Greek-Cypriots Oppose Bryza Nomination

NEW YORK–The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) on Monday issued a statement calling on Greek-Cypriot Americans to “strongly oppose” the nomination of Matthew Bryza to the open position of US Ambassador to Azerbaijan. The statement described Bryza as a biased and “unsuitable representative” for the post and urged activists to make their opposition felt through an Armenian National Committee of America Action Alert asking Senators to Oppose the Nomination.

We present the statement below in its entirety:

NEW YORK—On August 3rd, the US Senate Foreign relations Committee chairman John Kerry postponed a committee vote on the nomination of US Ambassador to Azerbaijan designate Matt Bryza in response to a hold over request by Senator Barbara Boxer.

Matt Bryza’s troubling diplomatic record and his conflicts of interest issues in regards to his bias towards Turkey’s cycle of impunity and denial of Turkey’s crimes of Genocide and Turkey’s illegal invasion and occupation of Cyprus makes him an unsuitable representative for America in any post.

The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) calls on Greek-Cypriot Americans to strongly oppose the Bryza nomination based on his support of the deeply flawed Annan plan. Based on Turkish-British racist bizonal bicommunal federation, the Annan Plan would have falsely legitimized the illegal Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, would have allowed the illegal Turkish settlers to remain in homes and properties stolen from Greek-Cypriots by the Turkish military and would have ultimately transformed Cyprus into a Turkish protectorate with British bases, after the eventual forced migration of all Greek-Cypriots and all other indigenous Christian minorities on the island — Latins, Arab Maronites and Armenians.


At a press conference on July 21, 2006 on his return from a ten day trip to Turkey, Greece and Cyprus, in response to a question on the status of the Annan Plan and whether it’s off the table, he stated:

“I would just repeat what I said, that the basic ideas that are—that became known as the Annan Plan reflect wisdom and hard work and a spirit of fairness, I would argue.”

In his July 21, 2006 press conference, Bryza responded to a question from a Turkish reporter from the Anatolia News Agency asking “what does the U.S. government plan to help these people [Turkish Cypriots] end their isolation?”

Mr. Bryza responded “that we have done a number of things….We are providing $30.5 million in assistance…to the Turkish Cypriot community….So we are already actively working to end the isolation of Turkish Cypriots—or to ease the isolation of Turkish Cypriots.”

In a Press Release on the official website of the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC, Matt Bryza is quoted prominently as follows:

““We are constantly thinking about how we can minimize, reduce, eliminate the isolation of our Turkish Cypriot friends. This is not simply because we seek to reward our Turkish Cypriot friends for voting in favor of the Annan Plan, but because we realize that the best way to facilitate a long term settlement is to raise the economic well-being of Turkish Cypriots so that there are not economic disparities between the north and the south.”

Mr. Bryza’s comments are a prime example of his continuing personal lobbying on behalf of Turkey .

Mr. Bryza’s persistent parroting of Turkey’s arguments based on false historical revisionism of Turkey’s crimes of invasion and occupation of Cyprus are a deliberate effort to mislead Washington and Americans overall about the truth regarding Turkey.

Mr. Bryza is married to Zeyno Baran a Turkish-born foreign analyst at the Hudson Institute. Baran is a major producer of Turkish invasion denial propaganda over the years. She and Bryza have documented links and connections to the Turkish government and deep state involved in making Turkish-occupied-Cyprus an illegal base for international narcotics trafficking and terrorism.

Matt Bryza in no way should represent American interests; we encourage the Greek-Cypriot American community and its friends to join the Armenian-American community to stop Bryza.


Armenian National Committee of America ANCA Action Alert: Ask your Senators to Oppose the Bryza Nomination. Call your Senators TODAY!


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  1. Satenik said:

    Rock on Greek Cypriots. This clown is a joke who is there to carry out the will of his corrupt Turkish masters! He should be stopped from any political powers because he does not represent American interests.
    Let him enjoy his ungoing honeymoon with his Turkish bride and get out of the political arena!!!!!!

