Georgia Limiting Teaching of Armenian in Javakhk’s Schools

AKHALKALAK, Georgia–The Georgian authorities are etching away at the rights of the country’s large Armenia monitory in Javakhk to learn its native tongue in school, warned the co-chair of the Vairq Party, David Rstakian.

Rstakian said that per Georgian law, no schools can be national ethnic schools, while schools in Javakhk that were once Armenian schools are now being converted into Georgian state schools, where Armenian language courses are either being removed from the curriculum or being slowly supplanted by Georgian language classes.

“Schools are providing Georgian language classes at the expense of Armenian language classes,” Rstakian said, adding that the authorities seek to Georgianize the Armenians of Javakhk.

“Before, Armenian language classes at the elementary school were 8 hours a week with 3 hours being allotted for the Georgian language. Now However, the classes are balanced and the curriculum is becoming bilingual at the expense of the Armenian language,” he added.

Unfortunately, he noted, these issues are not dealt with the elected civil authorities in Javakhk, but rather the countries powerful national security apparatus.


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  1. Armanen said:

    I think officials in georgia don’t realize that they are playing with fire again. If they continue with the idiotic and chuvenistic practices toward Armenians in Javakh they will lose it forever just as they lost S. Ossetia and Abkhazia.

    • john said:

      Agreed. but Saki the paper tiger and his puppeteers in Washington and ankara haven’t learned their lesson still.

  2. Sally Vardanian said:

    How sad that the Republic of Georgia just opened their first Gulen Turkish School, yet the future of the Armenian School is uncertain.

    The Gulen Schools are agressive and world wide, Gulen’s Turkish schools are causing issues.

    In the USA the Gulen Movement manages 130 Charter Schools. They push Turkish language, song, dance and have Turkish Olympiads in the USA and then a huge one in Turkey.

    Children from all of Gulen’s worldwide schools present songs and dance. It is a sad and unfortunate situation. The Georgians are selling their soul for Caspian Oil.

  3. Berge said:

    Yeah, they may be playing with fire but it’s their country, not ours….
    What we need to do is mobilize, and take a good hard look on how to build the Armenian economy, cause money talks and bullshit walks….it’s just that simple folks…!

    • john said:

      Yeah, they may be playing with fire but it’s their country, not ours….

      What planet are YOU from? That’s what saki thought right before he mebarjed on ethnically cleanse ossetian and akhazia. it’s MY country i can do whatever I what with S. Ossetian and abkhazia. Sultan aliev though the same too: NK is My country, i can do what I want!

      how did these too turn out by the way fr them?

  4. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    I am shocked by this country with so much of a common history and background with us, abusing us like this.
    There is not a single country in that usually oppressive region that has gone this much in its intolerance and oppressiveness with us.
    I’m so disappointed, all I can think of is for our only ultimate and reliable savior and friend Mother Russia to do for us what they did for Ossetians in that fascist godforsaken country.
    It now deserves nothing less than for all of its minorities being liberated from their yoke.
    Shame upon shame on them and to think only a decade ago, I thought we were destined to be friends and allies with them for the rest of our lives.

    • Ahmet said:

      Georgia is a godforsaken country and armenia not? uh? Did you think armenia is Dubai of the Caucasus?

      • Chris said:

        At least we’re not as politically unstable. At least we have a higher life-expectancy rate.

        Shouldn’t you be on Hurriyet, making more nonsensical comments where they’re welcome?

        • Ahmet said:

          Chris, you are a typical Turkophobic armenian. i can see it in your comment.
          youa re damn coward chicken.

          • sebouh from australia said:

            when can I pay you for the brothel service your mother gave me last night?

          • sebouh from australia said:

            If your mother is looking for her undwear, tell her she left it in my bedroom late last night aKKKKmet

          • Ahmet said:

            sebouh, senin annenin got deligi cok zevkli. gotunden sikip icine bosalmak cok guzel. zevk aliyorum ondan. ermeni karilari annen gibi.

    • ArdeVast Atheian said:

      The country you call Turkey sits on the ashes of all the other civilizations it displaced and destroyed. I will admit Turks conquered us, we got defeated and lost our lands but it was not fair and square. The Turks used the Islamic AlTaqia to deceive and disarm us first and then pounced on us and massacred us when we least expected it.
      To this day Turks don’t admit that they usurped their country from its original inhabitants, us and the Greeks.
      Despite all this I’m willing to admit that Turkey has made remarkable strides towards being a Western style democracy and I can only praise and congratulate you for it. There is hope that one day we will embrace each other again. Because you were not defeated our request from you is bound to be a modest one. We could not ask for giving us what you took. We can only ask for just the truth. Take a look into your past with an eye for the truth, that’s all I ask.

