Turkey the ‘Common Enemy,’ PKK Tells Israel

JERUSALEM (Hurriy)–The current leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) urged Israel on Tuesday to sever its military ties with Turkey, which he described as a common enemy, Agence France-Presse reported.

“Once we were friends,” Murat Karayılan told an Israeli reporter, adding though that since Israel and Turkey began forging closer military ties in the 1980s, “you have been considered here to be among those who systematically assist in our oppression and eradication.”

Relations between Israel and Turkey hit a historic low after eight Turks and U.S. citizen of Turkish descent were killed May 31 in an Israeli commando raid on an aid flotilla to Gaza.

Despite the spat, the two countries still have military and economic ties and Israel has in the past supplied Turkey with military equipment, including unmanned drones that Ankara uses against the PKK.

“Our problem lies in the military ties between Israel and Turkey. Those ties harm us,” Karayılan said. “The most advanced [military] technology that Turkey uses against our [members] and Kurdish civilians comes from Israel,” Reuters news agency reported.

“Our enemies are also the enemies of Israel,” Karayilan said, referring to Turkey’s warmer ties with Iran and Syria, which are Israel’s foes.

Turkey has officially refused to negotiate for a settlement with the PKK, which it labels a terrorist organization.

Haaretz daily printed excerpts of the interview, which was conducted at a PKK base in northern Iraq and is due to be broadcast in full by Israel’s privately-owned Channel 2 television.


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  1. ara said:

    PKK and Israel in a pact? I don’t see it. Not unless Turkey goes insane with their islamist party and joins Iran, but I don’t see it happening. That would be suicide for Turkey.

  2. Raffi said:

    You are right Paul, I also think Ahmet is interested not only in this website but in our culture and politics. Ahmet, try a friendly approach instead of an offensive one.

  3. ashdod said:

    regarding the article,

    not only Turkey, but also the United States, European Union, and United Nations have labeled PKK as a terrorist organization. Do you think, after all that, Israeli government will take PKK’s offer seriously? Even such a communication between Israeli government and PKK militant would put Israel in a low level.

  4. Rita Hosepian said:

    1. The PKK is ridiculous for conspiring with Israel.

    2. The PKK has now lost support from all Arabs who were sympathetic to their cause.

    3. The PKK will also lose support from Kurds.

    and all dear armenian brothers and sisters, lets not forget the kurds hand in the armenian genocide, and the way of the kurd is to support whoever will furthur their current goals, with no loyalty or honor to anyone, just like they “apoligize” for armenian genocide just to get support from armenians for their situation in turkey and to take blame off them and put all on turkey so the kurds will not be held accountable for their actions. just like now they are conspiring with an evil regime just because they think it to furthur their current goals. the kurds have no loyalty and no shame

    • sebouh from australia said:

      They are an oppressed people…just like we were and we should have some sympathy for their just understandable cause…Rita, do you actually believe that Western propaganda BS that they are terrorists, please grow a brain and a heart

  5. Zarmair said:

    As the old saying goes, no good turn goes unpunished.
    The Kurds as I recall participated in the destruction of the Armenian Civilization. They had fun doing evil to our people during the Genocide. As for Ahmet, my poor Ahmet, don’t you know your people need to evolve for another million years to reach the summit of the Armenian Neanderthals 200,000 years ago?

  6. Adilsinglescruz said:

    My Armenian brothers, concentrate on developing innovative ways to remove the barbarians from Anatolia. It’s doable if you think outside the box for a change. Where there is a will there is a way. Ahmet is the retarded brother of some kemalist government functionary in Angora. We own you Ahmet.

  7. asima said:

    Simon and sebouh are showing their levels of self-respect and demonstrating how far behind civilization a person can be.

    • sebouh from australia said:

      No, your race’s denial of the genocide shows how far behind a race can be

  8. jacque said:

    Hey guys. this is a family news paper. Watch what you’re saying.
    We don’t need to go down to the turks level, we know what and whoe they are.
    We Armenians are more educated than that.
    Ahmet abouisley you agree that your poeple cometed GENOCIDE against the Armenians.
    The least you could do is to SHUT UP, out of respect. But then again you’re a turk.
    Suprise me.

  9. vartan said:

    Oh man thats a scary vision getting a head from this dirty guy he probably have crooked teeth unclean gum hair growing from his nose well get the pic…….

  10. vartan said:

    by the way aghmaghahmet the kurds are taking care of you and the rest of the turkish army

    • Zungi said:

      Not true. They kill many innocent people also. Armenians alike during bombings in Istanbul. You are incorrect. Sorry