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  1. Ahmet said:

    look at him. a clown promotes a hocus pocus lie.

    why do you guys have to be a joke all the time?

  2. Z said:

    I have to disagree. Tanikian wants to help, but he does more damage than good. His immage is very unsuitable and unproper.
    It’s just tasteless, this is not a show nor a concert. He should keep doing his own job and let professional, academics do theirs. It’s a pity that anca has no standards and showed a lack of sound judgement in the Tanikian campaign case.

  3. Ara said:


    What on Earth are you talking about – “his image is Unsuitable and improper??”
    Who do you think has more influence and a louder voice, some “academic or Tankian who has a world-wide following?!

    You’re almost as stupid as Akhmed!

  4. Harout said:

    Z, do you have any idea what extent Serj Tankian has worked for the Armenian Cause?? He has reached audiences, youth and odars that you as an armchair Armenian commentator would NEVER reach.

    The ANCA and Serj have worked together for years and Tankian has been an activist in our community pre and post fame. Great job to the ANCA and to System of a Down….

    Dont be so narrow minded. Go to the AYF’s website and make a video clip!

  5. hak said:

    Z, why not think a bit outside the box and promote our cause via our talents! after all, he is a part of the campaign! Who has made a law about teaching only via books and who has decided who is a professional in such a matter???

    Ahmet, we would have got your president instead of Kardashian, but he was booked for a cartoon! After all, that’s where he performs his best!