  5. Ahmet said:

    armenia is a paranoid country. armenians think everyone on earth, except russians, hate them and their enemy. this is unhealthy. one day you will lose your mind and be declared a country of lunatics.

    • Chris said:

      Azerbaijan has already taken the title. Georgia comes in second.

      The fact that Azerbaijan tries so hard to “prove” that Azeris are natives of the Caucasus and that Armenians are not exemplifies their paranoia.

      Please, Ahmet, Turkey has a such an incredible “us-against-them” attitude that it takes insult to anything even remotely pertaining to them.

    • Ahmetian said:

      I would like to suggest you sit down and if you can read some books learn about the history, the culture of a nation before making stupid comments on things you have no idea about, or else keep quiet.
      P.S. You know life outside is not only stealing, killing, lying and denying which is the trade mark of TURKISHNESS no other nation can have, even poor Hitler tried so hard and couldn’t have.

  6. Satenik said:

    Georgia seems to be itching to be cut to pieces . Georgia already lost some of its parts when they became too big headed for their own good, believing the Obama was going to help them fight against Russia by provoking Russia in the first place. Javakhk will become independent too and Georgia will be left in the cold on its own.

  7. Stepan said:

    Unfortunately no surprise. An unreliable neighbor during the post WW I days and hasn’t changed since then. What kind of a country would take on Russia in their back yard; thinking that the west would back them with more than rhetoric. What has been happening in Javakhk. Armenia may be land locked and small, but it is ethnicly homogenous. These countries with widely diverse population(i.e. Azerbaijan and Georgia) are volatile and will alwayd struggle with democracy. Can’t we catch a break. This has been a tough neighborhood for what 3000 years.

  8. john said:

    have you been looking into the mirror again.

    tukr is a paranoid gangster. turk thinks everyone on earth, except themselves, hate them and their enemy. this is very healthy because thry’re bunch of sickos. Soon turk will cut their throat and lose your mind and be declared a country of lunatics.

      • Chris said:

        You are big, you are small. That’s what makes you not only paranoid, but xenophobic and hypocritical. Not to mention the bloated ego it gives you and the politicians full of hot gas.

      • Hripsime said:

        First of all I would like to admit that it is a problem between Armenian and Georgian.
        Mr. Ahmet Turkish is not that much common language it would be nice if you write English.
        Well it is very interesting for me that why you are interested in Georgian-Armenian relations? it is really strange!!!
        Yes you are right Turkey is bigger than Armenia but it does not bother Armenian, try to be logical, being big is not at all important being smart is important, and do not forget humanitarianism is the most important these days.
        Look at the map! Israel is very small country, surrounded by Arab countries but you can not say that Isreal is a small and weak country.
        Remember Armenian never afraid of Turkish, I think Turkish Ottaman afraied of Armenian… If they did not afraid of Armenian they would not start genocide!!! I think your hate will finally kill you…
        Again I remind you it is between Georgian and Armenian and it is nobody business but ours!!!

        Hope you read this.

  9. ara said:

    If Georgia continues like this there wont be any goergia left. Instead of trying to integrate their minorities, they alienate them even more, so stupid.
    I hope Russia Annexes Georgia someday.

  10. Gary said:

    Unfortunately Georgia sees Armenia as their enemy due to Armenia being aligned with Russia. We aren’t their enemy.

  11. Ali said:

    The Armenian goverenment should have protected Javakh’s Armenians at the time when Russia came to the aide of its own.that was a missed opportunity,on the other hand does anyone know why the holy father never visited Javakh,while he visits the United states few times a year , he might get a medal like the one serge gave to georgia’s president.
    It’s time for a change ,It’s time for the Diaspora to take full charge of Armenia start planing otherwise don’t blame but ourselfs.

  12. Hripsime said:

    I do agree with Gary Georgia sees Armenia as their enemy. Hope we can solve these problem because if Georgia is really a democratic country then sould pay attention to the rights of its all minorities… But in fact we are not their enemy.