Regime Change Starts With the People, Says ARF

ASHTARATK, Armenia (ARF Press Office)—“The process of regime change must start in the provinces,” said Armenian Revolutionary Federation Supreme Council of Armenia chairman Armen Rustamian Wednesday at a rally, which local government authorities had not authorized.

The ARF leader kicked off the party’s campaign of rallies in various provinces “in order for every Armenian citizen to understand the gist and depth of the ARF’s plan and to support it, so we may be able to form a national government.”

The speakers at the rally reminded the crowd about the ARF’s commitment and continued pursuit of socio-economic, social justice and national issues explaining that the party has always been vocal about these matters, even when it was part of the ruling coalition.

ARF Bureau member and head of the party’s parliamentary bloc Vahan Hovennesian explained that the many proposals put forth by the ARF parliamentary bloc during the discussion of the budget were rejected by the government, simply because the party is in the opposition.

He explained that several projects in Ashtarak, among them the renovation of a local kindergarten, refurbishing of roads leading to other villages and communities, as well as other infrastructure building proposals were all rejected.

Hovannesian stressed that this problem was not Ashtarak-specific and all provinces in the country were afflicted by this neglect from central authorities.

At the conclusion of the rally, a nine-point statement was read and approved by participants. Among the points highlighted in the statement were the creation of socio-political structures that would monitor the activities of provincial leaders and the creation of infrastructure-strengthening programs based on the needs and capabilities of each province.

The ARF’s application to hold the rally in Ashtarak was rejected by local authorities and was appealed by the party at Armenia’s Administrative Court.


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  1. Paul said:

    this government must to change,and not dashnag,or other people ,we need new,young modern blood,from west,or we going to lose everything.

  2. Chris said:

    No more corrupt Republicans, or backward-thinking Dashnaks. Paul is right, we need new blood in government or Armenia will crash and burn.

  3. manooshag said:

    Paul, well, sadly we have such young, modern blood in the West/USA… NO, we need patriots who know that the governments of our 20 year old Haiastan – from day one, has been those of the communist mentality – against the nation, against the citizens – filling their own pockets thus these leaders were/are stealing and denying all the citizens of the fledgling nation of Haiastan NO, we don’t need the inexperienced either. Armenians as an ancient and advanced peoples are worthy of having leaders who bring forth for all, whether in the cities or the villages, the benefits due and owing to the Armenian nation. When visitors returned from visiting Armenia, one of my questions was: How well educated are the citizens of Armenia? All answered that ALL, Armenians, whatever their fields of endeavor, are highly educated and seek always to have their youth, highly educated, and especially those who had greater talents – even further.
    Choosing the right leaders – Armenians will continue to advance and will continue to share all advances in Armenia – further, sharing advances with all the civilized nations… proudly. Manooshag

  4. Armen said:

    Dear Paul
    Would you please stop dividing us more than we are already divided? Why it should be from west only, what about the rest of the world or the globe, why the dashnag and the other of the Armenians do not have the capability to participate by any reason, and do you think, the new western young modern blood will have better experience than the older blood one, sorry I may be wrong but you don’t make sense to me, if you have a new better ideas for changes, would you speak up and have your input, instead of waiting for the coming of western new young blood one, which may never come to be exist, and before we be the losers of everything.
    For me ARF was borne from the young blood Armenians originally, and needs to do more PR in Armenia, in order to have more popularity and leverage on the current decisions making of the government, after all unfortunately, from the soviet times, persecution and negative mindset about ARF still does exist in Armenia, and that needs to be changed .