  2. E.Nondas said:

    Turkey’s Crimes Against Humanity

    We like to tell the pro Turkish US ambasator to Azerbaian Mathew Bryza the following . Cyprus problem was Turkey’s illegal invasion occupation and desecration of more than 550 Christian orthodox Churches ,and destruction of the religious and Cultural Heritage of Cyprus. The Koffi Annan plan was written by foreighners Richard Holbrooke, Tom Weston and David Hannay to serve foreighn interests .Koffi Annan’s plan was rejected because it was unjust racist and Dysfunctional and undemocratic. If it was not rejectedd it was going to produce more problems for Cyprus.another. Koffi Annan’s plan was an offering to satisfy Turkey to do more genocide like the 1915 Armenian Genocide, and the 1922 Greek catastrophe of SMIRNI, and the so many millions of Greek of Asia minor since the fall of Constandinopole to the Turks may 29/ 1453 . The Greek Treacherous coup against Makarios July 15/ 1974 was guided and paid by the same evil forces who wanted to divide Cyprus. Greek Junta fell and was out of power one week after the July 15 1974,but no one moved out of Cyprus Criminal Turkey .Turkey’s behaviour and expansionist designs against Cyprus contributed to have problems in opening more EU chapters vital for Turkey’s entry into EU. Turkey’s failure to the accession talks is the 37% illegal occupation of Cyprus contrary to the EU Protocol which Turkey signed but fails to comply with it, and does not even recognize EU Cyprus.
    To begin with there is no ” TRNC ” exists or recognized by any country other than Turkey which is the creator of the so called “TRNC” illegal pseudo state created by the force of arms on the stolen properties of the 200,000 Greek Cypriots. The Ethnic Cleansing of 200,000 Greek CYPRIOTS IS A WAR CRIME Against Humanity committed by Turkey in 1974 which isolated the Turkish Cypriots who became an outnumber minority by Turkey’s illegal 200,000 illegal settlers in occupied territory 37% of Cyprus.. The UN Security council resolution # 541 issued in November 1983 calls the pseudo Turkey’s accompli NULL and VOID and also the UN by another resolution urged all countries to Respect Cyprus and not to recognize the illegal pseudo state created by the force of arms on the stolen properties and houses of the uprooted 200,000 Greek Cypriots. In Turkey the twenty million Kurds who want to return to the Occupied KURDISTAN country by Turkey , are considered Terrorists, but in Cyprus the Turkish Cypriot MUTINY in December of 1963 against the Republic of Cyprus by Turkey’s extremists of Rauf Denktsh in late December 23 /24/ of 1963 was not a terrorist act against Cyprus state?,
    It was the hard work of the Greek Cypriots who came out of the ashes of the war against Cyprus inflicted by Turkey’s Attila in 1974. It was the sweat of the Greek Cypriots after hard work and zeal that the Accession talks with EU were successful . Cyprus finally after its harmonization with EU became an EU member state , now the Tukish Cypriots who resorted to mutiny and terrorism and war against Cyprus and had no input for Cyprus to join the EU, want to take advantage and get the benefits without any sweat. The Turkish Cypriots have and enjoy the benefits of the EU Cyprus republic including trade via the Republic of Cyprus.. Turkish Cypriot leader Dervish Eroglu demands Turkey’s Terrorist acts of the destruction of Greek Cypriot Cultural , Religious and ancient Greek heritage and the desecration of more than 550 Greek Cypriot Christian Orthodox Churches and Temples of worship are war Crimes against Humanity like the Ethnic Cleansing of 200,000 Greek Cypriots which will be rewarded by giving it Free trade with EU,. The Turkish Cypriots are a minority (no more than 75,000 left today out of 120,000 in 1974) in the occupied 37% of Cyprus simply because Turkey brought 200,000 illegal Settlers from Turkey and gave them the stolen Houses and properties of the 200,000 Uprooted Greek Cypriots . Meanwhile most of the remaining Turkish Cypriots who are only 75,000 are outnumber by Turkey’s illegal settlers three to one Turkish Cypriot ,therefore there is no true result in any election voting . The Turkish Cypriots most of them hold EU identity cards and are EU Citizens Cypriots who receive free medical treatment and civil service including pensions and hospitalization and many chose to live in free EU Cyprus . Unfortunately the uprooted 200,000 Greek Cypriots none can return to live or even buy back their own properties from Turkey’s racist pseudo state and this is a real isolation of the Greek Cypriots and Turkey’s crime against Humanity . After these problems and criminal acts, Turkey continues to have EU accession talks with EU as nothing happened, and this is the sad story for EU and those who support it.

    Sincerely E. Nondas

    • Satenik said:

      There is no place for the criminal Turk in the civilised world. No European country wants to open its doors to 80million barbarian Turks who will contribute nothing and suck the economy dry. Germany is fed up with them and so is France. Sarkozy is the only one who has the guts to stand up to the Turks much to the annoyance of the bleeding hearts. Cyprus issue should be in the forefront of European Parliament. Turkey should not be allowed to get away with illigal occuation of Cyprus!!!!!!!

  3. Satenik said:

    Just look at his picture, the guy looks like the village idiot! He is bad news for us all!!!!!!

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