turkey has a population of 60million and a rate of 22.2% hunger…So by numbers armenia has a approximatly 40000 while turkey has approximatly 13000000 so dont worry about us we have found a way to feed our people go look for a way to feed your people… and by the way hope you learned something while you played against USA cuz honestly you guys suck

      • kira said:

        what ever guys. +1 to Ahmet. And by the way that chocolate taste more like soap:( i didn’t like it.

      • Jay said:

        Akhmet, enjoys getting spanked, as a matter his daddy used to spank him on the butt so hard the poor thing is BRAIN DAMAGED. : ) ROFLMFAO

      • Satenik said:

        Or a bitter old hag! You never know with this morons. One thing is for sure he doesn’t put his brain into the gear before writing but there again I’m quite convinced that Jay is correct in his diagnosis….the poor sod doesn’t have a brain!

    • vartan said:

      ahmet you should worry about your starving Kurds and turks in your own country.
      And why is it a turk like you comes and checks Armenian news site, do we scare you that much that you are worried?

  10. Chris said:

    Think about it this way, Ahmet: Armenia has a higher life-expectancy rate than both Turkey and Azerbaijan, according to the UN and the CIA. It wouldn’t make sense that Armenians are “starving”, as you the naive person has been duped into believing, unless Turks and Azeris were starving as well, which is obviously not the case. 😀 So do us a favor and take your stupidity elsewhere.

  11. Chris said:

    Why isn’t Asbarez publishing my comments? They are perfectly valid statements on persons like “Ahmet” who make comments without thinking.

  12. Ahmet said:

    Hey guys, calm down. why are you angry with me? did I say something wrong? :-)

    maybe I should have said the following statement: “Now, Armenia is going to donate that big chocolate bar to the starving third world countries as it is rich enough a country that can make colossal chocolate bars”

    I bet making that chocolate bar put the mighty armenian economy in recession :-)

    • ermeni said:

      What does making the largest chocolate bar have to do with bringing the Armenian economy into a recession? It was made from a private company and not by the Armenian government. If the owner of the candy factory wanted to do it, it’s on him. Don’t you read the article before you comment? This is why people are calling you brainless.

      • Jay said:

        Akhmet, Next time Grand Candy Co., makes a Giant Chocolate , they gonna toss you in that chocolate mellting tank and call it giant milk chocolate with PISTACHIO NUT…. ROFLMFAO

  13. john papazian said:

    I love chocolate and unlike the synics at least we Armenians can take a little joy and happiness in life.