Turkey Removes Armenia From‘Threat’ List, Adds Israel

ANKARA (A.W.)— Turkey’s National Security Council (MGK) last week approved changes in its National Security document, adding Israel and removing Armenia from a list of countries that pose a “major threat” to Turkey.

Iran, Syria, Georgia, and Bulgaria were also removed from the “major threat” list.

In addition to referring to it as a threat, the document accuses Israel of driving the entire region into an arms race.

Other threats that were added to the list are global warming and online terror.

The document, also referred to as “The Red Book,” informs the country’s policy towards its neighbors, and is generally revised every five years.

The relations between Turkey and Israel have deteriorated in recent months. Most recently, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said he would boycott a climate conference in Athens if Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends.


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  1. eddy said:

    This is simply a Turkish PR campaign.. This is the same Turkey which above all still supports fascist Azerbaijani government by every means….!

  2. Mt Ararat said:

    Soon Azerbaijani will fallow Turkish example and would add Israel to Threat’ List. But Israel is still needed ….Fist Israeli has to be enough anti Armenian and Israeli should continue supporting Azerbaijan in there anti Armenian fascism policy. Soon or later Azerbaijani would be no longer in need of Israeli support any more too!

  3. Arto said:

    Why was Armenia on the list to begin with. How can tiny Armenia be a threat to Turkey?

  4. andrew said:

    can you imagine huge turkey huge armed forces modern armements member of nato little armenia was a threat .shoukerenen ge vakhnan

  5. Sirvart said:

    I give up. When there is politics is concerned, none of us can trust any one of them, now that’s a fact.

    I just believe in Armenia’s and Artsakh’s independence and their existence from here to eternity!!!!!!

  6. Garo said:

    80 milliion Turkey is afraid from 3.5 million Armenia? This is pure propaganda by the Turkish government, to show to the world that they are a good, clean, democratic country which wants peace in the region. It’s so ironic, Turks are taught at schools they are a hospitable and good nation, and that it’s the Armenians (killers of babies as they say) who are bad and terrorists, and they betrayed Turkey, thats why they threw the Armenians out of Turkey (NOT KILLED THEM). All these years, hasn’t there been any logic Turk asking a simple question???? From where did we come from? and who was living on these lands prior our visit? They (turks) think they conquered all these lands by roses instead of swords.

  7. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    The genocide was preceded by the killing all of the Armenian ruling class, leaders and prominent figures, literally thousands of them during the first two months. In short order during the next three months they slaughtered all of the able bodied male Armenian 13 to 56 years old, literally a hundred thousands of them.
    What was left were the old, the female and the infirm. They were permitted no food, no water and no rest during their five hundred mile treks to the parched deserts of Syria. Most of them died.
    How could they convince themselves that this was not genocide but simply a deportation? The suffering of these people pales to what the Jews suffered in the hands of a Nazi Germany.
    I don’t think Turks will be willing to concede anything unless they start teaching the truth to their own people, renouncing and denouncing all of their exalted national heroes, who took part in this historically unprecedented first mass slaughter of the innocent people in the twentieth century.

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